December 27, 2007

The Night of Nothing Becomes the Night of Shooba

A few days ago, I posted an entry called "The Night of Nothing. . .?." Here's the follow-up. I'll let Tenacious B. tell his side of the story and all the great things he got to share.

Tonight, Tenacious B and I met with one of the guys (hereafter "T.") we ran into in our search for sick people. He actually called Tenacious B and asked to meet. We were to find out later that when he left us the other night, he had had a feeling that we were different and that our meeting was not coincidence. As we talked about different things, I started asking the Lord for some words for him. My first word was about a sister. As I thought about it some more, I thought it meant that she had some kind of breathing problem or allergy. As it turns out, none of his sisters have any of those problems, but he did have a twin sister who was killed in a car accident. I also got a word about him being a good uncle-- the kind that brings presents. He confirmed that. I also got a word about his maternal grandfather being a shopkeeper. He confirmed that, too. I also thought that he was close to him, but it turned out he had died before T. was born. I also got the impression that T. wanted more stability in his life which he also confirmed. Furthermore, I felt like he was a deep thinker and often misunderstood-- both things, he confirmed. I also had a word about him not being able to go to sleep easily and a word about dreams. He told us that he couldn't go to sleep quickly at night and when he did sleep, he had bad dreams. Finally, I got a name (granted, it was a common Arabic name) that turned out to be the mother of a potential spouse. I also had some physical words that weren't on and the passing thought that he had headaches, which ended up being right, but I only remembered getting the word after he mentioned it, so I won't count it.

When we got the chance to pray for him, I felt like the Lord was going to break his addiction to cigarettes, give him a great night's sleep, break off his recurring headaches, break off the survivor guilt from his twin's death, and give him a special dream in two nights. So, I put my hand on his arm and started praying.

After I finished praying, he became really animated and started telling us that as soon as I put my hand on his arm, he felt lightness go up his arm and open his head (his words, not mine). In other words, he was feeling the sauce, baby.

Again, I've only told my side of the story, Tenacious B. has some more awesome stuff to add so keep checking the blog!

Word of Knowledge at a Distance

On the way home from work today, I was driving and my neck started hurting on the left side and then quickly stopped. My default mode now is to think of it as a word of knowledge, so I started thinking about who it might be for. Since I was in the car alone, I started to rethink about it being a word. Suddenly, my phone rang and it was the delivery man who was wanting to know when I would be home so he could bring a package. After I told him and hung up, the thought came to me that the word that I had just had was for him.

When the delivery man arrived, I signed for the package and asked him if his neck hurt on the lower left side. He looked at me incredulously and asked, "How did you know?" I explained that I was a healer (as all Christians are, i.e., little Christs, aka Little Healers) and that this pain could be healed if he wanted. He started making excuses about needing to leave and I pressed him a little more and told him that it would only take a minute. He said, "No thanks. Bye."

Although I didn't see the healing, I was encouraged because it was the first physical word of knowledge I've gotten right in over a week.

Still Contending

Today I went to the dentist. On the way, I started thinking about getting some words for the dentist. For some reason, I was hesitant, but I told the Lord that if He reminded me to ask for words while in the chair, I would. So, a few minutes later and the dentist is cleaning my teeth. I remember I was supposed to ask for words. I started asking and got the impression that she had two boys and that one of them had an eye problem. I told the Lord that if these words were from Him, confirm it. I asked the dentist if she had any kids and she said, "Yes, two." I started to get nervous. I asked if they were boys or girls and she said, "Girls." I breathed a sigh of relief and let her keep cleaning. Some days, I'm more chicken than others.

I thought I would tell this little anecdote because I thought it might encourage some people out there who are trying to live the supernatural lifestyle, but find themselves missing it a lot. Keep going!

December 23, 2007

healing amongst the needy

the other day my family and I were distributing food to the poor and needy. after each person/family received what they needed, we had the chance to pray for their needs. One man was an Iranian muslim man who let me pray for him. While praying the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for the very part of his body that hurt and needed healing. After praying, he testified that all the pain was gone and he was healed. Another woman let us pray and I got a word for a back problem she had. We prayed and she could feel God's presence come into her back. When we finished, she wasn't completely healed at that point, but because of the physical manifestation of God's healing power in her back, she knew He was doing something supernatural.

there is something very special that happens when we minister to those who are truly desperate and needy. Jesus revealed that those who are "poor in Spirit" receive the Kingdom of God - that term describes those we ministered to exactly. They were able to RECEIVE the Kingdom which came to them in demonstrations of power.