March 20, 2010

many healed today

today we saw many people healed during a healing service. many words of knowledge were called out (we only called out those that were confirmed by more than one person). we saw knees healed, elbows healed, shoulders and necks healed. one man with metal rods in his left shin saw all the pain leave his leg.

at the end of the service, something like 20 to 25 people indicated that they had been healed. I am sure there were more, but that was from those who acknowledged their healings publically.

I haven't heard all the other testimonies yet from this afternoon yet.

Just heard some further testimonies from a team we sent to Lebanon - a Saudi Arabian muslim man gave his life to Christ, as well as several other muslims. These are thrilling days we are living in - maybe this is why muslim countries are continuing to crack-down on those who are sharing the Gospel - what they don't realize is that no matter how many people they expel, no matter how many believers they put in prison, they CANNOT slow down the spread of Christ's Kingdom.

March 18, 2010

muslim man healed at Cinnebon

of course after work, I needed to buy cinnamon roles - who doesn't?

when I walked in, there were two Egyptian muslim men and one Filipino Christian working there. I got a word of knowledge for an upper arm problem (near the bicep). One of the muslim men had that problem. I prayed and the pain that remained (which wasn't much) all left! He even hit the floor and did a push-up for me:)

I told him he had one "homework assignment". I asked him if he knew an Egyptian Christian. He did. I said all he needed to do was to go to that friend and testify what Jesus had done for him. Pray that whoever his friend is can help this man to meet the Healer Himself.

praying for muslims, hindus, Christians and whoever

the other night we headed out to destroy some more of the devil's works. This time my son JD was with me and one of his buddies. We joined up with our favorite Indian revivalists - S&S.

A few highlights:
- a word of knowledge for a back problem as we walked by a juice shop. It was for a Filipino man inside. He was healed. Prayed for another employee who had allergy issues - she felt God's power in her hands while we prayed.

-prayed for a Gulf Arab muslim with a serious skin condition - no noticeable change at the time, but he felt stuff happening in his hands. He said he'd call me to tell me what the difference was in a day or two.

-got a word of knowledge for an Indian hindu man - a couple of us prayed. S&S got involved - he was healed. S then led him to Jesus!!

-later we prayed for a hindu man from Nepal. He didn't need anything in particular, but wanted to feel God's presence. I prayed and NOTHING happened. Then a Nepali Christian co-worker of his (a former hindu), shows up. When he prayed, the man began to feel God's presence. God knows who is needed and when! How strategic that God waits for his fellow countryman (with a similar background) to show up to release His Kingdom's power. Also the Christian Nepali man needed a Bible - we connected him with a local Nepali pastor.

It wasn't the craziest night we've ever had - but it is always really amazing who God opens the doors for us to minister to - Christians, muslim and hindus. If only we had met a buddhist! Of course the fact that S&S led two hindu men to pray to receive Christ is amazing! So thankful for their bold and fearless witness!

March 16, 2010

healings at the Hard Rock Cafe in a Middle Eastern country

My favorite way to 'spill' is to go out to lunch (or dinner) and spill naturally. My friend and I decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch to bring light into the darkness. When we sat down my friend immediately got a word of knowledge for emotional pain. She wasn't sure who it was for - a customer or an employee. As she looked at our waitress, the word intensified and so she knew it was for her. (Thank you Lord for confirmation). We prayed for her and she was visibly touched. She was looking for Church to attend.

I got a words of knowledge for back and shoulder - it was for our other waiter. He was healed after we prayed. He was moved by the touch of the Holy Spirit and went to get others for us to pray for.

Meanwhile my friend went to the bathroom, got a word of knowledge for a back problem. It was for the manager of the restaurant and he was healed after we prayed for him.

One of the cooks was waiting outside who needed prayer for his hip (the waiter who had been healed told him to go out and wait for us). We prayed for him and he was like 70% healed.

Not a bad lunch!!

treasure hunting in Lebanon - man healed!

I took some people out on a 'treasure hunt' and we had many clues. Two people had the word "chocolate" so we decided to look for a place with that name. We were searching for maybe a 1/2 hour when we find a restaurant with the exact name, "Chocolate".

We were very excited when we found our clue! The place was empty so we began to talk to some of the male employees. We got a word of knowledge for 'stomach pain'. At first, the two guys said they didn't have any pain. But once I told them why I was asking, then both of them admitted that they had stomach pain.

We prayed for the one behind the counter for a few seconds and he was visibly touched by the Holy Spirit. He said that all of his pain had left. He was healed.

They wanted to know who we were, what we were doing and where we went to Church. They were so hungry and even teary-eyed.

March 14, 2010

Sub - Standing in the Holy Sprit as one with His prophets

My wife Praise has this to say of one of her experiences with the presence of the Holy Spirit in Lebanon …A couple of days ago with my husband we were having a amazing time of praise and worship in a place passionately known as the T.O.P by Believers…I sensed the Holy Spirit speak to me very strongly about the prophesy and prophetic it is some thing which has always filled me with a sense of wonder and joy….. just before the end of the service the pastor calls us forward along with the team from the Bethal Church (God bless Bill Johnson and his family) I was informed that I was to speak (along with the Bethal team) prophetic words over the church body… I was scared as I had never done it before a Church body and was planning to back out (I dint want to speak words in the flesh and pretend that they prophetic)… it is when Desert Princess encouraged me saying "you can do it… just speak what you hear the Holy Spirit say" and when it was my turn to speak ….i did speak….. I prayed all along that the Lord would confirm what I spoke was from Him or not…. I rejoiced when people came over to me and testified that what I spoke of them was true (as in their heart desire's) we stood and rejoiced together.

Then on Thursday, we were invited to a house church consisting of Lebanese and Armenian believers…. the Bethal team called us to speak prophetically on to people in the house and yet again did I speak what I sensed the Holy Spirit speak to me this time I just let my self loose speaking what I heard spiritually…. there were times I dint notice the person I was speaking to …..and I yet rejoiced with people when they came forward to testify of me speaking words (as in reconfirmation of words spoken by God's Prophets into their lives before), revelations of prays and desires being reveled and encouraging of those already laboring in the Lords vineyard….this was special cause I have always been in awe of God's Prophets and always desired to stand as one amongst them…..and as I rejoiced seeing people desires being met I was in overwhelmed in gratitude to see Him give me mine