March 16, 2010

treasure hunting in Lebanon - man healed!

I took some people out on a 'treasure hunt' and we had many clues. Two people had the word "chocolate" so we decided to look for a place with that name. We were searching for maybe a 1/2 hour when we find a restaurant with the exact name, "Chocolate".

We were very excited when we found our clue! The place was empty so we began to talk to some of the male employees. We got a word of knowledge for 'stomach pain'. At first, the two guys said they didn't have any pain. But once I told them why I was asking, then both of them admitted that they had stomach pain.

We prayed for the one behind the counter for a few seconds and he was visibly touched by the Holy Spirit. He said that all of his pain had left. He was healed.

They wanted to know who we were, what we were doing and where we went to Church. They were so hungry and even teary-eyed.

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