March 16, 2010

healings at the Hard Rock Cafe in a Middle Eastern country

My favorite way to 'spill' is to go out to lunch (or dinner) and spill naturally. My friend and I decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch to bring light into the darkness. When we sat down my friend immediately got a word of knowledge for emotional pain. She wasn't sure who it was for - a customer or an employee. As she looked at our waitress, the word intensified and so she knew it was for her. (Thank you Lord for confirmation). We prayed for her and she was visibly touched. She was looking for Church to attend.

I got a words of knowledge for back and shoulder - it was for our other waiter. He was healed after we prayed. He was moved by the touch of the Holy Spirit and went to get others for us to pray for.

Meanwhile my friend went to the bathroom, got a word of knowledge for a back problem. It was for the manager of the restaurant and he was healed after we prayed for him.

One of the cooks was waiting outside who needed prayer for his hip (the waiter who had been healed told him to go out and wait for us). We prayed for him and he was like 70% healed.

Not a bad lunch!!

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