March 20, 2010

many healed today

today we saw many people healed during a healing service. many words of knowledge were called out (we only called out those that were confirmed by more than one person). we saw knees healed, elbows healed, shoulders and necks healed. one man with metal rods in his left shin saw all the pain leave his leg.

at the end of the service, something like 20 to 25 people indicated that they had been healed. I am sure there were more, but that was from those who acknowledged their healings publically.

I haven't heard all the other testimonies yet from this afternoon yet.

Just heard some further testimonies from a team we sent to Lebanon - a Saudi Arabian muslim man gave his life to Christ, as well as several other muslims. These are thrilling days we are living in - maybe this is why muslim countries are continuing to crack-down on those who are sharing the Gospel - what they don't realize is that no matter how many people they expel, no matter how many believers they put in prison, they CANNOT slow down the spread of Christ's Kingdom.

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