April 02, 2012

despising a false religion

we've all heard the expression - "hate the sin, but love the sinner".  I think we must also be able to apply that to false religions.  just this week a friend of ours who came to Christ out of Islam is being threatened with death.  The "Law of Apostasy" in Islam requires that if someone abandons the religion of Islam and doesn't recant, they are to be killed.  This isn't some "misinterpretation" or some marginal belief held by fringe groups of radicals (although they are the ones who often carry out the order).  This is what Islam teaches.  I've had dozens of muslims (including good friends) confirm that this is in fact the case.  I can quote the accepted traditions and the Qu'ran if someone needs further evidence.

this week we were faced with this situation.  A Gulf Arab women who left Islam to follow Christ is being threatened BY HER FAMILY with death.  Such a wicked thing!  And to think that they believe that by doing so they are being faithful to the religion!  It is in situations like this that any sober-minded person would wake up and declare any such religion as pure deception and demonic.  That however is simply not the case.  Nor will the media report the facts as such.  Sure there are chapters in Christian history where those who claimed to be followers of Christ slaughtered others in His Name.  I was recently shocked to read the account of how the Roman Catholic Church mercilessly slaughtered one of the last communities of Waldensians in the Middle Ages, men, women and children - a total betrayal of the teachings of Christ!  That, however, is exactly what we call it, "a total betrayal" and clearly demonically-inspired!

This is not the case however with modern-day followers of Islam.  It is a requirement to kill those who abandon the faith.  Jesus conversely commanded us to LOVE OUR ENEMIES.  Jesus allowed people to freely walk away from Him.  Apostasy is allowed and Jesus even prophesied that it would be widespread especially at the End of the Age (Matt. 24:10-13, 1 Tim. 4:1).  Nothing about hunting them down and killing them!

Lord, may I love the followers of the false religion even as I hate the religion and what it teaches!