July 18, 2011

a number of recent healings

we've been seeing God move in a number of different places. in a recent outreach, we saw the Lord touch a number of people - including 5 miracles that included healings. God revealed things - including the name of a person. several conditions were revealed by word of knowledge as well.

in a house meeting this past week, the Lord revealed many different conditions by word of knowledge and we saw most of those things healed that the Lord had revealed. For one woman, the Lord not only revealed and then healed her shoulder problem, but also gave us her birth name in another language. one woman had chronic pain in her foot that we saw healed after the Lord revealed a root that was hindering the miracle. It was a powerful night where others also received new gifts of the Holy Spirit by impartation (Rom. 1:11).

a couple of nights later we had a miracle and healing service with probably 75 people - it was powerful to see all the things the Lord healed - jaws, backs, eyes and we even saw an arm and a leg that was clearly shorter grow out. it was particularly special to see the way people reacted when they were either healed or saw a healing. don't know how many were healed in total, but I keep hearing testimonies of what God did that night.

Desert Princess decided the next day to have another healing service in the place where she gets her pedicures. God healed 4 different conditions - backs, necks and a thumb.

even this morning in a youth meeting we saw the Lord healed two girls' backs.

it has really been a good week - lots of supernatural, Kingdom stuff - in other words, NORMAL CHRISTIANITY.