April 12, 2007

Another Night Bringing the Kingdom

The other night we got together and prayed and asked the Lord to show us His treasure in this city. One of the words that I received was a right sprained wrist. I dutifully wrote it down and put it in my pocket as we headed out.
Once we arrived at our destination, we walked around the area for long time-- remembering our old adage: Nothing good happens until after 11. So, it was a little after 11 when we were standing in line to check out and Sojourner looks at me and says, "I'm getting a word in my right hand." I replied, "Well, maybe that means that there is someone nearby with a problem in the hand." And, the words were no more out of my mouth when over Sojourner's shoudler I saw a man with a wrap on his wrist-- the right one. I said, "Well, there he is."
Now at this point, our readers may wonder how you approach someone of a different language and culture with the crazy idea that the Creator of the Universe told you hours before that someone had a wrist problem and you wrote it down in a little beaten notebook you have in your hand. Well, let me tell you, AWKWARD. After stammering and pointing to my scrawling, we got DJ over to help out on the language. He comes over and promises him and his friends healing if they will come and sit down with us.
Once we were seated, we started "going after" the wrist and DJ confirmed that he, too, had a word for the wrist. I prayed a little in English, and we saw some improvement. DJ then went after it in Arabic and when he had finished, the "I can't believe my hand doesn't hurt anymore" look we all know and love. Even 15 minutes or so later, while DJ was praying for another one of the friends, I saw one of the other guys poking the man with the former wrist problem and asking him if it hurt. The reply: "I swear, it's gone."
Also, while we were talking, I got a word of knowledge in my back for one of the friends, so I asked him if he had pain in a certain area and he nodded "yes." So, we went after that as well and saw it healed. He also testified that he felt tingling and heat. DJ then got a word about an emotional condition and was able to minister God's peace. The man, after the prayer, said he felt even more heat.
Let one last picture sink into your mind: these three men left pushing a cart and discussing all that had just happened to them. The man pushing the cart has his bandage in the palm of his other hand because he didn't need it anymore. May it be with every work of the devil.