October 06, 2012

The goal?

The goal (purpose) of our instruction is LOVE (1 Tim. 1:5)

October 03, 2012

The "True Light"

فَالنُّورُ الْحَقِيقِيُّ الَّذِي يُنِيرُ كُلَّ إِنْسَانٍ كَانَ آتِيًا إِلَى الْعَالَمِ.

October 01, 2012

"the Son..can only do what He sees His Father doing" (John 5:19)

Today I was listening to a very convicting message by Dan Mohler as he was basically taking apart the common charismatic expression, "I felt led" (or worse, "I just didn't feel led").  The context of his comments had to do with the reason most Christians who believe in healing actually don't pray for sick people (or injured people) when they see them.  In short, Dan's exhortation is that we simply don't ever need a "special word" from the Lord or "leading" to approach a person that Jesus died for and longs to love through us.  

In the tradition that I come from (which shall remain nameless at this point), the "doing what the Father's doing" teaching made a lot of more Reformed-minded Christians who believed in the present-day operation of the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit feel more comfortable with their notions of God's sovereignty in healing.  Sadly because many of them didn't actually believe it was God's will to heal most people, but only those whom the Holy Spirit would somehow indicate.  How ironic that people who don't have a Reformed bone in their bodies (by that I mean the exaggerated/false ideas of God's sovereignty and partiality that comes through the teachings of Augustine and Calvin), end up using this same idea for why they are somehow not approaching people they meet and see with an offer to bring them the power of the Kingdom – in healing, or whatever else they may need.  

Let's be honest – if we aren't regularly offering to pray for the people we are interacting with when we are aware (either visually or because they have said something) they have needs, maybe we need to quit using the excuse that we "didn't feel led" and repent of our fear, unbelief and/or whatever "really" lies behind why we aren't approaching people, and ask God that we would "become love" and do what love would do.

I am reminded of people even yesterday that came into my world with identifiable injuries and yet I said and did nothing.  "Lord I repent for NOT actually loving them".  I guess what the Lord would say to all of us today is - "Go and sin (by not demonstrating love) no more".