June 18, 2007

Not giving up

This past week I visited with two people who we have prayed for a number of times and have yet to see the miracle. We prayed again and yet we are still waiting for the breakthrough.

We often learn more in failure than we do in success. What do we 'really believe' about God? About His willingness and readiness to heal? About His goodness? Both of these families are Muslims. Both have encountered the Kingdom and have received a measure of healing for different conditions. However, both of them are still facing the need for a major miracle - one who is deaf, the other who is imprisoned in a wheelchair.

I don't change my theology to match my experience. I contend for my experience to come into further alignment with the Life of Jesus in the Word of God. Jesus wasn't lying when He said that "the same works I do, you shall do"? (even though countless millions of Christians act/live/expect as if he was lying and didn't mean that).

When I don't manifest a fruit of the Spirit, which happens all the time, I don't give up and say, "O.K., I guess I'm not supposed to be patient and so won't expect patience because I failed again". No - everyone knows such thinking is ridiculous. However, we often don't view healing gifts in the same way. Yes, it is true that this past week we saw no manifestation of 'gifts of healing' with these two Muslims. Since we know what God the Father is like by looking at the Life of Jesus (if you've seen me, you seen the Father), I know exactly what Jesus would do if He visited either of these families, and so this is what we pursue - the power of God, UNTIL we see the works that Jesus would do.

As one of my mentors told me a couple of years ago, "the gap between what you believe and what you have experienced needs to narrow". Lord, may it be so!!!!

The Lord directing a meeting - the way it should be!

This past week in a home meeting we saw the Lord break-in with both healing and prophecy. Two Filipino women who came to seek the Lord were surprised as the Lord began to give us words of knowledge for them for healing. They received healing from several different conditions. One of them who wanted prayer for some cysts, was touched powerfully by the Lord. As the Spirit came upon her, two of us got the exact same word of knowledge for pain the back left-hand side of her head/neck. Others got some prophetic insight into cause of this condition and she was delivered and healed from it as she lay on the floor.

The Lord really directed us that night with many words of knowledge and healing followed. Foot pain, knee problems, shoulder conditions, etc. Isaac of Ninevah and others received a number of pictures and visions during the meeting.

A highlight of the evening was when one young man who had had a major encounter with the Lord the week before, came back to testify what happened and the fruit in his life during the past week. He struggled to find words to adequately describe the way that absolutely every aspect of his life had changed since the encounter where the Lord touched him powerfully.

Sometimes when people have powerful encounters accompanied by falling down, weeping, shaking or laughing, others will wonder "what is this accomplishing"? It is important that we hear from people after such experiences to see what "the fruit" has been. This young man was not accustomed to such phenomenon which made his testimony all the more compelling.