January 21, 2010

God’s love to those who least expect it



Went to the barber for a hair cut this morning and while there I noticed a barber from a another shop there he seemed to have a backache I ask him what was happening to which he said that he was suffering from this pain for the last 4 months I asked this man ( a hindu named bopal)  if I could pray for him…he said yes….God healed him…I said the healing was because that Jesus loves him…I could see that he was overwhelmed his friends wanted to know what was happening to him he told them that he need some quite time ….i intend to follow up with him in a couple of days


Later on in the afternoon I see this lorry driver with a flat tire I sensed the Lord asking me to go near him i had not received a word of knowledge again… … I asked him if I could help him he looked at me (from head to toe) laughed and said "no"… I saw him pressing his right chest I asked him if I could pray (all this was happening in sign language as he knew only Arabic and I don't)…any way ali (got his name later on) let me pray…. God touched him…he now had a smile on his face while he kept pressing his chest and giving me the thumbs up…I pointed at his chest and pointed at heaven and said JESUS…he nodded in agreement.


  There are many times I feel i sense a word from God but when I do go up to the person around me asking if they have a problem in a particular place in their bodies (that I could pray for them) to which they say they don't have any pain they would give me wired looks but that doesn't stop me from seeking God to use me I aren't counting 'hits or misses' ….




a night out to spill God's love

My wife Prase had this to say of her time in the fill and spill out reach


 I (praise) had 2 friends with me who were out seeing Gods power move in public places for the first time  We started by getting into this shop for ladies accessories  where we could just spread the love of God to this Pilipino girl when we asked she did not say that she had a problem but when asked her if we could prayer she was open after prayers we were led to give her details of a network of Pilipino Christians she was glad to have met us… she then led us to pray for the Indian lady at the counter whom when we approached said she had not issues but than again we just prayed for her and said that God loves her and released His kingdom into her life. From there we headed to well known department store where we started window shopping (we are ladies rember) and while i approached this Guy (named kapil) with a word of knowledge that he had back problem he did admitted it but resisted prayer as he was on duty but i said we will stand and prayer for 30 seconds he agreed we prayed …he felt the Lords touch and was healed… we walked a few feet and venkat (hindu) asked him if he had any issue…. i sensed a word of knowledge for a   stomach pain  said yes and was in tears as we prayed. From there went we entered  the next shop as prompted by one of ladies with me and saw this egyptian (named tamer… muslim) just pass him & felt he had a back problem & said we could prayer and u will get well he said what kinda prayer we said we prayer and you will get healed said ok and felt better the first time and than said still slight pain in the back and one the ladies sensed arm pain & we prayed in Jesus name and he was healed completely and he was amazed we all glorified God to gather that was the end of that amazing night from our end.

God spilling on the streets

A group of us headed out "to spill" the other night and as is ALWAYS the case, He ended up doing miraculous things. I still haven't heard all the 'stories', but a couple of us headed to our local airport to see what the Lord would say and do.

As I was standing outside of a sunglass shop, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a stomach issue in a particular area. I entered the shop and asked the Egyptian muslim employee if he had this particular problem. He did. He wanted to know how I knew. I told him. Then he let us pray for him. Since it wasn't hurting at that particular time, I gave him my number and told him to call me and let me know what the Lord had done for him.

Next we headed over to another shop and I asked the guy who was with me to wait on the Lord and see if the Holy Spirit gave him anything. While he was doing that, the Lord directed my attention to a candy shop and gave me a word for the Filipino woman. It was an inner healing/emotional healing word. It was accurate and she let me pray for her. She was a believer and we had the chance to connect her with a network of Filipino Christians.

My friend felt he had a word for a couple of men in another shop. We went in and inquired about the word that my friend felt the Lord gave him. It didn't end up being for the men in that shop, but that didn't matter. The Lord opened a door for us to begin to minister to these 3 Indian muslim men. The first man we got to pray for his shoulder and his side. He was freaking out a little bit because He could feel the Lord touching him - it felt really 'cold' to him.

Then we went to minister to the other two men, who weren't as receptive as the first. I had been given a word about a left foot problem. I asked about it and the one man pointed to his friend and said, "he has that problem". I knew that the Lord wanted to get his attention, but this man was RESISTANT. Ironically, his name was "Habib Alla" (which means "Beloved of God"). I told him that indeed God loved him and wanted to touch him. Ultimately all I could really do was grab his hand and pray quickly for God to release His Kingdom into his foot.

I think that the words of revelation that the Lord gave us, really 'captured' the attention of these men (and the first Egyptian muslim man too). The results are up to the Lord, but we fully expect to be getting phone calls from these men with testimonies of what God has done.

January 20, 2010

Filled Up With GODs Love And Spilling It All Over

Its been some time (18 days precise) since I have written the healings I have been blessed to have witnessed the Lord do… (its not because of anything but that I have not been good at documenting materials)…

We have seen people rich and poor, Christian and non Christian, believers and atheist acknowledge the presence of God thru healings in their bodies we have seen people who got healed and turn around and prayer for somebody else that very moment and the other person acknowledge feeling the Lord touch in their bodies…yet I have not taken the time to document any of it…. I tried keeping a track but ran out of fingers and toes over and over

Something interesting started yesterday and we got to be in it… D.J. (God bless You and Desert Princess) initiated the Fill and Spill (more like the spill and fill more we spill Gods love around the more He fill's us)

we got to go out in groups of 2 or 3 and witness God touch people thru healings.

There were a few who were out for the first time witnessing God healings in public places.

We encountered an indian man in the parking lot of a mall.. who had a defect in his eyes since birth… the defect largely reduced but he felt a warm glow all over his body (he felt so blessed that he called me on my phone today asking me if we could pray …yet again he felt the presence of God..

we next were led to a food supplement store where the sales person a muslim was quite taken back when we mentioned we sensed a word from God that he needed pray at the side of his right knee and that God would heal him if he let us pray … at first he said that he dint have any pain but when we looked to leave he said that he did have his right thigh muscle torn a week back my friend Ric prayed in Jesus name (he felt no pain) he said he would call us back and let us know how he was keeping…

we entered the next store and we were led to a man Reji with a chronic back pain my friend Ric prayed and breakthrough came another collogue Praveen saw what was happening and wanted prayers (his right toe hurt). I got the person who God was healing of the back pain to pray for his collogue and we saw a break thru yet again …. Praveen asks if we could guide him to church... we were more than happy

I am waiting for the others to share their testimonies…. i believe its going to be awesome…