May 03, 2008

Emirati muslim's wrist healed

Tonight while Tenacious B and I were sitting with an Emirati muslim man, the Lord gave me a clear word of knowledge about a problem in his left wrist. I asked him what was wrong with it. He had injured it a couple of times and it was painful. He was quite surprised wondering how I knew. I didn't even tell him at that point, but simply had him give me his wrist. After praying, I had him check it out and it was completely pain-free.

Afterwards, I was able to explain the way God speaks and how He was indicating what He wanted to do - namely heal the problem He reveals.

We had learned that his brother was dying of terminal cancer. I explained to him that the Lord healed his wrist to convince him to let us go and minister to his brother in the hospital.

more passion

During the ministry time at a church service I was at two weeks ago I had the opportunity to pray for a Nigerian guy who had poor vision. He told me that he could only read if he placed the words really close to his face. I prayed for him two times and afterward got him to test it out by trying to read something far away. He looked around and began to read words on the walls around us. I then took a tithe card that had a small print scripture printed on it, and placed it about a foot away from his face and asked him to read it. He began to read, and as he did I slowly moved it further and further away from his face. As I did this, he continued to read perfectly. His eyes were completely healed, and he was a happy man!

A few days ago this Nigerian man calls me up and wants to get together with me. So yesterday we got together and he told me that he needed a fresh dose of the Holy Ghost. He had come from a very passionate church in Nigeria, but now that he was in our country he felt like his faith and relationship with God was weakening. I took his hands and we invited Jesus to come into the room. As we prayed God began to minister to this man and fill him up with love. He started getting drunk in the spirit and could hardly speak. I then got to prophesy destiny over him and encourage him with some words of wisdom the Lord had given me. It was a really great time and I felt so honored that he would call me up, of all people, to encourage and minister to him. He felt really blessed, as did I. 

May 02, 2008

the RESULTS of undeniable miracles in the lives of muslims

An incredible story is unfolding with a group of Arab muslims (some now are FORMER muslims), but many wonder about the impact of miracles upon the lives of unbelievers. Many of my Christian friends are skeptical. They are skeptical when I tell them stories of the miracles God is doing (they don't seem to mind them in the pages of the Bible though!?!?)

Over the past year, God has been at work in the lives a group of Gulf Arab muslims, and we are astounded at the impact of what He has done.

It started out with a man coming to my home and after a word of knowledge was healed miraculously from a condition that he had tried both surgery and traditional Arab treatment. His comment after being healed to his good Christian friend who brought him, "why didn't you tell me you Christians have the power to heal"? (after having known him for some time).

Next the same man's father was diagnosed with terminal cancer - yes, I spoke with the head surgeon, and he told me that after opening him up to assess the cancer that it had spread throughout his abdomin and was basically untreatable/inoperable. He recommended going to the U.S. for some experimental procedures. Long story short by the time the man got to the U.S., after going to London, this widespread cancer had shrunk down to a single small tumor and the day they opened him up to remove it - IT WAS GONE. No medical treatment whatsoever - no chemo or radiation therapy. What happened? Two of us went to lay hands on the man in the hospital and Jesus did the rest.

The son, now a firm believer in Christians healing the sick, took us to a relative who was in almost a vegetive state after a major car accident. Major brain trauma and the doctors could do nothing. It was disturbing to even be with him as the young man would begin to cry out for no apparent reason. While there, the Lord led me to break off a curse that was on his life - something He revealed through a word of knowledge. We prayed and the boy miraculously recovered.

A couple of nights ago, we were on assignment again - same hospital, with another very severe automobile accident victim. Another teenage boy and as with all the others, an Arab Bedouin muslim. We prayed and are now waiting for the report. Somehow my confidence level is pretty much at an all-time-high when it comes to this family and their friends.

So, what is happening? Well, the son who was healed initially wants to follow Jesus. Not just him, but his wife too! Skeptics should take note.

muslims need to be POINTed to Jesus. Miracles POINT to Jesus. I think we get the POINT.

massage guy gets healed

I had a pulled muscle that needed a massage. While in the shop, I twisted my ankle a bit, which I ended up getting treated a bit while there. During the course of my muscle being worked on, the guy tells me that he spained his ankle two days earlier and it was in pain. You know where this is going, don't you?

At the end of session, I asked him to give me his ankle - he thought I was going to massage it or something. I said, "No, I'm going to pray for it". Anyway, I laid my hand on his ankle and the power of the Lord came upon him and guess what? The Lord healed his ankle.

I asked him if he was surprised - He said, "Yes, I am". "You healed me"

Arab muslim man's knee healed

This morning while at the barber shop, I got a word of knowledge for someone with a right knee problem. I didn't know who it was for - there were 4 barbers working and 4 Arab men getting shaves and haircuts. I asked the Lord to show me who it was for. I waited and when one of the guys was finished, I approached him and asked him if he had a right knee problem. He said, "yes" and then the inevitable, "HOW DID YOU KNOW"? I quickly explained that God showed me that he had that problem and wanted to heal him. I gave him my phone number and sure enough he called me back a couple of hours later.

I went over to his house later in the afternoon, laid hands upon his knee and the Lord healed it!! Obviously, I had an incredible opportunity to speak of God's Kingdom and His healing gifts.

Can't wait to see what happens next with this guy!

I WANT a parking space

My wife and I were in one of our local malls last night and we were hard pressed to find a parking space. We had been driving through the car park for about 20 minutes and we had not seen one car leave. My wife started to get tired of looking for a space, so she called out in a loud voice "LORD, I WANT MY PARKING SPACE". Right when she declared this, the brake lights turned on in a parked car in front of us, and it started to back out of the space. We could hardly believed it! We had just been discussing how Bobby Connor (an itinerate minister) sat on his bed and yelled out to God "I want my knife back", and his lost knife appeared out of thin air in front of him and fell in front of him on the bed! So when we stood on that testimony of declaration, we saw a parking space materialized in front of us! God is so cool, and he cares about the little things in life. Our desires are important to him. 

April 30, 2008


so much of our emphasis has been on power evangelism (or "spilling" to use our new terminology). when it comes to people pursuing impartation to move in new realms of God's power, it seems that most of the time Christians seem to be seeking power to move to a new level in healing, or breakthroughs in the prophetic.

what about teachers? I threw up a quote a couple of weeks ago from Todd Bentley lamenting the reality that so few pastors/teachers move in "Kingdom sauce" (Todd's unique term for 'power'!).

Even now as something special is happening in Lakeland, Florida (they are calling it an 'outpouring' at this point), who are the majority of people traveling there and why are they going? (I just heard from a friend in England that 4 of his Church members have traveled to Florida). I would venture to say there aren't a lot of teachers in the Body of Christ who are going there seeking an impartation in the whole realm of "Power Teaching". However, if there were, I know that they would receive it. (Note: although the principle of 'impartation' is taught throughout Scripture and is one of the main way that God releases/imparts His gifts, many teachers in the Body of Christ today DO NOT BELIEVE this doctrine. Wonder whose idea that was?)

What would happen if pastor/teachers purposed in their hearts to not settle for anything less than the power that rested on the teaching/preaching of people like Wesley, Whitefield or Jonathan Edwards? Even if one were to hear Billy Graham's preaching in the 50's, they would marvel at the power of God that rested on it.

When you hear/read about the hunger and desperation of many who today move in healing anointing and other miracles, one common factor is found in all of their different quests for power - HUNGER! They simply could no longer live/minister without God's power if such power was available.

Call it what you will - "Power Teaching" or "Apostolic preaching" or "Unction" or whatever - calling on all pastors/teachers - whatever it is, whatever you want to call it - JUST MAKE SURE YOU GET IT.

We all need you to have it.

word of knowledge for muslim policeman in the police station

why not go and do some ministry in the most unlikely places in muslim countries? we saw some men healed a few weeks ago on the steps of an islamic propogation center so why not the police station???

the other night, Ravished and I entered a police station and while there, I got a word of knowledge for a knee problem while with the Sudanese muslim police officer. I asked if he had the problem. He said no, BUT his wife did.

An appointment has already been set up for when Desert Princess and I will meet with the wife and release God's Kingdom. So much for what we are doing/offering being illegal!! Even the Police want this stuff!

(note: while we were at the police station, we walked outside for a few minutes and began offering the Kingdom to a couple of Egyptian muslim men. They weren't too sure what to think of us, nor of what we were offering them, but I told them that if they needed anything in terms of healing miracles that WE WERE OVER IN THE POLICE STATION. Any questions they might have been having as to the legality of our activities were suddenly answered - Exploring the space!!!)

April 29, 2008

Out and About

Last night, we had the opportunity to spread the shooba around the world. First of all, man came by the house for prayer. He has had an on-going intestinal problem for about a year. Before he came in, we prayed and listened for what the Lord wanted to do that night. Part of my list had "intestinal problems" written on it. So, when our friend came by for prayer, I showed him the list and he nodded, smiled, and said, "Yeah, I know. I know you and your notebook." (We've meet several times previously.) We prayed for him and while we were praying, DJ and he felt heat in his abdomen. Later, one of the other guys with us said, "I felt something moving big time around in his stomach when we were praying for him." We're still waiting on his CAT scan later this month. We're contending that it will show nothing abnormal and that he will be pain free.

Afterwards, we skyped a lady in Africa with lung cancer. Over the internet, we released the Kingdom. She said later that she felt something when we were praying. We're still waiting word back on her condition.

We then went out on some words we had and for an appointment with Tenacious B and another one of our friends. For the appointment, we met in a coffee shop. While we were talking about jobs and things, it popped into my mind that he had recently been promoted. I asked him about it, and he said, "How did you know that?" Now let me stop here and say that I'm not sure if it was just intuition or the voice of the Lord. To be honest, it caught me off guard. It wasn't like I had gotten the word earlier and written it down. It came as I was talking. This hasn't been my usual MO, so it is new territory for me. If it was from the Lord, I say more. If it was just my own intuition, I say, "Thanks, Jesus for making me me." I also gave him a few more words and even though they were "right," he wasn't that interested in following that line of thought.

After the coffee shop, we went to another place that the Lord had directed both DJ and I independently. We really thought that there was something there for us and we tried for a long time to find it, but we ended up without seeing any miracles. Nonetheless, it is still encouraging because both DJ and I got the same location prophetically and our city is rather large. It's great when there's that kind of confirmation. Who knows, maybe the place was on, but the timing off.

We'll see.

On the Street Shooba

Tonight, DJ and I went out on an errand to a car garage. While there, I felt like there was a word the Lord wanted to give him. I asked and got that he was a loyal friend and that once he was given a job, he would see it through. He nodded and told me that both were true and then asked, "Are you a psychic?" I'm not sure if he was asking because of the nature of the conversation or the accuracy of the words, but either way, I was able to tell him the God told me these things to tell him because He loved him.

For those of you reading this blog, I want to encourage you that there is a tipping point where you start to think Kingdom as you go along. Now, I'm not to a place where i think that way 100% of the time, but I definitely go to places with a Kingdom mindset much more than I did even one year ago. Keep pressing in. In fact, I feel like there is an impartation for increase and acceleration in this post and through this blog. Even now, just take the testimonies and ask the Lord for breakthrough.

Do it again, Lord Jesus!

April 27, 2008


Last night, my wife and I were on a date and we went into an ice cream store. As I was ordering ice cream, the name "Mustafa" came into my mind. After paying, I asked one of the servers who Mustafa was and he turned around and pointed to the other man behind the counter. Mustafa turned and asked why. I asked him if he had a problem or pain anywhere because I was a healer (a healer makes more sense in our context than if we tried to explain the whole Jesus in me healing you theology at this point). He didn't have any problems.

Later, as we sat outside, I got the word "army." I asked one of the other waiters to come and talk for a second and I asked if anyone in his family, an uncle or someone had been in the army. He said no, but he had been in a recent war in the region. To be honest, I didn't know where to go from there, so I said, "That must have been difficult." He agreed. The language barrier was obvious, but it was good practice.

The Finger of God - a MUST SEE film!!!

I just finished watching an incredible film that documents the miraculous things God is doing all over the planet. You simply won't believe what has been filmed. Talk about some newsworthy news!

Warning: Skeptics and 'unbelieving believers' should NOT probably watch this film - it will shake your faith. I promise!