February 10, 2010

a night of prophecy and words of knowledge

as we continue to minister everywhere we are going, groups are coming at night for prayer at the home I am staying in - sometimes we are praying till like 3AM!

last night, the Lord spoke prophetically to a Catholic family who came for prayer. The Lord gave words of knowledge for healing and and also spoke destiny words over their lives. The teenage daughter had a powerful experience with God during prayer.

mother healed as we minister to paralyzed son

we went to pray for young man who was paralyzed in an accident. We didn't see him healed, but we added our prayers to the prayers of many others believing that one day the "bowls will tip" and that he will receive his miracle.

while there, I got a word of knowledge for his mother's shoulder. We prayed for her and she was healed.

I think the best part of the time was just modeling to the mother how she can pray more effectively for her son's healing - how to wait on the Holy Spirit and release His presence.

"activating" people's baptisms!!

Many (if not most) people had very little happen when they were baptized - however, when we look at Jesus' Baptism, something very significant happened. yes, the Holy Spirit came upon Him and He was empowered! Whether someone was baptized as a teenager at a Baptist Summer Camp, or as an infant in a traditional Church, very few that I know would say that they expected very much at their baptisms.

Over the past few days, I have been laying hands on many who were baptized as infants and/or children who wanted to have the same encounter that Jesus had at His Baptism - a coming upon them of the Holy Spirit. All I can say is that each and everytime we have prayed for people, the Lord has come in power. Prophetic words have been given. However, most importantly, the people have testified that they had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit (many for the very first time).

If your baptism was less than what you read of Jesus', maybe it's time for you to get a fresh, new reactivation! I like that word. I don't re-baptize anybody - I just ask God to activate it!

prayer in the mountains - man's leg healed

the first day I was skiing I didn't talk to anyone, didn't pray for anyone - just too focused on the incredible snow conditions. On day 2, I decided to be a bit less selfish and offer to pray for some people in the ski lodge (where else?).

I got pray for two people - a man who'd burned his hand the day before. He was wearing a bandage and it was painful. I prayed and he said he felt something happening. Today when I saw him (2 days later) - no bandage, no pain.

Another man had been in a car accident and had pain in his leg - I prayed and then saw him two days later. He told me that since the prayer two days ago there had been no pain at all in his leg (which was a chronic condition) - Jesus is so good!!!!

February 08, 2010

releasing the Kingdom in a Middle Eastern Mall

A large group of us headed out to see what God would do in a mall. I had been kicked out of this mall last year, so I was interested to see if I could "stay inside" this time!

It all started as we were walking into the mall. Some guys recognized me from last year and we ended up praying for a couple of people. One man's neck was healed.

I took different groups throughout the evening - we had so much fun! Here's a few of things we saw. In the first shop, we saw two muslim guys healed of 5 different conditions. Several the Lord revealed by word of knowledge. One man's fingers were healed and his back. The other man's knee, severe headache and neck. Numbers were exchanged and we look forward to the opportunity to share more about Jesus the Healer with these muslims.

Next I took another group into a clothing store. One of my team all of sudden got a strong word of knowledge about dizzyness. The first employee we asked had a severe problem with dizzyness. It was a powerful ministry time right there in the middle of the shop.

After that, I saw a man wearing a serious-looking metal back brace. He let us pray for him - his back was 60% better (his estimation) after we prayed. Also the Lord revealed a wrist injury he had. It was healed.

I then took another group into a shoe shop where the Lord healed the manager's back and headache. His muslim co-worker took our number as we offered to pray for anybody he knew who needed healing.

As I was going down an escalator, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a choking issue (spiritual attack) that the woman in front of me suffered from. I asked if she was choked at night. She was a bit surprised and said, "yes, I do". I prayed for her to be delivered for "what the Lord reveals, He heals".

As we passed the Virgin Megastore, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for one of the employees standing by the door. She had the problem. Then the Lord spoke another word of knowledge for another employee's left ear problem. She freaked out asking "how did you know"? The Lord also revealed a problems with headaches that the first woman had. The ear condition improved greatly after prayer. The back pain also left!

Overall, it was a great night and a number of new power evangelists got to see what it looked like to release the Kingdom and heal the sick in public in the Middle East!

BTW - I didn't get kicked out this year! This time we DID NOT have a large video camera documenting the healings - that might have been the problem last year!