November 20, 2010

word of knowledge leads to woman's healing in airport

while transiting in a South East Asian airport, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a young Catholic woman in a shop for a shoulder problem. She was taken back how I knew. I had her co-worker lay hands on her as I prayed. The Holy Spirit came powerfully and she began to cry. She was speechless.

I went to find Desert Princess to follow up - she discovered that the woman was about to go home that day because of her shoulder pain, that was UNTIL Jesus touched her shoulders and healed her. She decided to stay at work. The thing that most shocked this woman was how we knew - my wife explained that Jesus knows everything and so He revealed it in order to heal it!

Gotta love traveling!

another hindu man healed - dislocated finger

last night while hanging out with a couple of young Christian guys who wanted to hear more about the miraculous, I "thought" I got a word of knowledge for one of the hindu men working at our hotel. I was wrong. BUT, the Lord opened the door to pray for one of the men who had injured his finger and couldn't move the main joint in his index finger very well - that was UNTIL Jesus healed it. It was still larger looking than normal, but he testified to the fact that he could move it unlike he could move it before.

We pointed him to Jesus as best as we could!

November 18, 2010

when your god doesn't work

after praying for the women in the massage place, I went into another shop - statues of a hindu deity named ganesha, who looks like an elephant, were everywhere - it was clear who this man worshipped!

a strong word of knowledge came for the right elbow. he let me pray for him and as I did he started shouting, "it's hot, it's hot"! I told him that this was the power of Jesus who was touching him. He had been telling me about why he worshipped ganesha, but now it was Jesus who was at work in his shop. He asked for prayer for his head, then his feet. The same thing - power was released. This was a very happy man. I explained that Jesus was going to come and visit him in a dream or a vision.

while I was leaving all we were talking about was Jesus - I guess that makes sense when your god doesn't work!

healings on the way to the massage parlor

before we got to the massage place, we began praying for men on the street - one's back was healed, another man's legs were healed. Also one man's neck was healed. The focus was all about Jesus (again, mostly hindus) as we explained whose power it was that was touching them.

there was one man who wasn't healed - and to be honest, it was quite frustrating. we prayed for him maybe 6 or 7 times. others were getting healed, but he wasn't. My son prayed for him, my nephew and father-in-law also prayed, but we got absolutely no breakthrough. What was hard was to hear his reasoning. He said, "Maybe Jesus doesn't want to heal me". We assured him that this wasn't the case. Then he thought, "maybe it's not His timing" - sounds like some Christians I know trying to explain why something doesn't happen when we prayed. In the end, I asked if he had a Christian friend; he did. I told him to have him pray for you when you see him.

"Lord, heal this hindu man and reveal yourself to him, Amen"

healings at the massage parlor

today we all went for foot massages and after those were done, prophetic words started to come and prayer for healing began. all of the masseuses were hindus and God began to heal them - a hip, knees, back problems. Several had major encounters with God as Desert Princess and her mother soaked some of them in prayer. They couldn't even stay on their feet!

They all saw and experienced the power of God and heard about Jesus!

It was a powerful time - not just receiving (massages) but giving (the Kingdom).

ever-increasing faith

just a reflection on our trip to this predominately muslim country (Indonesia) but staying on a majority hindu island (Bali). I don't think we've ever seen people being healed more easily than we have seen in the past 4-5 days. A number of demonic deliverances as well. Mostly hindus, a number of muslims and a handful of Christians have been healed of many different conditions. there is a desperation here that is amazing when we compare it to the wealthier Middle East where we reside. the opportunities to clearly present the Gospel of Christ have been amazing. No arguments - why? Because Jesus is demonstrating His authority, His Lordship and supremacy over and above their idolatry and false religiosity.

what is this trip doing to us personally? our faith for healing and miracles just continues to grow. we contend that this Kingdom lifestyle is normal. most Christians still live in a state of chronic unbelief - many who will read the testimonies on this blog will question what is being recorded. let us call a spade a spade - we struggle with unbelief. I struggle with unbelief. The last 4-5 days have been a full-on assault on my unbelief - God is attacking my chronic unbelief AND HE IS WINNING!

Lord, attack our unbelief and replace it with faith!

November 17, 2010

drive-by healing and then more at the beach

today we stopped our car on the way to the beach and I jumped out to offer prayer for a hindu woodcarver who had back pain. he was healed and I explained it was Jesus who touched him.

at the beach, we saw a number of Indonesians healed - a headache, back pain, problem in the calves, a shoulder problem and even kidney stones (of course he needs to get that verified). Again it was a privilege to explain to them that it was Jesus who healed them. One man needed deliverance (as his pain was moving around his pack indicating a spirit of affliction) so I had him say in his language "Jesus help me". Jesus did and the pain stopped moving around and left completely. I told him that he needed to remember this important prayer in the future.

November 16, 2010

more healings at dinner - in a hindu stronghold

we traveled to another city and tonight at dinner, the Lord began speaking again and touching employees in the restaurant. one man's neck was healed. another word of knowledge came for a skin condition - one man had that problem. after prayer, he said he felt power in his legs! Desert Princess prayed for one of the women - who had pain with her teeth (which was also revealed by a word of knowledge).

finally, the Lord gave a clear word for a man with some kind of STD - I asked one of the men discreetly and he said that 2 of the men working there had this problem (how he knew, I didn't ask). they were out on a delivery, so I said I would go back and pray for them later.

breakfast was great - and so was dinner! this city is a hindu stronghold - Jesus is already showing Himself strong!

was that breakfast or a healing service?? hard to tell.

This morning at breakfast, it was just like yesterday - probably prayed for about 10 people total - backs healed, shoulder and arm pain. A hand/wrist problem. It seemed more like a healing/miracle service than breakfast. That is why our breakfasts are taking like 2 hours! A whole new concept for breakfast - calling it "Breakfast with Jesus"

One of the employees was a Christian who had been a hindu. She helped to translate to both her hindu and muslim co-workers the message of the Gospel - basically, shared again that GOD HIMSELF provided a sacrifice for our sins to make our lives pleasing and acceptable to God - so the sacrifices that the hindus are doing and the sacrifice that the muslims are offering tomorrow (for their Eid) are all completely unnecessary. So sad to see the essence of the false religions that are all trying to make themselves somehow acceptable to God through works and offering sacrifices. 2000 years later and countless millions don't realize that it was all taken care of on the Cross. Tragic.

Powerful morning!

the Kingdom just keeps coming - words of knowledge and healings

The miracles started again yesterday morning at breakfast – more employees of our hotel kept coming for prayer. A muslim man with a back brace who’d had surgery had the brace off after prayer – testifying to it being much better. Also prayed for another man, a hindu, with a back problem – all the pain left. Another man came for a “blessing” (said he didn’t need anything). He felt God’s presence during and after prayer. Then he told the other staff that he felt “power going into him”. My wife also was able to pray for several other women needed healing – to be honest, we are losing count of all the healings taking place. The opportunities to share about Jesus are happening with each and every healing!

At dinner last night, a couple of words of knowledge came – one of the entertainer’s neck and shoulder was healed. Our server had an ankle problem that the Lord revealed by word of knowledge – she had my wife pray for a hip problem that the Lord healed.

November 14, 2010

those healed yesterday, brought their relatives today - part 2

later in the evening, a Christian couple came to meet with us. the man's back was healed yesterday and tonight he brought his wife. her hand was healed, her elbow was healed and her back was healed.

we spent quite a bit of time with them counseling them, and helping to cast a vision for a Kingdom destiny and purpose on the island that they live. it was just such a privilege to minister to this amazing couple.

can't wait to see what the Lord will do tomorrow!

those healed yesterday, brought their relatives today - part 1

this evening we met with two of the people who were healed yesterday. the hindu woman who was healed yesterday brought her cousin who had many health issues. a chest condition and neck pain left. a leg problem was improved. at this point, we began to minister to a back condition and it turned out to be a demonic affliction (the pain kept moving around). We prayed for her deliverance for quite some time, but didn't seem to be able to get her completely free. The pain decreased a considerable amount, but sadly we left her with some unfinished Kingdom business.

btw - the woman healed yesterday's elbow was also healed and a her ankles!

without a doubt, the most powerful thing was being able to explain to these hindus, who make daily sacrifices to their gods, that a single sacrifice had been offered by God Himself which ended the need for any further sacrifices. it was difficult for them to consider this idea, but I assured them that Jesus Himself is more than able to prove to them that He is that sacrifice. It was just a precious opportunity to share the Gospel in the wake of several undeniable healing miracles.

the healings just continue to happen

this morning at breakfast several more hindu women were healed at our hotel. it is like a stream of them are coming for ministry. one of the women who was healed yesterday from outside is coming to meet us for more ministry. amazing what God is doing. the opportunities to demonstrate the Gospel and then to tell people about Jesus are incredible.

p.s. another man who was healed contacted me after I had originally written this - his wife needs a miracle!