November 16, 2010

the Kingdom just keeps coming - words of knowledge and healings

The miracles started again yesterday morning at breakfast – more employees of our hotel kept coming for prayer. A muslim man with a back brace who’d had surgery had the brace off after prayer – testifying to it being much better. Also prayed for another man, a hindu, with a back problem – all the pain left. Another man came for a “blessing” (said he didn’t need anything). He felt God’s presence during and after prayer. Then he told the other staff that he felt “power going into him”. My wife also was able to pray for several other women needed healing – to be honest, we are losing count of all the healings taking place. The opportunities to share about Jesus are happening with each and every healing!

At dinner last night, a couple of words of knowledge came – one of the entertainer’s neck and shoulder was healed. Our server had an ankle problem that the Lord revealed by word of knowledge – she had my wife pray for a hip problem that the Lord healed.

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