November 16, 2010

was that breakfast or a healing service?? hard to tell.

This morning at breakfast, it was just like yesterday - probably prayed for about 10 people total - backs healed, shoulder and arm pain. A hand/wrist problem. It seemed more like a healing/miracle service than breakfast. That is why our breakfasts are taking like 2 hours! A whole new concept for breakfast - calling it "Breakfast with Jesus"

One of the employees was a Christian who had been a hindu. She helped to translate to both her hindu and muslim co-workers the message of the Gospel - basically, shared again that GOD HIMSELF provided a sacrifice for our sins to make our lives pleasing and acceptable to God - so the sacrifices that the hindus are doing and the sacrifice that the muslims are offering tomorrow (for their Eid) are all completely unnecessary. So sad to see the essence of the false religions that are all trying to make themselves somehow acceptable to God through works and offering sacrifices. 2000 years later and countless millions don't realize that it was all taken care of on the Cross. Tragic.

Powerful morning!

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