February 05, 2008

what do Bangladeshis, Filipinos and Indians have in common? God loves to heal them!

Tonight, Isaac of Ninevah and I headed out on a bit of a "treasure hunt" armed with a few words of knowledge and some ideas of locations we should go to.

The first place we found ourselves was in a shop filled with men from Bangladesh - all muslims presumably. We had a couple of words of knowledge and began to offer to pray for healings that were needed. A man's eye pain was healed, some neck pain got 'kingdomized' (meaning a 'pain free zone' was established!), and a man with chronic leg and groin pain had the Spirit come on his leg - he continued to feel the fire of God in his leg until we left. I told him that the next day it would no longer be a problem.

After some failed attempts to follow up on some of the prophetic words we had gotten earlier (gotta be honest when we're off), we headed to one of our favorite restaurants. It was pretty much vacant, but the employees need the Kingdom too, so we got to work. Most of them are Filipinos and so we opened things up with a word of knowledge and got to minister to a woman who responded. God's power came upon her leg and ankle and we all knew God had done something special. He confirmed His word through a subsequent word of knowledge just to let us know that He had touched this woman in the specific location she needed healing. She got excited and brought a friend of hers who had back pain. Because we believe in equipping others to pray for the sick, we instructed the woman who we just prayed for to lay hands on her friend. God's power came through this woman and the back was healed. We had to pray twice (after the 1st time it was 80% better - but after the pain left completely she was visibly shocked at what God had done for her. Next this woman confided that she had some cysts that needed to be removed surgically. We were able to pray for that too - and we trust we will get medical confirmation that she is healed from that. I also offered to have our wives come and minister to a number of other Filipino women who need healing and prophetic ministry.

Finally, we headed to another shop which was full of men from Indian. At least one was a muslim and the others were probably hindus. We opened up the topic of healing again with a couple of words of knowledge. We saw a man's back pain healed, another man had neck pain leave. I ministered to man with a chronic wrist condition - I couldn't see the breakthrough after praying twice, but Isaac stepped up and got the job done. After he prayed, all the pain left. Another man felt God's presence as fire while Isaac prayed and we know that his condition, although not bothering him at the time we prayed, was touched too.

Bangladeshis muslims, Filipino Catholics and Indian muslims and hindus - you've got to love the way God releases His Spirit to demonstrate that His Kingdom is at hand. We are so glad we didn't stay home tonight!!

Jesus Shows Up Again!

Before we headed out tonight for our miraclefest, we prayed and asked for direction and pictures and words of knowledge. I usually make a list of what I get and then refer back to my list if things get slow. Some of the things on my list from tonight were: left eye problem, speech impediment, right knee pain, kidney pain, a man in an orange long-sleeve shirt and a dark car sitting at a place here in town. I would like to say that I got the dark car word, but we looked all around the place and couldn't find it. Anyway, at our last stop tonight inside a little shop, we started giving some words and got the chance to pray for some guys. While DJ was praying for one guy's back, I started leafing through my list and realized that the man in front of me was wearing a long-sleeve, orange shirt! It then got a little weirder when his friend explained that he had had pain in the kidney area. The man in the orange shirt was our translator the whole time we were in the shop. So, I went after the kidney word and the guy said that he felt heat in his back. The translator said that his shoulders hurt when he lifted weights, so I prayed for them. He, too, said that he felt heat "like the other guy did in his back." We finished the night off by getting one other guy's wrist pain free.

Praise God for co-laboring with us!

Jesus Heals in Restaurant!

As the night wore on, DJ and I got hungry so we stopped off at a local restaurant. Now, it was pretty late at night and that makes it a good time to offer miracles and healing to the staff of these restaurants since there aren't any other customers. As we were being seated, I asked the host if he had a foot problem on his left foot. He said that he didn't. I then asked him to ask around and see if there was anyone who did. He returned in a few minutes with one of the waitresses. She said that she occasionally had pain in her left ankle, but didn't have it at the time. I prayed for her and as we prayed, she felt tingling in her foot and it surprised her. The healings didn't stop there, but I'll let DJ finish the rest of the story on this one.

Furniture Store Rocked!

Tonight DJ and I went down to some furniture stores looking for a cabinet to put my kids' toys in. However, we also went with the intent of releasing the Kingdom wherever we ended up. As it turns out, in one store, there were several guys standing around and as we gave some words out, one of the guys owned up and after he was healed, the others were more willing to tell us their problems. I'll let DJ tell his part of the story, but I was able to pray for a man with neck problems and he got totally healed. I also prayed for the same guy's knee, but it wasn't hurting at the time, so we'll have to wait and see. As DJ was praying for one guy, this other man standing near me pointed to his temple and asked if I would help. After praying twice for his headache, he confirmed that it had left. He also asked (a few minutes later) for some prayer for his calf. I prayed for it as well and he checked it out and it, too, was healed. Another one of the workers was feeling a lot of heat in his hip where DJ had been praying and said that there was still some slight pain. I prayed again and he said that it had left.

Jesus' evangelism method: find a crowd, do miracles, get a crowd, do miracles.