September 07, 2013

one of the soccer players healed in her own words

After her friends knee was healed, this is what happened to another soccer player in her own words,

"I was prayed over for healing of my right ankle which I had injured a few weeks prior. After the prayer, I felt way less pain than I had ever been in and I was able to start practicing at soccer again the next day. At first, I did not believe that just laying a hand on someone and praying could heal them, until I saw it with my own eyes. It really made me want to dive deeper into my faith and get to know God on a more personal level."

another restaurant healing & muslim healed in electronic shop

I don't know what it is about restaurants, but they seem to be one of the best places to see the Kingdom come.

We were out with our good friends to lunch today and I had inquired about a wrist problem which none of the servers seemed to have but they asked me why I had inquired.  I told them I was a healer and they asked how I healed.  I said, "If somebody has pain, I'll show you".  One of them had back pain.  I had him lay his hands on himself and I released the Kingdom in Jesus' Name – he was instantly healed!  The other 5 or so watching were intrigued.  Two of the women asked if I could heal their hearts and so I had my wife come up and take over that discussion.  Numbers were exchanged and calls will be coming.  "What Church do you go to?" one man asked as I was walking out.  I told him and he'd heard of it!

Next in the electronics shop I got a word of knowledge for a back problem for the muslim employee who was helping us.  He had the problem.  I had him lay hands on his back, prayed the Lord's prayer over him in Arabic.  And the Lord began to touch him.  Then I asked this Egyptian muslim if he knew any Coptic Christians – he pointed to his right and standing 10 feet from him was a Coptic Egyptian friend of his!  I couldn’t believe how easy the follow-up was going to be.  I told the muslim man that I learned a lot about healing from my Coptic friends and that the prayer I prayed was also their prayer.  The muslim man was very appreciative.  I then stopped by to see the Coptic Christian and told him to ask his muslim colleague what the Lord did for his back.

September 06, 2013

when the Spirit falls and the Kingdom comes...(and now what???)

Having just spoken with the Professor who teaches at the University, it is so encouraging to hear that things are continuing.  I heard that the soccer players that were healed are now back on the soccer field.  I heard that during the next two lectures others were healed - another soccer player after praying several times had his knee healed!

They have started a blog now where students are/will be posting their testimonies - - check it out and be sure to leave comments to encourage them.

A couple of things that have come up that are important for them (and for us) to consider:

1. It is ALWAYS God's will to heal.  There is so much bad/poor theology out there that isn't rooted in what the Scriptures teach, but rather are rooted in people's experience.  This is also related to unbalanced concepts/ideas about God's sovereignty.

I could list dozens of NT Scriptures here to illustrate why I believe the statement I have just made, but Jesus reveals the Father.  If you consider the number of times that the Gospels record, "and Jesus healed them all", we should seriously reconsider why our own lives look so different than His life.  At the very end of the Book of Acts, far from Paul's healing gift somehow diminishing (as some have erroneously taught), EVERYONE on the Island of Malta was healed (Acts 28:9 - "and the REST OF THE SICK ON THE ISLAND came and were cured").

2. Faith is A FACTOR, but not the only factor.  There was an incredible amount of faith on the Friday that the Holy Spirit fell at the University.  The faith rose up through several means.  One of them was that a message was brought with a challenge that "if we don't do the works that Jesus did, don't believe our message".  And then, words of knowledge were given.  Beyond that, once people started to be healed, even more faith, corporate faith, was being released and faith ALWAYS attracts heaven.  It is one of the currencies of the Kingdom.

Why did I say it is "a factor"?  Because, sadly there are those who have taught extreme notions of faith making it somehow the only factor and even blaming people who aren't healed for the "lack of faith".  I'm going to be completely honest - when it came to the young man who was stuttering, I really had no faith for that to be healed.  We had seen so many healed before that, and so my faith level was up and surely the students' faith was high in wake of the healings and the powerful encounters people were having with the Lord.  But, I had never seen stuttering healed before and one of the reasons I ended up praying a second time for the young man who had been a lifelong stutterer was because I was struggling.  Can we be honest here?  It doesn't help when we aren't brutally honest.  Even when I asked him as he was having a powerful encounter with God to "go away and continue to let God minister to you", I was stalling.  I was still not in a place of faith - I wasn't in a place of faith to ask him, "So, what has happened?"  And yet, in spite of my clear lack of faith, God healed the young man.  All this to say, the core basis for healing is GOD's LOVE.  Check it out - see how many times it says that "Jesus was moved BY COMPASSION and healed the sick".  Faith is "a factor" but clearly not the only factor.

3. The devil is a liar and wants to "steal" everything he can from the life of the believer.  In the wake of the students being healed and walking away pain free from that Friday, some of them began to "feel" their symptoms again.  This isn't uncommon.  The cynics (and some reading this blog) will say that people weren't actually healed but only "thought" they were.  That is an issue of profound unbelief that each and everyone of us needs to wage war upon.  I emphasized in those lectures that we are all, every single one of us, in a lifelong battle to "have faith" - remember what Paul says in Galatians 5 - "the only thing that matters is faith working through love" - that is a foundational verse identifying our two most basic challenges in the Christian life - overcoming our lack of faith and our lack of love.

So what do we do when the enemy comes back and begins to lie to us - "you weren't really healed", "God doesn't really love you like they said He does", "you aren't worthy of...", etc. etc.  And then a slight symptom comes back, a twinge, a little bit of pain.  What do we do?  This is a key thing - a vital principle.  Stand in your healing.  We aren't "enemy focused" - this isn't a time to go into intense spiritual warfare.  The enemy is trying to come back; he wants to get you to believe a lie (or lies).  So we simply say, "Jesus, THANK YOU for what you did and that you have healed me".  That's it.  We are to be Jesus-focused and thanking Him for His work, for His healing and as has been said, this is the "submitting to God" that results in the the "devil fleeing". (James 4:7).  There were some students who thought that their healing was gone, or wearing off, or...BUT once they did this, they were again pain free and walking in their freedom.

4. The power of the testimony - word is getting out.  A blog has been started.  It was even mentioned in chapel several days later about "a revival that was starting on campus after an OT class".  I think the word "revival" is a bit premature to be using, but there is simply no reason why that cannot and will not be the result of what God has started.

This goes back to point #1 - there are those who erroneously teach that God only sovereignly starts/ends revivals and that we don't play a role in that equation.  This is just blasphemy.  Jesus left heaven, came to earth to defeat the enemy, remove the barrier between God and man, returned to heaven and sent His Spirit to subsequently see the advance of God's Kingdom until His return.  What would be the problem then?  Everything has been provided and supplied.  The problem is that God's people actually don't believe it.  So much so that we had to "invent" theologies that explain away why we don't see God moving like we see in the pages of Scripture.  As Bill Johnson has so convictingly said, "Jesus opened up the heavens and there is NO RECORD of Him ever shutting them up".

The enemy wants to extinguish the sparks that God has lit.  He wants to divide and conquer.  The power of the testimony is one of the ways we combat His lies, and a way forward that will lead a spark into a flame that will become a fire that will lead to.....  If God is truly a "consuming fire", then His very nature is revival!  To say that revival isn't always God's will (and by God's will, I mean "God's will right now") is like saying that God isn't always loving.  We know that it is ALWAYS God's will to express and communicate love, because His very nature is love.  In other words, He can't help Himself - He can't NOT love.  So if revival is also His nature (and I guess I would define revival as "God's presence and power consuming everything and everyone in It's path"), then it can't ever not be His will to bring revival.

At this point, the question becomes, "What will the students at this Christian University do with what God has done and is doing"?  Will they become a "one thing" community? - namely that the "one thing" that matters is God's Kingdom in their midst.  Will they "co-labor", will they "cooperate" and "steward" what God is doing?  Will they cry out and say, "whatever it takes, whatever it costs"?  These are the questions that God is looking to be answered.

If you are a student reading this - I want to say this clearly.  Don't look at the others right now.  What will YOU DO?  One living sacrifice is all it takes for the true fire of God to fall upon?  Will you be that "kindling for God"?  Will you be the one who God will use?  The fact is, I know there are more than "one" - others are responding and the "ones" will find the other "ones" that will become the "twos", the "threes" and so on.....

This post is long enough.  I'll leave it at that for now.  We are now 9000 miles away contending for revival in a part of the world that is on the brink of literal war here in the Middle East - but I

4 healed in Middle Eastern restaurant

We went out to eat tonight in the Middle Eastern country in which we live and I was thinking that God wanted to do something.  I got a word of knowledge for a back problem and asked our server if he could find the employee who had the problem.  He asked around and we discovered it was the manager.  I went up to him, had him lay hands on himself and after a short prayer all the pain left.  It was "game on" in the restaurant.  In the wake of the manger getting healed, we saw another server's left hand healed, another one's neck healed (the Holy Spirit came on her powerfully) and finally a woman's head.

With all the multiple healings breaking out in the last couple of weeks, it was good to see that the Lord hadn't changed His strategy ("He healed them all") just because we are now back in the Muslim world.

September 02, 2013

when the Spirit falls and the Kingdom comes...(part 4) - miracles in the wake...

Miracles lead to more miracles because they release faith and communicate what is possible when we believe.

I left that University, but my professor friend told me the healings continued in the faculty lounge as she shared the testimonies of what had happened with the students.

When I got to my next appointment after leaving, the owner of the restaurant came up to tell me of a woman my wife and I prayed for how hadn't been able to conceive children. She was healed and we didn't know about it. She now has a baby and I find out about the miracle 2 years later! Why is this particularly interesting? Because my friend who is the professor who invited me for the lectures hasn't been able to get pregnant and I prayed between the two lectures for them to conceive. I felt like this little divine appointment was God letting us know that He'd "heard" our cries!

That Friday night in a meeting we saw some other healing. We also prayed for another stutterer and his condition lessened. I don't know how he is now but I'll report back if I hear any further developments.

Two days later and the miracles just keep happening. My professor friend shared the Friday student testimonies in both morning services and they counted 17 healings in the first service and 17 more in the second! I had been at another Church, a Presbyterian one, that morning and got two words of knowledge for two of the pastors. The first one was for the left shoulder of the worship pastor and the second was for the neck (left side) of the discipleship pastor. After the service, I approached the disicipleship pastor and she was a bit shocked that I "knew" she had that problem and let me pray. I couldn't get to the worship pastor because he was practicing for the 2nd service, BUT the discipleship pastor was willing to follow up and bring healing to him!

Then I get to lunch with another couple and start telling them about what had happened on Friday when I notice a young woman with a cast on her right wrist. I excused myself and was able to share a few miracle stories from Friday and asked her boyfriend to lay hands on her. He did and I broke off the shock and trauma from her injury and commanded the pain to leave. She began to move it and with a perplexed look asked if she should take off the cast. I said she should and she did and was completely healed! She too began to cry. Her boyfriend also felt God's power flowing through his hand during prayer. In the end, she had the cast off (20 minutes later) indicating that she was still healed and then I gave them my card, told her that Jesus loved her and then told her boyfriend that God wanted to use him as a miracle worker too. He couldn't even look me in the eye - he too wanted to cry (and maybe was).

The final miracle happened about 15 minutes later as we walked into a sweet shop. I got a strong word of knowledge about a right foot condition. The owner had the problem and asked me, "Are you a healer"? I told her I was. She wanted to know why kind of healer I was. I told her, "I do divine healing". I sensed she was a New Ager and sure enough we find out at the end that she practices Reiki.

I had her lay hands on her right leg and prayed and she said the pain when from a 7 to a 3. She let me pray again (even after knowing I was a Christian - the praying in "Jesus' Name" is always a bit of a give away :). By the time we left, her pain was between a 1 and a 2. I am thrilled that she saw and experienced the superiority of the Holy Spirit's power.

Not a bad weekend if you ask me.

when the Spirit falls and the Kingdom comes...(part 3) - sit down for this!

so after we'd seen a number of healings, a young man comes forward crying. He began to speak but hardly could. He was a life-long stutterer and could hardly get the words out of his mouth. People were moved by his efforts and he was crying quite hard explaining that he normally isn't the crying type but wanted to get healed and obviously after seeing so many others being touched and healed had enough faith to come forward.

I had another student put his hand on him and I later learned that as I prayed, this "partner" who I had randomly asked to put his hand on the stuttering young man because he was standing next to him, began to speak in tongues for the first time in his life! Talk about a legitimate way to get a gift of the Holy Spirit! After the first prayer, I just felt I needed to embrace the man we were praying for as his crying had become sobbing and I prayed again breaking off all the shock and trauma from all the years of people teasing him, bullying him and making him feel stupid. My professor friend also broke off all the shame. He was having such a major encounter with God that we decided it was better for him to go and continue to encounter God by himself. He went off for about 5-7 minutes (maybe a bit longer) as we prayed for some others who were healed and then to all of our shock and amazement the young man comes back COMPLETELY HEALED, speaking normally and at that point many other began to cry. Having never seen such a condition healed (and to be honest having very little faith for it when I prayed - which was why I prayed again and longer while I embraced him. Just being completely honest here!), I was pretty much in disbelief. The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord had fallen on all of us!

During all these healings, people were sending out text messages and telling anybody with pain to come over to this particular location and as I turned away from the young man who had just been healed of his life-long stuttering problem, there standing in front of us was one of the male soccer players on crutches with huge knee brace on his right knee. It had been blown out two days earlier in a game and it was obviously a very serious injury. His name was Francisco and I reminded him of St. Francis! He let me pray and something was happening. He couldn't believe it when he started moving the knee inside the brace and was doing it without pain and with a range of movement he couldn't do when he had limped up. He had to test it out further. Then he hands his crutches (Note: I did not ask or encourage him to do this) to a friend and begins to walk without them. He takes maybe 10 steps and turns around and is now crying because he realizes, maybe for the first time in his life that God was real, really real and his pain free walking was personal evidence of this truth!

At this point, I actually had to go but since I had made it clear in both lectures that this was normal Christianity and didn't depend upon us being there, they just continued on praying for healings and EVERYONE who received prayer was healed over the course of another 30-40 minutes.

the testimonies are still coming in and we will undoubtedly be posting more of them here. People were also getting prayer for inner healing and many encountered God with tears that day. How about a Part 4 to talk about what's happened in the wake that day's miracles.

when the Spirit falls and the Kingdom comes...(part 2)

My message in the 2nd lecture was essentially the same except I emphasized the nature of Trinitarian love and becoming love ourselves. I gave the same challenge - if we don't see miracles, don't believe my message. At the end of the lecture, with another lecture coming in we had to move out into the hallway and as I was walking out I got a word of knowledge for a knee condition. The first person in front of me was one of the women soccer players from the school who'd hurt her knee the week before in a game. I had her teammate lay hands on her (we didn't lay hands on almost anybody; the students lay hands on each other) and prayed a quick prayer breaking off the shock and trauma and releasing the Kingdom as I commanded all pain to go. She took her hand away and the girl was completely healed! All pain left and she was basically in shock and began to cry. Next the girl who had laid her hand on the healed girl, had an ankle problem. The healed girl lay her hands on her friend and she was healed! Next another soccer player with a torn thigh muscle was healed. It was becoming something of an epidemic of hearings - can I say that?

I got a distinct word of knowledge about pain in a particular location in the head (back left top). I inquired who that would be and a girl said that it her. She'd been thrown from a horse 10 years earlier and had suffered from chronic headaches ever since. She also had suffered from a neck injury that limited the mobility of her neck and she even said there was slight brain damage. Another student laid hands on her we prayed breaking off the shock and trauma and releasing the Kingdom and all the pain left her head and she could move her neck with no restrictions! She began to cry.

Next an Indian background girl (I had asked where she was from in case you were wondering) came for prayer. She had been having back problems for the past month, was seeing a chiropractor and was in constant pain. I had a word of wisdom that the cause of the back problem was performance-related coming from her parents. She affirmed that her parents had been that way with her and as she released her parents (I led her in the short prayer) we saw ALL pain leave her back and she was completely healed. She began to cry.

It was amazing that most of the people healed cried. That doesn't always happen, but it was clear that people were not only being physically healed, but also having deep encounters with God's love (which was such an emphasis in my message before this all started).

There were others that were healed too during this time but then the absolute biggest breakthrough was about to happen which I'll relate in Part 3

when the Spirit falls and the Kingdom comes...(part 1)

What happened this past Friday was unlike anything I've ever seen in the years I've been praying for the sick. It is one of those things where I believe many had been interceding (something I've subsequently learned was going on) and we walked into a place where it was extremely easy to see heaven invade earth.

I was invited to be a guest lecturer by a good friend of ours who is a professor at a Christian University. I took two lectures last Friday morning and I will try to "capture", abeit inadequately, what we saw the Lord do in the wake of the two classes. In the first lecture, I spoke about miracles being "normal" and that it was actually abnormal to be a follower of Jesus and not see miracles. I asked the question, "How long could you have followed Jesus around until you saw a miracle"? The follow up question was the one with punch: "How long can people follow YOU around until they see one"? I told them we would see miracles at the end of the lecture and if they didn't then they were free NOT to believe what I said. Jesus gave people that freedom - "If I don't do the works of my Father, then don't believe what I say" (John 10:37). At the very end of the first lecture, I called out 3 words of knowledge - left shoulder, right neck and also dizziness. As I walked to the back of the class, a baseball pitcher was there. He was the left shoulder. I had his teammate lay hands on him and I prayed a 10-15 second prayer breaking off the shock and trauma and releasing the Kingdom. He was completely healed and he was shocked. He didn't know what to do with what had just happened. No pain, full range of movement. My friend had been praying for the girl who came for the neck condition and she was healed. Finally the girl with the dizziness came and I normally find that this is demonic in origin and so I prayed more of a deliverance prayer and she said she felt something "go" and began to cry as she knew the Lord had set her free.

Note: Everyone was healed after praying just one time! I only say this because our experience has mostly been that not everyone gets healed and often it takes two our three prayers until full healing comes.

the next post will be about what happened in the wake of the 2nd lecture

September 01, 2013

Irish testimony - hand healed

Another testimony from one of hosts in Ireland:

On Monday morning before I left my house for work, I prayed a new prayer I had never prayed before, I prayed the I could display the “Reality” of God to all I would meet during the day. When I got to work one of the girls in an office was back in work having been out due to an accident in her house. Her hand was stitched and in much pain (pain = 8/10) and was throbbing and unable to move whatsoever (stiffness = 10/10). She did not know I was a Christian and was shocked when I said to her “could I release the healing of Jesus over her hand”. Got her to lay hands on herself as I remembered what DJ said. I spoke over her hand in the manner which you would do and 10 seconds later I asked her check it out. She started asking me what did I do to her, wanted to know what was going on. She said there was heat and she looked startled. She then said the pain was much less, she then started to move her index finger only, I started to laugh. I then asked her to do something more she could not do. Then her other 3 finger started to move. I prayed again and asked her to check again. All she could say is “Declan what are you doing to me”, I laughed and said I was doing nothing but that Jesus was doing everything. She then started to move her thumb, now the whole hand was moving. She then said she could not hold anything since the accident. I gave her a paper punch and she held it and looked on in amazement. She then said she could not write, I gave her a pen and she held it and laughed. I then shoved paper under her and she began to write her name, the first attempt was bad, but after the fifth attempt it was perfect writing, her signature. She was blown away and to be honest so was I. I am really looking forward to catching up this Friday and seeing if she told any of the rest of them in the office. This is a first for me in a public place and it was awesome, God is fantastic and His love for people way out passes anything I previously knew, I am really excited as I see the kingdom unfold from my hands. It is just an amazing place to be so close to a move of God.

a powerful testimony from Ireland

One of our hosts in Ireland just sent this testimony.  powerful stuff!

My sister was brain damaged at birth, she is now 50 and has been institutionalized for the last 30 years. As I visited her recently and sat and talked with her she started to stop me talking and asked “Declan do you hear that voice”, I kind of ignored her as many who are in the facility with her talk all the time and have conversation with themselves. This happened a few times and I said no I don’t hear anything and there were no other people in the building at the time, I was in a private room with my sister, she started to cry and became very upset as she could hear this voice yell obscenities at her. I said I had enough in my head and asked her if I could pray with her, I asked her if she wanted me to make the voice go away and she said please and how could I do that. I told her in child language about Jesus and about the power in His blood. So in a state of trembling as I had never done such a thing before, I prayed and commanded the voice to leave in the name of Jesus. My sister was amazed and asked instantly how did I do that. I was shocked, (can you believe it, here is me a Christian shocked because the Holy Spirit acted. 15 minutes later the voice came back. I pondered and then talked with her more and I felt I should tell her how to speak to the voice in Jesus name and command it to go. So I did so and we both told the voice to go in Jesus name and guess what it did. Now yes it came back in 10 minutes or so. This time my sister did as I has shown her and the voice went. I told her that if the voice comes back always do the same thing. Lastly I asked her would she like to receive Jesus and have him live with her in her heart and that Jesus on the inside would protect her, she said yes so I led my sister in a prayer to receive Jesus as her Lord. This blew me away, in 27 years as a Christian I had never once thought of asking my sister such a thing. Thanks for modeling for me and fathering me in Love. If Jesus was with my sister that day He would have done likewise.