September 06, 2013

4 healed in Middle Eastern restaurant

We went out to eat tonight in the Middle Eastern country in which we live and I was thinking that God wanted to do something.  I got a word of knowledge for a back problem and asked our server if he could find the employee who had the problem.  He asked around and we discovered it was the manager.  I went up to him, had him lay hands on himself and after a short prayer all the pain left.  It was "game on" in the restaurant.  In the wake of the manger getting healed, we saw another server's left hand healed, another one's neck healed (the Holy Spirit came on her powerfully) and finally a woman's head.

With all the multiple healings breaking out in the last couple of weeks, it was good to see that the Lord hadn't changed His strategy ("He healed them all") just because we are now back in the Muslim world.

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