September 02, 2013

when the Spirit falls and the Kingdom comes...(part 4) - miracles in the wake...

Miracles lead to more miracles because they release faith and communicate what is possible when we believe.

I left that University, but my professor friend told me the healings continued in the faculty lounge as she shared the testimonies of what had happened with the students.

When I got to my next appointment after leaving, the owner of the restaurant came up to tell me of a woman my wife and I prayed for how hadn't been able to conceive children. She was healed and we didn't know about it. She now has a baby and I find out about the miracle 2 years later! Why is this particularly interesting? Because my friend who is the professor who invited me for the lectures hasn't been able to get pregnant and I prayed between the two lectures for them to conceive. I felt like this little divine appointment was God letting us know that He'd "heard" our cries!

That Friday night in a meeting we saw some other healing. We also prayed for another stutterer and his condition lessened. I don't know how he is now but I'll report back if I hear any further developments.

Two days later and the miracles just keep happening. My professor friend shared the Friday student testimonies in both morning services and they counted 17 healings in the first service and 17 more in the second! I had been at another Church, a Presbyterian one, that morning and got two words of knowledge for two of the pastors. The first one was for the left shoulder of the worship pastor and the second was for the neck (left side) of the discipleship pastor. After the service, I approached the disicipleship pastor and she was a bit shocked that I "knew" she had that problem and let me pray. I couldn't get to the worship pastor because he was practicing for the 2nd service, BUT the discipleship pastor was willing to follow up and bring healing to him!

Then I get to lunch with another couple and start telling them about what had happened on Friday when I notice a young woman with a cast on her right wrist. I excused myself and was able to share a few miracle stories from Friday and asked her boyfriend to lay hands on her. He did and I broke off the shock and trauma from her injury and commanded the pain to leave. She began to move it and with a perplexed look asked if she should take off the cast. I said she should and she did and was completely healed! She too began to cry. Her boyfriend also felt God's power flowing through his hand during prayer. In the end, she had the cast off (20 minutes later) indicating that she was still healed and then I gave them my card, told her that Jesus loved her and then told her boyfriend that God wanted to use him as a miracle worker too. He couldn't even look me in the eye - he too wanted to cry (and maybe was).

The final miracle happened about 15 minutes later as we walked into a sweet shop. I got a strong word of knowledge about a right foot condition. The owner had the problem and asked me, "Are you a healer"? I told her I was. She wanted to know why kind of healer I was. I told her, "I do divine healing". I sensed she was a New Ager and sure enough we find out at the end that she practices Reiki.

I had her lay hands on her right leg and prayed and she said the pain when from a 7 to a 3. She let me pray again (even after knowing I was a Christian - the praying in "Jesus' Name" is always a bit of a give away :). By the time we left, her pain was between a 1 and a 2. I am thrilled that she saw and experienced the superiority of the Holy Spirit's power.

Not a bad weekend if you ask me.

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