December 10, 2007

A String of Healings

I have been having so much fun with the Lord these last months! It started in the summer in Canada. I would go on my morning walks with a purpose, listening and watching for direction from the Lord. Every morning I would run into people that needed prayer for healing. I never during this time received a ‘word of knowledge’ but would just run into them, see their ailment and pray.

I prayed for heaps of people who didn’t get healed, though they all seemed blessed and I was frankly just feeling pleased at my boldness for trying. This is not for the faint of heart! Though at one point I did think I was going to have a heart attack! However, two of the people I prayed for WERE healed!! A guy on crutches felt heat all over his ankle and was able to move it without pain! That opened the door to talk to him about Jesus, the healer! There was also a girl behind a food counter who had a severe tooth ache. I asked if I could pray and put my hand on her cheek. She looked at me with big eyes and said that there was ‘some kind of energy’ coming over her jaw! I told her it was Jesus healing her. When I left the toothache was gone!

Since returning to the Middle East I prayed for another woman with a toothache. I told her about the other toothache that was healed and asked God to ‘do it again’! He did! He also brought on her a very heavy presence of the Lord, something she had never experienced before.

The next week the drummer in our worship team told me he couldn’t drum because he had hurt his arm. I grabbed hold of his arm and began to pray for healing. I asked him if he was feeling anything in his arm – heat, tingling – and he began to fling his arm around and said ‘I don’t know, but the pain is gone!’ Yay!!! I found him staring into space for most of the night and heard him going crazy on the drums before the night was over! It gave me the opportunity to explain that Jesus is the healer and that he can work through anyone who believes and is willing!

The next week our bass player came in with a bad back. He had been struggling with it for a couple of weeks I guess. He was on pain killers. I had the drummer give his testimony of the previous week – that seemed to build faith – and the drummer (and three other band members) and I laid hands on the bass player to pray. I asked him to check his back and he just stares at us and says ‘what have you done to me!!’ He starts bending his back around and said ‘how did you do that?’ ha ha. He gave me a giant hug and said ‘you are a healer!’ The pain was 90% gone! I had him look me in the eyes and told him that I am not the healer - that Jesus is. Anyone who is born of the Spirit and believes can lay their hands on the sick and they will recover! Isn’t that amazing?

The next night I was asked to pray for a woman with a bad back problem. I told her about the young man whose back was healed the previous night. A friend and I prayed for her. She started to feel heat and we asked her to check her back. It was 50% better – so we prayed again, she moved it and said the pain was completely gone! Praise God!! I checked on her a week later and she said ‘its amazing how much better it is!’

This week we prayed for our speaker who was not well – flu or cold – fatigue and no mental clarity. As we were listening to the talk, about one third into it, all of a sudden you could see and hear the difference in his delivery. He came up to me afterward and asked if I had noticed. He said all of a sudden he felt strength and clarity of mind! Now he wants my family to give a talk to the leaders on healing! That’s awesome!

Don’t you just love it? I find it most fascinating that God chooses to work through us. It is like having front row seats. I can’t imagine anything more fun than praying for the sick and seeing them recover, right before your eyes! Heaven on earth! God is alive and well.