February 14, 2007

little children

My 4 year old and 6 year old had an awesome experience the other day when issacofnineva helped them hear from God. He hid some objects in his back yard. After some worship and Scripture memorization, he asked my kids to ask God what was hidden in the back yard. He gave them some paper and crayons and the kids got just about every object! It was very exciting for mom and dad to see the drawings. Go God!

February 13, 2007

5 yr old Muslim boy walks for the first time

Back in January, we took a team to a neighboring Muslim country to minister. Many of those testimonies were posted. One young couple, who were formerly Muslims and who are strategically discipling underground groups of other believers from Muslim backgrounds, brought the husband's father who had a damaged knee that the Lord healed. Also during that time, I prayed for the release of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in their lives and prayed for impartation of what God has given to me/us.

I just got word back that this young Christian couple has been out destroying the works of the devil. They prayed recently for a 5 year old Muslim boy who had never walked - crippled from birth. God came and the boy began to walk for the first time.

I am so excited because the testimonies just keep coming in from this impoverished nation that is in bondage under the religion of Islam. May the Kingdom of Christ continue to break in and demonstrate who Jesus is in power!

February 12, 2007

AMAZING follow-up with Lebanese Druze man

Back in January, ("Reading the Mail" of a Lebanese Druze Man - January 15, 2007) the Lord led us clearly to a restaurant to minister to a Lebanese man. We prophesied over him, got words of knowledge and he experienced healing that night. We had some words for his family as well.

A 'mysterious' woman began to call us about 10 days ago insisting we get together - finally yesterday my wife and I meet this Lebanese woman at a coffee shop and she shows up with the Lebanese man we ministered to about a month ago.

The reason she came is because this man has been telling his family and friends about what happened to him the night we met him. We had prophesied over him that a very significant thing would happen within 3 days (a dream, an angelic visitation, important news, etc.) and that whoever the messenger would be would say these words first - "Do not fear". His mother calls him on the 3rd day from another country - she NEVER calls. He doesn't answer the phone. She calls again - he still doesn't answer. Finally, he calls her back and her first words - "DO NOT FEAR". The news was about his brother - who the Lord had shown us things about prophetically. Also, the Lord had shown us that his father had a lower-left arm problem, which he didn't know about. When his mother called, he asked us - "Mama, does father have a problem with his lower-left arm". She confirmed he did - he had fallen recently.

To make a long story short - he told us yesterday that everything we told him that night was accurate and has come to pass. Even if the 'everything' is a bit of an exaggeration, you can imagine how incredibly encouraged we were to hear what God had done.

After hearing all this, the 'mystery' woman HAD to meet us. As we met, the Lord began to speak and gave us a couple of words of knowledge - one about her headache. Desert Princess (my wife) laid hands on her and she was healed. Also, I got another word for the man's arm and he had pain there - we didn't get a chance to pray then, but we will next time. We are scheduling another time together when we can see a much more intensive ministry time. We spoke boldly about their need to be born again by the Holy Spirit and to be made completely new.

I will get all the details about what happened in this man's life - but basically, his whole world has been turned upside down since encountering the King and His Kingdom a month ago. He is bringing his friends to us now to have us prophesy and release God's Kingdom.

All of them are going to come to Christ I believe when we meet. Keep you posted.

The strongest word of knowledge in my life!

After a bit of a slow start to the evening, we found ourselves in an Arab restaurant, where we had seen some healings before.

As I was getting out of my car to enter, I got a word of knowledge for someone needing healing in the middle of the back. When we asked, it was for one of the waiters who we had prayed for a couple of months before.

The manager, a Syrian Muslim, came over and sat down complaining about pain in his right knee - I told him that I had gotten several words this week for right knees and was glad to finally find the person the word was for. I think Isaac of Ninevah also had a word for a right knee. We laid hands upon him and prayed - all the pain left the knee.

While praying, I got a word about a problem in his neck on the right-hand side. He had pain there. We prayed again - result: no more pain.

After receiving two healings himself, the manager exhorted his employee (an Egyptian Muslim who had the back problem) to come over for his healing. While we began to minister to him, Isaac had some prophetic words which were describing his situation exactly. He has been gripped with fear since his childhood - the Lord told Isaac and myself how old he was when the problem started. Due to the complexity of this root of fear and also the demonic nature of it, we opted to not minister deliverance there in the restaurant but to arrange for an outside ministry-time - he agreed.

We did have his back to pray though and as we began to move towards healing prayer, the Lord gives me a word of knowledge about the underside of his right forearm. He had an ongoing problem with regular pain. Just as I wanted to pray for that, a far more powerful word came about a heart problem - seriously, it came so strongly that I got a bit scared. It was the strongest word of knowledge I have ever received. If it hadn't been for him, I would have asked to go to the emergency room!

We prayed for his heart - he felt the Lord's presence and said he noticed a marked difference. Next we prayed for the arm and all the pain left and finally we prayed for his back and the Lord came upon him and he testified to the presence of God moving all up and down his back. When we finished he said there was no pain at all - he would check the next day and call back to confirm as sometimes the pain would come and go. We encourage verification!!!

We got to share the Gospel with this man and explain that unless he was born again and received the Holy Spirit of God living within him, the problems he has had for years with the demonic would never go away. We gave him an Arabic New Testament and told him to meditate on two passages - 1 John 4 and Matthew 12.

A slow night that ended in 4 or 5 healings for a Syrian and an Egyptian - prophetic words spoken, the Gospel shared, and a NT being given. We'll take that!