September 09, 2009

Gulf arab muslim's elbow healed after word of knowledge

this morning I went to visit a muslim friend in the hospital recovering from major heart surgery. i had prayed for him before the surgery and so I wasn't that encouraged. off I went to find someone else needing a Kingdom encounter. while inquiring about a mobile phone bill, I got a word of knowledge for the Gulf Arab muslim helping me. I asked him if he had a problem with his left elbow. He said, "I do, how did you know that"? He was talking on the phone so I told him I'd tell him after he was done. As I was waiting for him, I was standing in front of his colleague also a Gulf Arab and got a word of knowledge for a headache on the left side of the head in the temple area. He indeed struggled with headaches that manifested in that very part of his head.

After the phone call, the first guy says, "before we do anything else, you have to tell me how you knew I had a problem with my left elbow". I quickly explained that the Lord had revealed it to me and that He has given us Christians different gifts, including the gift of healing. I told him that God wants to heal his elbow right now. I then grabbed his elbow and prayed a brief prayer commanding all pain to leave and asking God to release His Kingdom. After prayer, I ask him to test it out. At this point, he rolls back in his chair, looking shocked at his friend exclaiming that he was now afraid. His friend and I were laughing a little. He was totally freaked out. I gave him my phone number and said that when he was ready we needed to get together and talk more about what the Lord had just done for him. Looking forward to that phone call.

September 07, 2009

offer the Kingdom - wherever you go

last night I headed out to visit some muslim friends. It is Ramadan. I had a goal as I left the house last night, "I want to offer the Kingdom". while visiting with a couple of guys, I asked one how his wife was doing. this was a woman that Desert Princess and I had gone to pray for before (many problems/issues). He said that "she has a headache 24/7". Something rose up in me - first of all, we had prayed before and she was still in a horrible place (not acceptable). Secondly, we have seen so much breakthrough with headaches that this MUST GO - we've been COMMANDED to heal the sick! We set a time and so now we will go (in a couple of days) and release the Kingdom.