September 19, 2009

gulf arab muslim woman healed on the street - wants to meet again!

while walking home last night, I got a word of knowledge for a headache. We noticed a group of 3 Arab women walking to their car. Desert Princess and my daughter approached these Gulf Arab muslim women to see if it was for one of them. It was and God healed the woman with the headache after they prayed. She testified that she felt something very strange happening to her that she couldn't describe in words - you've gotta love the Presence of God and the way people who've never felt it describe it when they encounter it.

she was also struggling with some emotional pain and Desert Princess told her that God didn't just heal headaches! They exchanged numbers and these women were hungry to encounter more of the Kingdom that their religion doesn't offer them.

ankle healed, encounter follows

last night in our meeting, my son got a picture for a young woman we were praying for about ice skating. She had been ice skating the day before and had injured her ankle. Also, Desert Princess got a strong word of knowledge for a right ankle problem - that was the ankle she hurt. It was swollen and painful. That was until Dr. Jesus touched her. The swelling went away and all the pain left. She got up and began to jump on it - completely healed!

Just because a healing isn't all God wanted to do, this young lady had a major encounter with God in the wake of her healing and even began to sing a prophetic song - her first!

why NOT to have Pizza delivered

last night we saw some healings and I knew we would see more happen when we went to pick up our pizza tonight - I prayed first for one of the employees who needed a dental miracle. I also got to pray for another Egyptian muslim employee who had some serious dental problems. As we were waiting for our pizza, a man came in and I thought I got a word of knowledge for a neck problem. He didn't have one, but he did have a back problem and let us pray. He'd injured his back the day before and it was hurting him right then. After prayer, he was completely pain free!

The CRAZY things some Christians believe...

Last night we had a brother join us for our gathering. He listened to testimonies and even heard me teach about the nature of the Kingdom – a place where there is NO SICKNESS! The reason I had invited this man was because I noticed he had hearing aids and had approached him a number of months ago. He is almost completely deaf. Before he left, we asked if we could pray for him. He said sure, but didn’t want prayer for his deafness. Then out of his mouth came the most amazing statement – “God has blessed me with this deafness”! Wow, you couldn’t come up with a more unbiblical statement if you tried. I asked him if there was EVER a deaf person that Jesus encountered that He left deaf. He conceded the point. Jesus healed EVERY deaf person that ever came to Him.

I realize that some well-meaning (but sadly deceived) pastor probably taught our brother that his deafness was from God. He surely didn’t get it from the Scriptures. After he left, I opened up the Scriptures for the rest of the group to show them what the Bible said about deafness – Jesus told the disciples of John the Baptist to go and report to him that…the deaf hear…

September 16, 2009

Kingdom on Campus...

The past week has been quite amazing here on campus in ohio...Two fridays ago , 9 college students gave their hearts to the Lord within a period of 30 mins through the message of the gospel...One individual came for a party to the campus with his friends but couldn't go, and ended up finding Jesus..The other 8 was just chilling out as a group and was moved by the preaching of the gospel...And accepted Christ when they were asked if they wanted to receive Christ...The word of God is truly sharper than a two-edged sword!!!..On Thursday, me and a friend went out to pray for people and ended up meeting a man who I saw in a picture...he just said thanks and said he had to leave...Then we found a group of 4 who were just sitting and smoking...Just started a conversation, i had a word about ear pain, and asked if any of them had an ear problem to which they said they didn't (my friend did, but he didn't say it)..But they were curious and asked why, and i explained...I didn't get any more words, so i just began sharing the gospel with them..As i did it one of the guys said something like "I have been in church all my life" and walked away...Then one of the girls who was an atheist got on the fone and walked away...The other two sat down listening and hungry...Then after about 10 mins of talking, the Lord gave a word of knowledge for the knee and i asked if either one had it...This got their attention...One of the guys had a surgery and his knees were really sore...I told him that we would pray for him right now and see what happened...We prayed for him and he was shocked and said " I have never felt this way" and started moving his knees and testing it out...He got healed!..He was amazed...So was his friend..We got to pray for him too and he felt the heat over his body...The dude was like i wish my friend (atheist) was here...We asked him to tell their friends what just happened...Anyways next day my friend bumps into them and asked him how he was...He said he knees was amazing, and his friend who was with him couldn't stop talking about it all night and when the atheist friend heard about it she herself was shocked and in awe of what had happened...Let's preach the gospel with power!

Egyptian muslim man asks, "Who told you?"

I was running in to get my morning newspaper when the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for the Egyptian muslim cashier. I asked him if he had a tooth problem on the left side of his mouth. He's said he did and then asks, "Who told you"? I said I'd be back in a minute so I could go to the car and explain to Desert Princess what I was doing. I came back and put my hand on his face and released the Kingdom of God. Since he was fasting, he couldn't tell if the problem was healed. He needed to eat first. I'll be heading back tomorrow to see what the Lord has done!