October 30, 2010

offering Kingdom healing to Egyptian muslim

while walking out of the airport, I noticed an Egyptian muslim man with a make-shift sling on his arm. I asked him what happened. He told me that he broke his arm but hadn't been able to get it treated properly at the hospital (not sure why, he said they wouldn't treat him??). I noticed that someone was carefully watching my interaction with him, so instead of praying on the spot, I gave him my number and told him that I believed that God was going to heal him. I explained what I wanted to do. Now I am waiting for him to call.

allergies healed in father and son

2 weeks ago I prayed for a man and his son who had responded to a word of knowledge for allergies/sinus issues. They said they felt better after prayer, but I told them to check back with me the following week to let me know how things were after a few days. I missed the meeting the following week, but they found me yesterday to testify that they the Lord had healed them.

October 26, 2010

woman healed in donut shop

after getting a donut and coffee, I was asked if we needed anything else. I then asked the staff if they needed anything. they smiled. I said, "Like a miracle". Just then I got a word of knowledge for a stomach problem. one of the female employees had the problem. my wife came, grabbed her hand and prayed for her. she was healed. now we need to follow up with her.

Egyptian muslim man healed after word of knowledge

yesterday, I walked into my neighborhood market and got a word of knowledge for a back problem on the right side of the back. the muslim cashier had that problem. I prayed and most of pain left him. It was all cold when he asked me about my faith. I encouraged him to connect with Christian friends of his.