June 20, 2009

a day of healing and prophetic words

today was a NORMAL Kingdom day - I stress normal because there are way too many "abnormal" days with no healings, no miracles and no prophetic revelation.

It began this morning at a men's Bible Study when I got a word of knowledge for a man's shoulder and I prayed for him and the Lord touched him.

Later in the day I took a large team out in public to pray for the sick and to prophesy over lost people. In about an hour and a half, we saw a number of different people healed and many prophetic words given. We saw backs healed, a shoulder healed, and a man with prostrate cancer felt the Lord do something for him (of course he needs to have it checked again). I think some of the prophetic words for people were the most significant things we saw happen. Some major words of destiny and purpose for people.

why would we want to live any other life???

June 17, 2009

man healed during my morning workout

this morning as I was working out on stairs, I see this man limping down and I couldn't miss the opportunity to offer the Kingdom - I'm so glad I did!

So i walk up to the man, his friend and a lady who was there and said, "Do you want the pain in your knee to leave"? He looked a bit puzzled. I sat down next to him, explained that I was going to pray for him. I begin to release the Kingdom of God into his knee and I feel God touching him. I take my hand away and say, "Do you feel the tingling"? He did. I asked him to get up and test it out - after walking down a set of stairs, he turns to me with a shocked look on his face and yells, "NO"! I knew he was healed. He comes back up and sits down next to me again and offers me the other knee. I prayed for that too. As I was praying the Lord's prayer, he joined in! It was classic - and he left with no pain. He was so grateful.

It definitely made my workout better!!!