April 17, 2009

God visits Omani muslim in 1940's

As relayed by missionary doctor in a 1943 Mission Journal:

An Arab judge (an Omani muslim) who was being healed for a huge leg ulcer had a remarkable dream which considerably affected his life. The ulcer had baffled us for quite a long time. It was surrounded by an area of eczema which seemed to get worse no matter what we did for it. One evening I decided to try painting the edematous area with a triple dye solution and applying a paste of sulphonamide and zinc oxide mixed with shark liver oil to the ulcer area. The next morning when I came to treat his ulcer with this combination of drugs he told me that he had had a vision that night. He said: 'Last night I was worried about my leg. I was afraid that it would not heal, and I could not sleep well because of the burning and itching. The I saw a person in shining clothes come to me and tell me not to worry. He said that the doctor would bring some dark lotion and white ointment and apply them to my leg and it would heal. He spoke to me so kindly that I knew it must be Jesus the Christ who spoke to me. He left me and I felt sure that I would get well, so I fell into a deep and restful sleep. I am sure that this medicine that you have brought will heal my leg'. The remarkable thing is that the leg healed completely in a very short time. Before he left the hospital, he read all the four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles, and took them with him, back to his home in the mountains. The man's enthusiasm was an inspiration to us all.

A few of my observations
1. There is no contradiction between the use of medicine and the miraculous - this testimony honors BOTH.
2. Jesus appeared in "shining clothes" - this has been the testimony of nearly every muslim who has seen Jesus
3. The muslim man 'knew' it had to be Jesus because of His kindness - not something islam or their prophet was/is known for
4. The dream (or vision) foretold what would happen the next morning - absolutely proving its genuineness
5. The missionary doctor was most amazed with the leg healing (not the man's visitation)
6. The 'fruit' in the muslim man's life was a hunger to read God's Word - clearly not something satan would have done

April 13, 2009

when unbelievers “taste and see” that the Lord is good

It is always our prayer that unbelievers will join us when we gather – last night we had both a muslim man and an American involved in the occult. The Lord began to reveal things prophetically about both of them. At one point, the American was crying as we were worshipping. The fact is there is nothing on the planet that compares to the manifested presence of the Living God – it was amazing to see the way Jesus touched both of our visitors. The Kingdom of God is NOT a matter of words, but of power – both of them saw a number of healings, and also received healing themselves! Both will be coming back for more.

words of knowledge and healings in house meeting

last night during worship the Lord began to release many words of knowledge for healing. Words for a headache, back problems, a right knee problem, stomach conditions, a right foot problem, a shoulder problem and neck pain. Many of the words were confirmed as two people would get the same word of knowledge at the same time. Of course the best way for words of knowledge to be confirmed is for people to step forward and receive healing – we saw a number of the above conditions healed as we laid hands on people. One Arab Christian, who used to be a muslim, came forward for 3 of the words of knowledge. He says he normally doesn’t come forward for ministry but when the Lord reveals three of your conditions all at once, it’s like He’s calling your name. Jesus brought healing to this brother.

pakistani muslim man has "visions"

A Pakistani muslim man who came for healing prayer last week, contacted me yesterday. He told me that he had had a couple of “visions” during the week. I asked him to come over and tell us about what had been happening. He joined us for an extended time of worship and then shared that whereas he had been having visions of his death previously, he had had a couple this past week that spoke of hope and life. The Lord also gave us several words of knowledge – one for headaches in a certain part of the head and also for a back problem in specific location. He stepped forward for prayer for both of those. I don’t remember what happened to the headache, but his back condition was healed. Powerfully, 3 former muslims were also with us last night who testified to the way that Jesus had changed their lives. May this have had a powerful influence on our Pakistani muslim friend – who indicated he’d be back next week for more ministry!!