April 25, 2008

missing some words and getting some right

This morning we gave quite a few words of knowledge and a number of them were never acknowledged. I remember specifically I had given a word about a right wrist problem and even indicated the area where I felt a person had the problem - nobody spoke up. Nobody came up to us during the ministry time either. Probably got that one wrong.

However....I also got a word of knowledge for a right knee problem and it came while focusing my attention on two African men, one of the two in particular. When I gave the word, I said I felt it was for one of them and the very man that the Lord had highlighted did have a right knee problem. I prayed two or three times for him and all the pain left the knee. After praying once, I didn't see to much improvement, but due to the accuracy of the way the Lord spoke, I was expectant and kept praying until we saw the breakthrough.

Thankfully, I gave the word about the right knee first before I got the word about the right wrist wrong. Had I done it the other way around, I may have not have had the confidence.

I was also able to follow up with several of the people that I had prophesied over and discovered that the words were meaningful and accurate for the people. One of them I got the word "creativity" and also some information about the details of her sense of humor, which was quite unique. She confirmed that what I had spoken of about her sense of humor was true and I said that I felt the Lord only showed me that to get her to consider and to step out in the more substantial point He was wanting to make - for her to move out in the area of creativity.

I never like it when I get it wrong - but getting it right and seeing people encouraged and touched by accurate prophetic words and words of knowledge makes it all worth the risk of looking foolish!

prophetic ministry and healings in multicultural church meeting

This morning a team of us were invited to come and minister prophetically in a new church about which Isaac already blogged. 4 of us went and a couple of things really "stood out" to me this morning.

First of all, I was told we could have about 20 minutes in the service to give prophetic words. In the past, I would have been nervous with a team of 10 to prophesy for that lenghth of time. Today, we couldn't even finish giving the words the Lord had given us - words for the Church corporately, words to individuals and words of knowledge for healing. We've come a long way.

The second thing that struck me was the level of confirmation we witnessed this morning. Four of us were asking the Lord for revelation and when it came time to give the words publically the Lord had highlighted a number of the same people and spoke the same things (we hadn't compared notes).

The third thing was the way the Lord used us "as a team", not only to give prophetic words but to actually minister healing at the end of the service.

One example, one man came to me with a word that Isaac had given. I prayed for him and we saw a level of breakthrough (in his case an injury to his left shoulder blade). After I couldn't get any more breakthrough, I sent him to Isaac who continued to pray and he saw more healing come. This had been a very specific word in which Isaac had mentioned that the injury had happened two weeks earlier. With that kind of accuracy, we weren't going to simply give up. After Isaac prayed, I jumped back in with this guy (who was patient with us:) as we had gotten him to about 70% healed. With a Kingdom violence, I just commanded the 7 to jump to a 9
(70% to 90%). We asked him how it was - he declared, "It just went to a 9"! What a illustration of team ministry and the importance of praying more than once.

In another case, Isaac had given a word about a right ear problem - either hearing loss or an infection. While walking past a group of 4 at the end of the service, I got the same word of knowledge. A couple of minutes later one of that group came up to me for pray for the right ear problem. Full of faith, I was able to pray and the Spirit of the Lord came upon that ear - he could feel God's presence manifested in 'tingling'. I told him to have a doctor confirm what I knew the Lord had just done.

I think we modeled yet again to another Church that God desires us to minister as teams - and if we will reject the "one man show" model, we will see so much more of God's Kingdom come.

Releasing the Kingdom Among His People

This morning, I got the chance to go with some friends to pray for people at a meeting of believers here in our city. As we were worshiping, I started writing down some things I felt the Lord was saying to me about the church and individuals. After the music and the message was over, we were invited up to speak our words out over the people. One of the neat things was that DJ and Desert Princess had many of the same words I had, so I just marked them off my list as we passed around the mic. When it came to my turn, I said some of the words I had had. Here are a few of the accurate ones that landed:
1) Right ear with hearing problem and/or infection: One man had both in his right ear.
2) Sharp pain under the left shoulder that began two weeks ago: This guy left 90% better.
3) Someone carrying burdens he/she shouldn't be carrying. A man came later for prayer and told me that he was worrying about his brothers all the time.
And, probably the most encouraging to me personally:
I felt like the worship leader had a calling to minister to Westerners (he was a non-Westerner). I also felt like he was going to Australia or New Zealand or make a connection with one of those places. He came to me after the service and told me that God had indeed placed a call like that on his heart AND that 6 months earlier a prophet had told him the same thing about Australia AND that there would be 1 more confirmation. I was, apparently, that confirmation.

Praise God for being the God of communication. Seems strange to think I used to believe that God said all He needed to two thousand years ago and left us to figure out what He meant.

His heart has been, is, and will be to talk to us.

Finding A Context

There are many people who are not comfortable approaching people on the street and just start talking to them. I, too, am part of this group. Just walking up to a person with a cast on or something else noticeably wrong with them ain't my style, though I do it on occasion. No, I've found something to be more in line with my personality and more natural for me. I hope this "revelation" is freeing to a lot of people out there who think you have to be an extreme extrovert to do "evangelism" (aka, the "E" word). Here's the revelation: Ask people about their physical pains or test prophetic revelation areligiously to people with whom you have a natural reason to converse. So, if walking up to random people is too intimidating, try talking to the people you run into every day: the mailman, the waiter, the checkout lady, the manager, etc. You already have a context to speak to them (to order something, to pay for something) so that gives you a platform for asking other questions. I tried this out again this afternoon. I was ordering food and I felt some physical words for one of the workers at this fast food place. Two of the words were on and I told him that the Lord was going to heal him. He was already a Christian, but at least he was encouraged. Not everyone the Lord wants to touch is a lost person; He loves His children, too.

Keep exploring the space.

April 24, 2008

Shooba at Starbucks!

The other night Ravished, DJ, and I met with two Arab men at Starbucks. One of the guys was wearing a neck brace and complained of constant pain. After some prophecy that turned out to be accurate, we started praying for the neck. It's always good to build someone up. We all prayed several times and he left saying it was better than before, but not 100%. Well, all I know is that he walked in wearing a neck brace and walked out carrying. More Lord!

April 23, 2008

Indian muslim and Nepali hindu touched by the Lord

after we finished with our Palestinian friend's neck, Ravished, Isaac of Ninevah and I headed over to a nearby restaurant looking for a person "with a right leg problem". After inquiring with about 10 employees - who all thought us quite 'odd' as we asked about several other physical conditions the Lord was highlighting through words of knowledge. they finally brought us a man with a problem in his right leg (our first word) and after praying for him, we told us all the pain had gone. This opened the door for us to head to another restaurant a few doors down to minister to another man.

interestingly, I received a word of knowledge in the 1st restaurant for one Nepali Hindu man who acknowledged the problem but would NOT let us pray - even after seeing the Indian muslim man's right leg healed. it's a free world!

finally, we headed over to yet another restaurant and prayed for a man with a severe headache - a Nepali hindu man - the Lord took his pain away too.

you never know what will happen - sometimes a single healing, leads to a many wanting healing prayer (like we saw a couple of weeks ago at a Gas Station). other times we demonstrate God's Kingdom authority and the onlookers remain skeptical and/or disinterested. Sometimes of course it is fear.

palestinian muslim man calls for healing prayer

a man I met over a month ago called me yesterday wanting to get "treatment" for a chronic neck problem - he wore a neck brace and had shooting pain down the arm. we set up a time to meet last night in a coffee shop. he came with a Syrian muslim friend. Ravished, Isaac of Ninevah and I all together and first they began to prophesy over both of these men. I basically explained to these men that my friends "see things and would be willing to share with you what they see". they prophesyed a number of things regarding both of these men (I'll let them blog some of those things).

after a while, we moved into a time of healing prayer. we asked him to removed his neck brace and we were able to lay hands on him to begin releasing God's Kingdom. After praying once or twice, the pain decreased about 40% and he had greater mobility. he could sense something happening both in his neck and throughout his entire body. we told him that it was God's presence as He was bringing healing. we prayed a couple of more times and saw him get about 20% better (total of 60%). right at the end, I received two very specific words of knowledge - both for his neck and the affected arm/hand.

he left us and WAS NOT wearing the neck brace he came with - I told him that the neck brace would become 'a historical artifact' after the Lord's healing was completed. we had wanted to see the complete healing at that moment, but left him with a couple of testimonies of people receiving the fullness of their healing the following day - any work the Lord begins, He is faithful to complete it.

April 20, 2008

Love encounters through the power of God in the malls

While in a neighboring county a group of us went to the mall on a treasure hunt. This is a fun term we use for moving in prophetic evangelism through the means of getting words of knowledge from God and stepping out in signs and wonders. There must have been about 40 of us there for the hunt, so we split up into groups of 4 and divided up into different sections of the mall. Before we went out God showed us pictures in our mind of the different people we would encounter as we walked around, and the different locations we would find them. As my group took off in one direction we bumped into another treasure hunt group. Jokingly I went over to one guy in the group and slapped him on the back and said” what’s wrong with your knee”. I was totally just goofing off in my enthusiasm, but the guy looked at me and told me that there was in fact pain in his knee. “Really”, I said in disbelief. I couldn’t believe that I was right by accident! So I bent down in the mall, laid my hands on his knee and God healed it right there! He bent down and tested it out and the pain was totally gone! Then another guy piped up on my team that also had a bad knee but had not said anything. We prayed for him and he got healed! He was ecstatic! Then yet another guy in my group confessed to having shoulder pain, and he got healed too! So within 3 minutes of our hunt our whole team was healed! How many of you know that God wants to see us healed just as much as he wants to see those we are seeking healed. If he can do it for them, he can do it for us!

After this we walked around the mall pain free for 45 minutes and saw absolutely no breakthrough. Every person we approached turned us down or wanted nothing to do with us. We were not being rude or obtrusive in any way, just offering healing from the God who heals. As we walked back to the coffee shop from where we started we began feeling a little discouraged. We saw lots of the people we had on our list, but they did not want healing when we approached them. When we got to the coffee shop we encountered a group of teenagers just hanging out. Stepping out in boldness one last time, I walked into the midst of them and asked if any of them had back pain. They looked at me weird, and then asked why. I told them that we were miracle workers and that we were going around healing people. The boy closest to me asked if I was a Christian. I said yes. He said that he did not have a back problem, but his mom did at home. “Get her on the phone” I said. We have seen many people healed over the cell phone, so we thought we would give it a shot. The boy called his mom and one of the guys on my team talked to her and prayed over the phone. She could not tell right then if she was healed, but said she would know better in the morning. She then told my team member that he needed to tell her son to come to our healing meetings that we were having. So we gave him the church contact details. While this was happening I was talking to another teenager who had migraines. I told him I was a doctor from Heaven and that God could heal his headache right now. He tried to ask me for my natural “medical” advice on how he could stop the migraines, but I could only offer healing from God. He let me pray and the pain left! He was a little startled, but the pain was all gone! Praise God! We told him about our meetings and I got him hooked up with one of the local pastors. It was an awesome time! One of the teenagers asked me if this was a gag, and if actually he was on Candid –Camera or something. I assured him it was all real and there were no hidden cameras. Once we left the group of guys, one of the boys came running back and asked us if we could pray for him to receive Jesus into his heart, right there in the mall! He was afraid to bring it up with all his friends there, but God had touched his heart with a love encounter and now he wanted a relationship with Jesus. We led him to the lord and got him plugged into a church in revival! Praise God! That is the best place to start! This all happened within 10 minutes!

The next day at our healing service we saw the guy who got saved in the mall, and they guy whose mom we prayed for over the cell phone. They had come to the meeting! Then at the end of the service during ministry time they came up and testified to God healing them.  One of them had been having extreme pain in his eye and it affected his sight. God totally healed it! It was at this service that I also got to pray for a woman who had been partially deaf in one ear for many years and she got healed. Her ear opened up and she testified to being able to hear perfectly well. She could understand every word I was saying even at a distance! It was awesome!

I really feel that this experience opened me up a lot to the power behind stepping out in signs and wonders. God is love, and that love manifests in healings, deliverances and salvations. I am in awe of God and all he does. I am continually amazed. 

healings at the markets

These past two weeks we have seen God break in all over our city in demonstrations of power, resulting in the sick being healed, the oppressed being set free and people turning their hearts to Jesus. It has been an amazing time of acceleration and increase. DJ has touched on some of this already in his posts, but we had a group of revivalists come in from the USA to equip and empower the people of God in our area to step out in signs and wonders, and over the span of two weeks in two different countries we saw well over 300 miracles.  Most of the miracles happened on the streets or in malls, but God did so much that I have lost count of all the healings that took place.

On the second day that we had the group with us we went down to the old part of town with the intention of praying for the sick and releasing destiny through the prophetic. We were walking around for about half an hour but were having a difficult time communicating with people due to a language barrier. I felt during this time that I began to step out with a greater boldness than I usually do, but still the people were hard to communicate with. A couple of us walked into a sports shop and saw a man from India sitting alone, so I asked him if he had an arm problem. I was a word of knowledge that I got when I walked in the shop. He thought I meant, “arm band” so he took me to the back. “No”, I said “I mean do you have pain in your arm”. After playing charades for a while he started to clue in, but became more confused and insisted his arm was fine. I then asked him about his stomach pain. He stopped in his tracks and began to listen a bit more. I told him that if he let us pray God would heal him. Long story short, he let me lay hands on him and when I did he testified to feeling heat and light. I told him it was the presence of Jesus healing his stomach, but he did not know what “Jesus” was. This is where not knowing the language becomes very difficult. The man was healed that very moment, but he did not know how, except that it was a God who cared for him.  May the Lord reveal himself to this Indian man in a way that he is able to truly understand.

We talked to a number of different people but they were not interested in being prayed for. It was then that I got a text message from DJ, who had a team of people with him at another location in the city. The text message read, “20 people got healed at a Gas Station! Praise God!” I read this to my group and we all got stirred up with faith and passion.  We stood on the testimony of the other group, and as soon as we did miracles began to break out in our location. A whole group of Filipino and Nepali workers were hanging around 10 meters from us waiting for shops to open. We walked up and just began asking them if they had various pains. As they opened up, we prayed and God instantly began healing people. Backs were healed, shoulders, rotator cuffs, ankles, knee’s, headaches and much more.  As more and more people were healed, more people started showing up wanting prayer. We even had people dragging us to other people that they knew that needed healing. Once someone was healed, they asked me where they could find a church in the city.  I ended up giving my number to many people, and gave out even more numbers of people I know from their own nationalities that can really connect and disciple them. It is absolutely thrilling when you see people getting healed by the power of God on the street and get them plugged into an environment in which they can grow in the Lord. It’s the normal Christian life! That day we saw thirty healings in that location, and some people even received a couple healings. God heals the whole person, not just some.

I will continue to post in more testimonies from the last two weeks. There are many!