August 08, 2009

woman healed in desert truck stop as Jesus does a "drive-by"

while stopping in the middle of the desert at a truck stop/mini-market, I got a word of knowledge for a back problem. I asked one of the employees and she said she didn't have the problem. I asked her to ask her colleague. She had the problem in the exact place where I got the word. At that moment, Desert Princess walks up and joins me. She puts her hand on this woman's back and prays. Most of the pain leaves. She prays again. All the pain leaves - Jesus does a "drive-by" in the desert.

August 07, 2009

a handful of healing miracles

last night we had a meeting in a Church, and as usual, we prayed for the sick at the end. I had called out a word of knowledge for a certain type of headache - several came forward. Also for a condition near the thumb in the right hand - another came forward. For those, we prayed but since those conditions weren't bothering them at the time, it would be the kind of thing where they would know over the next few days.

However, the guy with the hand problem, also had one leg shorter than the other causing other problems. Having seen a Todd White video of someone healed of exactly the same condition the day before (, I was ready to go for it. A couple of us prayed for the leg to grow out - and it did!!!! We watched them become the same length right before our very eyes!

A woman with an arthritic shoulder - that caused a lot of pain when she would move it a certain way - after praying 2 times, ALL THE PAIN LEFT. We also prayed for another condition she had, and the Lord came upon her in a powerful way - she had a hard time describing with words that encounter.

We also prayed for a couple of knee conditions - in both cases, the Lord had done something, but it would take some time to really tell. One of them was heading into surgery the next day (today) - we'll see what the surgeon finds when he goes in!!

This all happened in a Church that isn't particularly accustomed to praying for the sick and expecting healing. The hunger was tremendous - may God add to their hunger, radical encounters and faith to contend for the ministry of Jesus - who healed people wherever He went

August 03, 2009

back healed and more when the Kingdom came!

i had heard that a good friend of ours was suffering at home with lower back pain which had immobilized her. We had intended to go on the day we got the news, but for whatever reasons we couldn't get there till the following day. We discover upon our arrival that it was her birthday that day (good thing we had gotten delayed). Healings on our birthdays seem more special! (not a doctrine, but seemingly a sound opinion:).

my children and I had arrived about the same time as another Christian friend of hers. eventually we got around to praying and i had my kids right there involved, with my daughter actually laying hands on the affected area. We prayed a couple of times and there was no noticeable difference - again, NOT the ministry of Jesus. We kept on praying. There is something about being stubborn in these things that leads to breakthrough. Eventually, pain began to leave and within a few minutes to our friends' amazement, she was up and walking around with almost no pain. Since she herself is a medical doctor, she knew very well that it is physically impossible for a totally locked up, inflamed, lower back to change like that.

What happened next was equally as important. The Christian friend didn't happen to be from a Church that was known for an emphasis on physical healing (we'll leave it at that). I then asked her if she went to "....... Church". The Lord had given me an impression that she attended that particular Church. That seemed a bit odd, but it is a large, well-known Church in the area so maybe I was just a good guesser. She had had surgery on her elbow and so we prayed for that. After we prayed, mobility returned to elbow that she hadn't had since the surgery. We prayed again and she got even more breakthrough. After that, we prayed for her foot, as she had been diagnosed with a particular condition that caused pain and limited her activities. After praying, I was prompted to tell her, "You WILL run again". She looked a bit surprised, "How did you know I was a runner"? This was funny because at this point, our friend (whose back had just been healed) was jumping in, and explaining "oh, this is the kind of thing that happens all the time" (i.e. words of knowledge and prophecy). Finally, I felt like the Lord gave me a word for her husband and I said, "By the way, the Lord wants to heal your husbands left shoulder problem too". This just seemed to completely bewilder her as her husband who I had never met actually had a left shoulder problem. She didn't seem to know how to respond. But she knew that God was in the room doing His stuff!!

This Kingdom stuff is just breaking out everywhere - God had so much more in mind that morning than only healing our friends' back. He wanted to recruit another precious sister in the Lord into a greater expectation that the God of the Bible is in fact doing the very things He did in the Bible today!!

This stuff never gets old.

power spilling in Canadian mall - part 2

our next stop was a shoe store - I just sensed the Lord wanted to do something for the woman working there, so I went in with my question, "Do you need a miracle"? (I usually preface this with, "Can I ask you a really strange question"?)

I guess the Lord was behind the prompting because she said, "Yes I do, how did you know"? In short, she needed a major financial breakthrough. The Lord gave us some prophetic words for her and we got to pray for her. But wait, there's more - as we were praying, I got a word of knowledge about some kind of dental need. This got her attention further as she had had a filling fall out and was in need of a dentist. It was just a fun encounter that really encouraged this young woman and pointed her to Jesus.

After that we headed into a food court, and again, I went in with the same question, "Do you need a miracle"? - this time to a group of Sikh women who were working in a Subway sandwich outlet. I almost immediately got a word of knowledge that someone had a leg problem in a particular leg. The mother had this problem and let us pray. We actually prayed several times but saw no discernible improvement. This is NOT the ministry of Jesus and we weren't going to leave until we saw something happen (this is actually a key thing that enables us to persevere and keep pressing in for breakthrough). We learned that two of them had headaches and they allowed us to pray for those and both of these Sikh women were healed. We apologized about the leg, but were encouraged to see God's Kingdom come - there are NO HEADACHES in His Kingdom!!!! We got to invited these women to our nightly miracle/healing meetings and give them a number to call for follow-up.

power spilling in Canadian mall - part 1

a group of us headed out to see God's Kingdom come in a mall. we didn't have the kind of time we would have like to 'soak' and collect the 'clues' God would give us for a 'treasure hunt' and so I just began asking people, "Do you need a miracle"? This is actually a very Kingdom-aligned question that every believer should be asking unbelievers we meet. Yes, God will give us prophetic clues and insights, words of knowledge and wisdom, but at the same time as we grow in our knowledge of God's goodness and His miraculous nature, we can just "jump" with this question and see what God will do.

one guy I asked this question said he needed 'nothing' (a likely answer) and so I inquired further - sure enough his mother needed one and so I asked him (he was 1/2 Sikh & 1/2 Roman Catholic) if he would be willing to "carry a gift of healing" to his Roman Catholic mother. He agreed. I took his hand and asked God to allow him to carry a gift of healing to his mother. What happened next is only a God thing - his hand began to tingle. So what? maybe I was gripping his hand too hard. So about 1/2 hour later when we were leaving, I saw him again - guess what was still happening in his hand? you got it - it was STILL TINGLING as he was sensing the Presence of God in that hand and arm.

some would ask, "why would you do such a thing"? (behind that question - "where is that in the Bible?", "where did you get such an idea"?, etc.) Basically, the Bible tells us that we possess "the mind of Christ". When a Holy Spirit-inspired idea comes to my mind that doesn't contradict anything in the Scriptures, I run with it. (i.e. God wants to heal his mother, there are gifts of healing, we have authority and the commission to lay hands on the sick, this unbeliever needs to see God's miraculous power, etc. etc). The fact is that we have seen people get healed this way.