April 13, 2013

former muslim "doin the stuff" in Iran

Less than a week after his baptism, one of the new Iranian believers was in Iran visiting a sick relative who had been in the hospital for 4 months waiting for a kidney to have a transplant.  Nothing was happening, the family was there in mourning.  He asks if he can pray.  He lays hands on him and prays.  One hour later a kidney is found.  The family wants to know what exactly he prayed because they said, "because when we prayed NOTHING happened".  4 months waiting for kidney with the muslims praying continually and NOTHING.  A new Christian arrives, prays and 1 hour later a kidney "unexpectedly" is found!  And the entire muslim family knows that it was due to the prayer.  Eventually one of the older more religious relatives pushes him a bit and he tells them that he prayed in Jesus' Name thereby testifying to his faith in Christ.  Before he leaves Iran, the family thanks him for his prayer and his family and friends are interested in him teaching them about what he has learned.  When he returns in the summer, he will "teach them" what he has learned about Christ!