December 29, 2011

quick drive-by healing in Dubai

as I was walking back to our hotel, I noticed a couple of muslim men walking towards me (from Pakistan), and one of them had a wrist brace on.  I stopped them and asked what happened.  I asked him if he would like to see the pain disappear.  He was intrigued by the question.  At first I said I would lightly put my hand on his wrist and ask God to heal him.  He was hesitant thinking I might somehow grab it and hurt it.  So I backtracked a bit and told him that he could put his own hand on his wrist and I wouldn't touch him.  (Don't know what I was thinking - I normally don't ask to put my hand on someone in public anymore).  He did, I prayed a quick prayer breaking off the shock and trauma from the injury and releasing God's Kingdom in Jesus' Name.

The moment of truth came.  I asked him to check it out.  He started to move his fingers.  He looks at his friend saying nothing (always a good thing).  Next he takes off the wrist brace still looking at his friend.  The realization hits - he hand is pain-free and healed.  So fun to see the reaction!

It was a quick interaction and they were ready to go.  I'll bet their conversation turned to Jesus and His healing touch.  A Kingdom "drive-by".

Hint:  you can ALWAYS stop someone to ask them what is wrong if you see them in a brace, with a crutch, a bandage, etc.  it is never not a great way to break into a conversation.

Gulf Arab woman "surprised" by revelation

while walking through an area of restaurants in Dubai, while we passed a table with 2 Emirati muslim women, I got a word of knowledge for a neck problem on the left side.  I told my wife about it and she approached the woman as I walked on.

when I do this I am always thrilled when Desert Princess gets "delayed".  if my wife rejoins me quickly, that usually means nothing happens (the word is wrong, they aren't interested, ect.).  sure enough she is delayed and doesn't rejoin us for about 5 minutes.

the woman had the condition and was again most surprised that God would "reveal" something so specific.  she was healed after Desert Princess prayed but kept asking "How did your husband know?"
In that brief interaction, my wife was able to share with these muslim women about the Kingdom and the power that Jesus has given His followers to know things and to heal the sick in His Name.

They didn't ask for my wife's number so she just left it as a seed sowing opportunity.  One thing these two muslim women discovered was that followers of another faith had power and revelation that their faith lacked.