February 20, 2009

getting a bit crazy on the streets

one of the fun things about having visitors (right now we have a team visiting us from a school of Supernatural ministry) is the natural way that all sorts of new doors for ministry open.

Here is how I would introduce them to people - "hi, I have some friends here from a school that teaches them how to do miracles, do you need one"? Yes, the Lord gave us a number of words of knowledge and prophetic impressions/pictures along the way, but we often would just break into a conversation with, "do you need a miracle tonight"? The question is, who doesn't!?

Anyway, so much happened last night that I will only be able here to cover some of the highlights:

we prayed for, prophesied over and ministered healing to people from the Philippines, Egypt, Gulf Arab countries, Nepal, India, Palestine, and some other places I am forgetting.

We saw a bone spur healed (all pain left), back pain go, headaches leave, abdominal pain healed, a sprained ankle restored, arthritis healed, knees healed, other chest pain go and that was just the healings. For many of these people, the Lord also gave us prophetic words. And all this was just a few of us while a whole bunch of others were also out "treasure hunting" (using prophetic words/pictures from the Holy Spirit to find people (who the Lord 'treasures') and minister God's Kingdom to them. The testimonies are still coming in.

all of this in a muslim country - it's amazing what we can get away with.

gulf arab muslim man's arthritis touched

God continues to break into the lives of a Gulf Arab muslim family - the son has had a couple encounters with the Lord now that he still can't put into words (always a good thing) and the father requested a Bible (which he received last night). A real highlight was reading Isaiah 53 together in Arabic as he considered who Jesus was/is and what He did for us. He said he wanted to 'meditate' on that passage further (another good idea!)

I had a couple of guys with me from Bethel Church (Bill Johnson's Church) and they just began to prophesy and pray for this family as we visited. The Lord was really touching the father's heart and life - it is always amazing to see what impact true prophetic words have upon people.

As we were about to leave, a word of knowledge slams into my right knuckles - I knew it was arthritis, and sure enough the father had arthritis in his right hand. We prayed for him. You know what happened of course - God took away all the pain, stiffness and he could move his fingers normally.

soon this family will know Jesus personally.

February 16, 2009

A street called "healer"

A small group of us have been going to this main street in our city for the past five months, loving on people and offering healing to those who are afflicted. During this time we have seen numerous healings and built some very strong relationships with shopkeepers and restaurant staff. Many we have prayed for have had dreams from the Lord and gone through some deliverance with us where they have been set free from addictions.

Recently we got a word confirmed over our nation by a visiting itinerate minister that many expatriate folk have come to plow the land in order to lead people to Jesus in our country, but it would be the local believers in the region that would be used to witness and disciple their nation. So this evening when we went out to our street we had an Arabic speaking believer from a neighboring country come out with us to pray for the sick. It was his first time. We started out in a Hypermarket, where we prayed for people with back, chest and shoulder pain and they were healed. We even had people try and track us down to pray for them in the stairwell. We then moved onto a juice stall where we had built relationship with the staff. While we sat drinking juice, our Arabic speaking friend was having a good conversation with the manager (who we have been sowing into for ages). As we are paying, the manager asks our Arabic friend if he can accept Jesus into his life!! (We have no clue this is happening and move on to the next shop). Praise God!

In the next shop we talked with a man who had been set free from his violent video game addiction and from night terrors. He talked with our Arabic friend and asked if he two could accept Jesus into his heart. We are blown away!!!! Two salvations!! We had been encouraging this guy for months and now that we have a local from the region with us, he is now ready to accept Jesus! When we left this shop, our Arabic friend then told us that the manager in the juice place had given his life to Jesus. We are ecstatic!!!

Getting to witness an Arabic speaking person from the region lead others in his region to Christ was a huge confirmation to the word that was just spoken as well as what we had been contending for in the secret place for years. God is raising up people from this region to take it for his Kingdom!!! How awesome is that!!!

Oh, and we also found out from our Arabic friend that the name of the street we adopted is literally translated into English as “Healer”. The street has been prophesying the breakthrough all along and confirming the word we got that it would be the healthiest street in our city! Thank you Jesus!