October 23, 2009

words, words, and words of knowledge

this morning about 35 of us gathered to learn about the word of knowledge. we shared testimonies of words of knowledge that the Lord had given within the last 7 days. I then taught about this important, but neglected spiritual gift. the most fun was when it came time to imparting/releasing the gift. 10-15 people started receiving words of knowledge as we waited on the Holy Spirit. To see people activated is one of the most fun things in the life of the Kingdom!

I called out one word of knowledge that the Lord had given me at the beginning of the meeting - then when it came back later, without praying for the person with the actual problem, the Lord HEALED her! fun, fun, fun.

October 22, 2009

treasure hunting in the muslim world-pt 2

in the middle of a number of wrong words of knowledge (I missed with an Egyptian muslim, a Nepali hindu, a Filipino Catholic, and one or two others I can't now remember), we were in this shop and I was talking to a Syrian muslim about miracles (what else is there to talk about???) and a Bedouin Gulf Arab muslim man walks in. After a minute or so, a really strong word of knowledge returns for a left knee problem - I knew it was for him. It kept getting stronger and stronger.

Finally, I overcame whatever hesitation/fear of man issues that were trying to hold me back and ask him what is wrong with his knee - specifically his left knee. He was seriously taken back by this question - saying "what has God willed?" over and over again in Arabic. I just got really bold and said, "When you walked into this shop, the Lord spoke to me by revelation and showed me that you have a left knee problem". And a problem he sure had - metal rods in the knee (a quad accident). I knelt down to pray for him (which he was more than willing to have me do - unlike the two hesitant, fundamentalists earlier!. I told him that I wanted him to call me in the next day. I explained that God was going to do something remarkable - why else would He have shown me such a specific problem? He agreed with the reasoning. I even told him that I wouldn't be surprised if God removed the metal rods - to show His Glory.

That was a really good shop visit - especially after all the wrong words. The critical truth, keep swinging the bat until you get a hit!!!

treasure hunting in the muslim world

tonight, Columba (my charismatic, prophetic, Anglican, British friend) and I headed out to see what God would do. the Lord gave us some pictures and clues as we prayed. One was to go to a specific Starbucks and we'd meet someone on the stairs in front, others clues included words of knowledge for different conditions (most of which we did not find, some of which we did though!)

it was just good to be out, following the Wild Goose (the Celtic term for the Holy Spirit). I always say that "we don't go home, UNTIL we see SUPERNATURAL things happen". Since we went home, you know what has happened! here are some of the things we saw happen.

1) saw a couple of Bedouin muslims and one had a cane and his foot was in a cast. OF COURSE we stopped them. after asking about what happened (he burned the bottom and top of his foot - don't ask how!), I knelt down and just basically began to pray. I knew there might be some resistance had we a) spoken Arabic to them and b) if we asked them first for permission to pray (Note: conservative muslims don't want Christians praying for them!). I snuck in with English and began praying before they even knew what had happened! While I was praying, one figured it out and said to his friend in Arabic, "he's reading over you" (the expression they use for what I was doing, which basically comes from their practice of reading their scriptures over a sick person). Then he tried to say, "NO, NO" (as in I shouldn't be doing it and his friend shouldn't be allowing it). To which I looked up at him and said, "YES, YES" and just continued to pray. Basically, the Lord gave us a fun encounter with these guys. I gave them my number and asked him to call me tomorrow to let me know what had changed.

2) i'll have to say that I found a high percentage of my words of knowledge were NOT words of knowledge tonight - it happens, I'll get over it. the wrong words, did turn into some opportunities though - you've gotta love the way God can redeem ANYTHING! This happened with the picture that I had of Starbucks. We ended up finding a guy on the stairs - the manager (a Christian from India). He needed no prayer when we first met him. None of the words of knowledge fit for him either. we left. At the end of our evening, we came back and found him again. He had said, "I knew you guys were going to come back" (he really seemed to have a prophetic gift - for which I encouraged him to read 1 Cor 14. When we returned, he said he remembered he had a shoulder problem. Columba prayed and he felt the Holy Spirit touching his shoulder. After this, the Lord began to give me a number of prophetic words for him about his wife, and some other things. It was really fun to FIND OUR TREASURE and call out his destiny.

More in the next post

October 18, 2009

just discovered muslim man healed from 1 year ago!

about a year ago, I had gone to a coffee shop and had gotten a word of knowledge for a Pakistani muslim man who worked there. I had prayed for him (which I remember doing) but at the time nothing had happened.

last night I was in the same place and asked a man if he had a wrist problem (I was getting another word of knowledge). Then he says, "you prayed for me and my leg was healed". That was the first I had heard about the miracle.

This story illustrates a powerful truth - we keep praying for lots of people and often we don't see immediate results. We sow widely and leave the results with the Lord. Every now and then, He lets us sees what has happened. Heaven is going to be an amazing place because we will discover ALL that God did - even when we thought nothing had happened!