September 22, 2012

varicose veins lump disappears

Dancing girl and I went spilling today at Starbuck's.  Dancing girl got a word of knowledge for a knee problem so we asked the manager if she or the other employee had any pain in their knees.  The manager said that she had a lot of pain in her knee due to varicose veins.  She was very nervous for us to pray but we told her to put her hand on her knee, we would keep our eyes open while we were praying and that it would take seconds.  The other employee was encouraging her to get prayer, that she needed healing and that it would be quick.  It was hilarious!  Dancing girl prayed quickly and then the manager didn't say anything when we finished.  She just kept her hand on her knee and was sitting there stunned.  I asked her what she was feeling and she said that all the pain was gone and so was the lump.   She continued to search for the lump that had disappeared but she couldn't find it.  The manager said, "I am healed."

September 21, 2012

الْكَلِمَةُ هُوَ اللهُ

  فِي الْبَدْءِ كَانَ الْكَلِمَةُ، وَالْكَلِمَةُ كَانَ عِنْدَ اللهِ. وَكَانَ الْكَلِمَةُ هُوَ اللهُ .

Muslim youth's sprained wrist healed

Today while walking through a Middle Eastern mall, I noticed a teenage guy with a bandaged wrist.  I stopped him and asked what happened.  He told me he had fallen playing sports.  I asked him his name and he was a muslim.  Without even telling him what I was going to do, I asked him to put his own hand on his wrist and said, "watch this"!  In the middle of the mall, with many people passing us by, I simply broke off the shock and trauma and released healing in Christ's Name.  I asked him to check it out – and ALL the pain was gone as he checked it out.  I made sure he was all good and he was.  As he left us, I am sure he was thinking what just happened when a Christian prayed for him.  

September 19, 2012

Hearing Loss Healed - frequency ranges restored!

I just received word from a man who received the full range of his hearing back after prayer.  He just wrote this to me, 

"You may recall that you blessed several of us with regard to hearing issues.  I have been increasingly losing hearing, particularly in the upper frequency ranges, due to age-related factors.  Also I do a lot of flying for long periods of time as I travel around the world in my endeavors for the Boss.  Despite wearing noise-dampening earphones, the whine of the jet engines take a toll on hearing.  When you were blessing us, I felt some popping in my ears, but since my hearing loss was not yet profound, I was unable to tell exactly what was going on.

About a week before the above events, I was at an aquarium with my wife and two of our daughters.  The aquarium has a display where a person can listen to whale songs.  Quite fascinating.  When the bottle nose dolphin song was played, I could not hear it at all, even with my ear next to the speaker.  It is a very high pitched, oscillating whistle.

The blessing happened on a Wednesday evening and it happens that my family was at the aquarium the next day.  We were again at the whale song display and my daughter played the bottle nosed dolphin song.  I could hear it perfectly.

I noticed driving to meetings on Sunday that I could hear the high-pitched sound of the car's tires on the freeway, something I had not been aware I was not hearing until that morning.  During services, the music was much more "brilliant" than it had been since I have no idea how long.  I do not have as much difficulty hearing conversations and when we watch a movie on T.V. I don't have to have the sound up as loud as I used to .  My wife and daughter really appreciate that. 

This provides conclusive proof that the blessing was effective and achieved the results hoped for.  I know from personal experience that one does not always know what transpires in these kinds of situations, but this time it is possible to pass this on to you.

I hope it blesses you as much as it does me." 

September 17, 2012

collarbone healed OVER email. crazy backstory.

Several weeks ago a little healing service broke out at a Christian University during one of the classes (and especially after the class).  We blogged about one of the girls who received a significant healing and an even more powerful revelation of God's goodness:

Sadly, in the wake of this, she was in a pretty bad car accident and broke her collarbone, injured her head and re-injured one of her knees that the Lord had healed just a week or so before.  I knew that this was one of the most blatant attempts I'd ever seen of the enemy coming to steal, kill and destroy.

I contacted her via phone to pray for her after hearing about these injuries.  Not much seemed to happen at the time, but I asked her to email me after a day or two.  When there wasn't much change, I suggested we pray again – this time over email.

Here is what I said, 

"Let's pray again.

Here's a couple of verses before we do:

Rev. 21:4 = NO PAIN in God's Kingdom and we have been instructed to pray "on Earth AS IT IS in heaven".  That is why we can go after pain so aggressively with the goal of establishing "pain free zones" in people's bodies.  

Acts 10: 38 - You know of Jesus of Nazareth, how God anointed Him with the Holy Spirit and with power,  and how He went about doing good and healing ALL who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him. (emphasis mine)

And finally, we have been sent IN THE VERY SAME WAY that Jesus was sent. John 20:21 – we are sent (that means you and me) in the same way that the Father sent Jesus – with the same power, the same mandate (minus the atoning death for the sins of the world) and the same authority.  If I see it in the life of Jesus, I am accountable.  If He did it, then we do it.  It is that simple and yet so many Christians simply do not believe.  That is the #1 problem – unbelief.  And the great thing about unbelief is that it has NOTHING to do with the person receiving prayer!!!  It is entirely upon me to rise up in faith and expectation.

Before we prayed, I asked her to read a FB healing from the day before with a family in our community.  I shared this to just release the power of the testimony.  The Word says that the "testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy" (Rev. 19:10) - when we share what Jesus has done (the testimony), it releases the Spirit of prophecy which enables something similar to happen again and again and again!!  So I asked her to check out that testimony and then after it, I told her I had another prayer.  Then I prayed again:


In the Name of Jesus I bring Caroline's injuries before you.  In the same way that you delivered Jennifer yesterday, I ask now that Lord you would do it again.  I speak the Peace of God over Caroline's knee, her collarbone and her head even now in Christ's Name.  I command you collarbone to be healed in Jesus' Name.  I speak to you knee, be healed.  No more pain.  I dial down the pain even now – 5…., 4….., 3…., 2…., 1….. - Jesus!!!  Holy Spirit surprise Caroline right now with your goodness and power.  Come and bring the Kingdom in manifestation to all of her injuries, in Jesus' Name and for His sake!  


She wrote me back,
"I really like those verses! The  testimony really put my heart in the right place so thank you! When I was reading the prayer there were some sharp pains in my shoulder and when I got to the part about peace over my collarbone my collarbone cracked and I felt some sharp pains and then it just felt warm on my whole left side!  Thank you so much!! I'm icing my collarbone now, but I feel stronger! :)  Thank you Jesus!  I'll continue updating you on my head and my knee!  Thank you again!"
She wrote her professor, 

"Hi Professor!
I just had to tell you this! DJ emailed me because I had asked for some verses to help me through this and then he also sent me a testimony from a woman he had prayed for over Facebook and he wrote a prayer for me!  As I was reading the verses there was just this calming in my heart and then when I got to the prayer I felt some really sharp pains in my shoulder and then when I read the prayer over my collarbone, my collarbone cracked and there was sharp pain all through my shoulder and then suddenly it just felt warm on my whole left side!! I'm icing it now, but I feel like my arm's already stronger!!! My knee still hurts really badly and my head's not free from pain yet, but I'm just thanking God for the collarbone healing!! I'll let you know how it feels tomorrow!  I was just shocked and I wanted to share that with you :) I never knew quite how strong the power of prayer was until I received it through email!"

Finally the Professor just wrote me back, 

"I just wanted you to know that she shared her testimony in class today. She said when she read the part of your email about the collarbone, she heard it crack loudly, even though she was sitting still. Her roommate heard it too and was like, "What was that? Are you OK?" She felt pain in her arm, plus tingling and warmth. She says now there is no more pain in her collarbone or her arm. Thank you again for being so tenacious for her healing! It is a tremendous testimony to the whole class!!! And I know she feels so loved by God through this experience, which is the greatest miracle of all. 

September 16, 2012

new posts

a couple of new posts

muslim woman's ankle gets radically healed

I was at a physical therapy center when I noticed the muslim woman responsible for scheduling appointments was limping.  I asked her what was wrong and she said her ankle was hurting so badly that she couldn't walk without a lot of pain.  It was a bit crowded so I asked if I could speak with her for a moment.  I told her that when I ask God to heal people He does and asked if I could ask God to heal her ankle.  She said, "Of course!"  She let me put my hand on her ankle.  I then commanded the pain to go and released the peace of God praying clearly in the Name of Jesus.  Immediately the pain left and she could move it around while she was still sitting.  She was so shocked and so excited about what had just happened.  She knew she was completely healed even before getting up and walking on it.  She got up and began walking around saying "Oh, my God. The pain is gone. There is no pain.  Thank you. Thank you."  It was clear she was about to tell all of the others what God had just done for her. I will see her in the next few days and will be able to follow up.  I'm super excited to see her again and hear about all that has happened.  

muslim's shoulder healed

The other day as we were leaving a building, I got a word of knowledge for the right shoulder for the Indian muslim man working at the reception.  He had pain in the right side of his neck/shoulder and I prayed for him.  He didn't have strong English so my Indian friend spoke with him in Hindi about what had happened.  He was healed and it had been hurting right before I prayed.  He was pain free.  My friend who spoke with him is a pastor whose Church meets IN THAT BUILDING.  Can't wait to hear about the follow-up.