September 19, 2012

Hearing Loss Healed - frequency ranges restored!

I just received word from a man who received the full range of his hearing back after prayer.  He just wrote this to me, 

"You may recall that you blessed several of us with regard to hearing issues.  I have been increasingly losing hearing, particularly in the upper frequency ranges, due to age-related factors.  Also I do a lot of flying for long periods of time as I travel around the world in my endeavors for the Boss.  Despite wearing noise-dampening earphones, the whine of the jet engines take a toll on hearing.  When you were blessing us, I felt some popping in my ears, but since my hearing loss was not yet profound, I was unable to tell exactly what was going on.

About a week before the above events, I was at an aquarium with my wife and two of our daughters.  The aquarium has a display where a person can listen to whale songs.  Quite fascinating.  When the bottle nose dolphin song was played, I could not hear it at all, even with my ear next to the speaker.  It is a very high pitched, oscillating whistle.

The blessing happened on a Wednesday evening and it happens that my family was at the aquarium the next day.  We were again at the whale song display and my daughter played the bottle nosed dolphin song.  I could hear it perfectly.

I noticed driving to meetings on Sunday that I could hear the high-pitched sound of the car's tires on the freeway, something I had not been aware I was not hearing until that morning.  During services, the music was much more "brilliant" than it had been since I have no idea how long.  I do not have as much difficulty hearing conversations and when we watch a movie on T.V. I don't have to have the sound up as loud as I used to .  My wife and daughter really appreciate that. 

This provides conclusive proof that the blessing was effective and achieved the results hoped for.  I know from personal experience that one does not always know what transpires in these kinds of situations, but this time it is possible to pass this on to you.

I hope it blesses you as much as it does me." 

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