July 04, 2009

miracles in the mountains

a group of "treasure hunters" headed out on the streets yesterday in a city in the mountains. After waiting on the Lord for 'prophetic clues', we were armed with 2 pages of details (conditions, places, clothing, names) on our 'treasure maps' and headed out for a couple of hours of 'spilling'.

Here are some of the things that we saw happen (and this list if far from exhaustive):

-blind man begins to see shapes and light (which he couldn't before) when three, 13-year-old boys pray for him.

-the Lord directs me into a bar because someone needed a miracle inside. the woman next to me says that she's paralyzed in the left part of her body because of stroke. I get to pray for her (no noticeable breakthrough at the time). What happened is that God begins to open doors to minister to the others - a word of knowledge for an eye condition, an accurate prophetic word for the bartender, inner-healing stuff for the stroke victim. I was just amazed at God's grace in such a dark place!

- a number of physical healings (some after accurate words of knowledge)

- prophetic words of destiny spoken over many people

I don't remember all the stories - 4 teams were out and I have just highlighted a few of the things that I saw or heard about. All I know is that by the end of our time, everyone had seen God do stuff supernaturally that we could not have done ourselves.

accuracy in the word of knowledge

the other night I had an experience with a word of knowledge that was unprecedented for me personally. Normally I get a word of knowledge about a condition (i.e. right knee problem) and I somehow feel/sense it physically. The other night while I was in a meeting with a well-known prophetic minister, I was about to begin ministering to the sick with a friend and wanted to use the bathroom first. While I was in the bathroom, I got a word of knowledge for a left knee problem (in my normal way) but then I "saw" a woman with short-hair, wearing a red-colored long-sleeved shirt and pants. As soon as I walked out of the bathroom, my friend is ministering already and the woman at the front of the prayer line is exactly matching that description AND she is pointing to her LEFT KNEE. I hurried over there to show them what I had just written down in my book. Guess what happened? Yes, she was healed.

As I considered the experience, I think that the level of accuracy in that word was probably related to the fact that we were ministering with/alongside the prophetic minister who is renowned for his accuracy in the word of knowledge. What we call "association", wherein someone can flow in a gift that they normally do not flow in (or to the same level) as they are associating with someone who has recognized gifts in that area. Where is this in the Bible (one may be asking)? Go back and see what Saul (NOT a prophet) could do when he was in the company of the prophets. Fully Biblical and yet in many parts of the Church today - totally neglected and not at all well understood.

June 30, 2009

healings out to breakfast

this morning while out to breakfast with a Lebanese healing revivalist, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for someone with a problem in their left shin. I asked the waitress and she said no, but would check with others. Finally, she remember one of the busboys had a problem and had him come out. We prayed a couple of times until there was no more pain.

while leaving, I asked a couple of the others who worked there if they needed a miracle, specifically healing. I asked about an upper left arm/shoulder condition that I had gotten a word for, but none of them had that problem.

As we were leaving, one of these women asked if she could get some prayer. She had been struggling with a general fatigue and low energy condition for about a month. we prayed and the Lord just began to touch her and by the end of prayer, she said she was feeling "lighter" and could tell that something had changed.

just remember that when you are at restaurants that the Lord wants to touch people all around you - be that employees or other customers. We've seen Him do things in restaurants now on such a regular basis that it seems unusual not to see something - be that a healing, a prophetic word for someone, etc.

Don't just eat and run, stick around and have some fun (Kingdom fun!)

words of knowledge and a couple of healings

the other night, after teaching to a group about the 'normal Christian life' (i.e. the works of Jesus flowing through our lives), Desert Princess began to get words of knowledge - she called them out and people began to respond. The first word was a left wrist condition. A woman said she had that problem. At that point, I asked the woman sitting next to her to pray for the healing. She was healed - no more pain. All the other words that she called out were for different people too. She was SOOOO ACCURATE in the word of knowledge and she normally doesn't get words. BTW - I didn't get a single word that night.

Later we also saw a woman with chronic lower back pain healed after a group of us prayed. As for some of the other conditions, I know that others prayed, but I didn't hear about what happened.

Also that night, we went after a couple of serious, long-term issues - one was MS and another a woman who was deaf since birth in one ear and 80% deaf in the other. We didn't see the breakthroughs at that time, but in both cases the Lord was moving and everyone could sense God's power coming. The woman with MS felt something in her legs happening (she felt fire) and it was the first time she had ever felt anything in the 15 years she had been receiving prayer.

may both of these conditions surrender to the Name of Jesus

June 29, 2009

treasure hunting - part 2

what's better than a treasure hunt? Answer: 2 treasure hunts in the same day!

another group of Christians had asked if we could come and go out for some "power spilling" and so after our afternoon treasure hunt, we went up for another one in the evening. We decided to head to a local park and after a time of prayer, the Lord had given us another list of "clues" and so off we went.

one of the clues was a small, red children's bike. we walked up to a man w/ his son who had a small red bike. I had a word of knowledge for a headache. his wife (who wasn't there) had migraines. we got to pray for her. I also had a word of knowledge for his mother who was with him, but she was shy and didn't want prayer. while we were with this man, one of our group noticed that another lady was standing nearby with her kids who had holes in the knees of her jeans (which was another clue on our list). We asked her if she needed prayer and she began to open up and we got to pray for her. The Lord also gave us some prophetic words for her, which were meaningful to her. At the end, she asked where my friend who lives nearby went to Church and said she wanted to come!

After this, I approached a young man who was playing soccer - I had a wrong word of knowledge (yes, it happens ALL the time:). That didn't matter - the Lord had us meet him to encourage him, as he was struggling with his mother who was recovering from surgery. I was able to pray with him and the Lord really touched him.

At this point, I saw a large group of African-Americans. We decided to break in and offer to pray for anyone who needed a miracle. The Lord opened an amazing door - one part of our group was talking to this one woman and she said, "if you guys are really from the Lord, you will tell me what's wrong with me". Talk about having to step up and deliver the goods! Anyway, one of the guys presses in and the Lord gives him a word of knowledge about a lower back problem. that was correct!! However, that wasn't enough for her - she asks, "O.K. and what else is wrong"?! Talk about a challenge. This young guy then gets another word of knowledge for her right knee. Sure enough that was correct too! She was sold! That opened a huge door to minister to her and then she is calling her friends over testifying "these guys are from God they told me what was wrong with me"!! (btw - that is always the best when the stranger you are ministering too becomes your promoter! This woman stayed with us for like 45 minutes!

I got to minister to another man and also a woman with her young daughter. The Lord gave me some prophetic stuff for this woman which was meaningful to her. We laid hands on her to release her into an encounter with the Lord. She was struggling with drugs and alcohol abuse and allowed us to pray for her to be filled with the Holy Spirit instead of the other "spirits" she was getting high on.

Finally, we approached a group of 4 teenagers and asked them if they wanted to see a miracle. They said they did. We inquired as to any physical problem that might need healing. One of them had injured his wrist and let up pray. After praying once, it was like 85% healed. We prayed again and he said all the pain had left. To test it out, he did a 'thumb war' with his friend and beat him twice! (new method of testing to see if something was healed). We also got some prophetic words for the young man. His friend claimed to be an atheist and one of our team got some very accurate prophetic stuff for him - about his musical talents and also his love of literature. He pretty much rejected it all and said we were just good at "reading people". We asked him how his friends wrist was healed - for that he really didn't have an answer.

that was good night in the park!

treasure hunting - part 1

a group of us headed to a local mall to see what the Lord would do in a supernatural way. before heading out, we waited on the Lord for the "clues" that He would give us about the conditions we would find, people we would meet and even places we should go. If you have read 'The Ultimate Treasure Hunt' by Kevin Dedmon - we strongly recommend it.

by the end of our time, we had found many if not most of the prophetic clues that the Lord had given us on our treasure maps. since there were many of us, I don't even remember all the stories, but here were a couple of things that I saw personally;

- while talking to one young woman who worked in the mall, I got a word of knowledge for an eye problem in the left eye. I asked her what that meant to her. She said her nephew was cross-eyed in his left eye and she was seeing him right after work. we prayed for her to carry a gift of healing to him and instructed her how to pray (i.e. the Lord's Prayer). After praying for her, she said she felt 'tingling' in her hands. we told her - "you've got it, now go and release it". After that I just felt the Lord said she was battling with the pain and unforgiveness due to a relationship. She said, "No". I asked the Lord for a bit more detail and I sensed it happened 6 months earlier and was a good girlfriend of hers. After that, she said, "Yes, that's true". We got to pray for further healing and just encourage her as she had already been releasing her and forgiving her. (note: this illustrates how the Lord will give us more information if we will wait for Him and ask for it)

- we was a woman walking with a cane. one of the women in our group approached them and asked if we could pray for her. she was willing (it was a Catholic family). she had had a stroke and it was affecting the entire right side of her body. two of our team began to pray and the Lord began to touch her and she could feel something happening all over her right side. I asked if we could pray again to bless what the Lord was doing and to ask Him for more - the Holy Spirit increased His presence and the woman got tears in her eyes, as did her daughter. It was so special to see the Lord just touch and encourage this woman. We had her test it out - by walking without her cane. She said she felt more stable and "lighter" as she walked. We also got to minister to another one of her daughters who was really in a painful marriage - the Lord gave us some prophetic words to encourage her and we got to pray. She too was teary-eyed.

these two stories were just some of the "treasures" that the Lord allowed us to find. Some of the people we approached were totally uninterested in receiving anything. there were in fact a lot of people who didn't want anything to do with us in that mall, however, just a couple of encounters make it all more than worth it.

at the end of this time, we loaded up the car and headed up for another treasure hunt - see the next post, for part 2