February 15, 2008

In a land not so far away

This past week my wife, DJ and I had the opportunity to travel to a nearby nation in our region. The first night we were there DJ shared in a house meeting about the normal Christian life and how all of us who believe should expect to see signs and wonders as a lifestyle. It was a powerful message that gripped me to the core. I had been asking the Lord for clearer pictures when prophesying as I felt that I was hitting a wall when communicating what I saw. After DJ shared we began to prophesy over different people who were at the meetings, calling them out and speaking over them in a corporate setting. Usually when I get a word for someone I will get the revelation or picture before I share it. This time the word began to flow out of me before I had time to even think about what I was saying. This was the first time I had this happen. It was like the word was being spoken through my mouth without me knowing really what I was going to say next. It was fun, and I knew it was the Lord because the presence of God was so thick around my head, and my hands began to get hot. I then transitioned into prophesying over another man in the group. He reminded me of my dad, and strangely enough, Robert De-Nero, even though he did not physically look like either of them. I began to speak the qualities that both of these men had, and how those same attributes were very much similar to the man I was speaking over. After I had spoken the man told me how much the word had impacted him, and that I was 100% correct in what was said. I was insanely encouraged by this, as I had just been asking God that I wanted to grow more in the prophetic and step out.

We saw many healings at the meeting that my wife and DJ will no doubt share on more. I had gotten a word of knowledge for a digestive system and the lady happened to be in the room. I prayed for her and we invited the Holy Spirit to come. She could not tell right away if she was healed, but she could feel something happening in her stomach. God was in motion. As I commanded the digestive system well, the woman began to feel God moving in her knee, and she felt the pain going away. She did not even intend to get prayer for her knee, but God new it had to be dealt with. God cares abut the whole person. Although she was not instantly healed right then, the God continued the work to completion over the 5 days that we were in that nation.

God’s nature is revealed through His actions. We should celebrate every victory that we see, big or small being thankful for what God is doing and not what He is not doing. I continually have to learn to position myself in a place of thankfulness for the end result even when I do not see it right away. We must feed ourselves on what God IS doing, and trust Him that He is faithful to His word.

February 11, 2008

trip report#1 - healings, prophecies, and encounters in a Middle Eastern nation

This is only an introductory post to a series of posts that will be following. A team of us have been ministering for several days in a Middle Eastern country and are headed to minister in two others. From the day we arrived in this country, miraculous things have been happening. There is just something special that God does when we consecrate a trip for His Glory and for the sake of His Kingdom only. I am here with Ravished, his wife and a couple of friends from the United Kingdom.

I will attempt in the next few blog posts to summarize some of what God has done. To be honest, there has been so many healings, so many prophetic experiences, so many people encountering God that it will impossible to tell everything. We actually don't even no all that has happened. There has been a team of us ministering, so I don't know what has happened with the others. Additionally, we have ministered in so many different places - villages, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, etc. that I don't even know what God did in the wake of us laying hands on people.

I can say this now - God has so powerfully manifested His Presence that I have sometimes only been able to weep. The voice of the Lord has come so clearly sometimes, that I have just been overwhelmed with the Fear of the Lord, because there was simply no way you can explain what happened apart from Him. At times, it was almost like the role of faith and belief ended and it was as if God Himself just appeared and spoke.

fasten your seat belts, the ride is about to begin...