November 14, 2009

the thrill of victory and the agony of the defeat

the past few days we have seen a number of different people healed - many in public places. It has been amazing and we know that the Lord's moving in unprecedented ways. We have never seen so much happening - and most importantly, the number of people who are "doing the stuff" - this is just a dream come true.

at the same time, this afternoon we lost a dear friend and member of our community to cancer. That makes 3 close friends this year who have died untimely deaths. God hates cancer with a passion and Jesus paid a price to see it healed. Losing battles to cancer is an illustration of injustice. We've seen cancer healed and worldwide God is healing cancer at an ever increasing rate.

What do we do with loss? Do we retreat? Do we change our theology? Put it on God, in the name of sovereignty? Or do we let it propel us in a spirit of righteous indignation to contend all the more for the ministry of Jesus to be reproduced in and through us? We won't slow down until we are seeing Christ's words fulfilled - "if you believe in me, the (very same) works that I am doing, you shall do also". He wasn't lying. We must wage war on our unbelief and press forward UNTIL His words are true in our experience!

November 12, 2009

more healings at my Gulf Arab muslim friend's office

after leaving the mall, we I felt like we were to go visit a muslim friend of mine who's been to Church and even asked for a Bible. His family has been touched by the Holy Spirit a number of times.

I introduced my Indian friend as "a healer". My muslim friend had a foot injury that was causing pain. "Healer" went to pray and the foot was healed!

Next was the Bangladeshi muslim man who worked for the Gulf Arab muslim. "Healer" had gotten a word of knowledge for a right ankle problem. The Bangladeshi man had the problem and was healed!

That wasn't all - "Healer" got another word of knowledge for an Egyptian muslim man who was also in the office. I prayed for him in Arabic - he felt the presence of the Lord touching him. We'll have to follow up with him because it also wasn't bothering him at that the time.

What's amazing about "Healer" is that getting words of knowledge is a whole new experience for him! It was like we went out and he just immediately began flow in the word of knowledge. The days of acceleration are here!

hitting the streets in a muslim country

last night a couple of us headed out to see what God would do. As I met my friend in a mall, the Lord gave me a couple of words of knowledge - one for a shoulder problem and the other for a right wrist. The 1st guy we met was a Pakistani muslim. I asked him if he had a shoulder problem. He did and so I just put my hand on his shoulder and began to pray. It bothered him about every other day. Since it wasn't hurting at the time, we couldn't determine if he was healed. I will go back and see him in a few days.

As we were walking out of the mall, an Asian muslim woman saleswoman offered to let us try some cologne. We stopped and the word of knowledge for the right wrist came back. She had the problem - we prayed and she was healed! All the pain left her wrist. She was busy but we'll follow up with her as well.

next stop - visiting a Gulf Arab muslim friend who reads the Bible and has come to Church

November 08, 2009

mall miracle for Gulf Arab muslim woman

Last night as we were leaving the mall I saw a women limping into the mall. At first I pretended that I didn’t see her as I knew my husband would strongly encourage me to go for it. Sometimes I give into the fear and the inconvenience of it all so I appreciate my husband’s loving encouragement. When he said, “ you are not going to let her go are you?” I bolted back into the mall before I could talk myself out of it. I approached this muslim woman and asked her why she was limping. She told me that had just injured her knee as she was getting out of her car. I told her that God loves to heal and asked if I could pray for her. We looked for a place to sit but the benches were taken so we went into a funky furniture store and sat on one of their couches. I put my hand on her knee, prayed in Jesus name, she said she felt warmth in her knee and then she just got up and started to walked around. All the pain was gone. She asked if I only did knee’s, I told her that God heals everything. I also shared with her how God heals our heart too, she then opened up how she was very down about a recent split she had with a friend. She said she was just driving around and around the city because she was so sad about it and then her sister called her and told her to come to the mall to see a movie to get her mind off of her sadness. I prayed for the situation with her and talked to her about forgiveness. She took my number and I told her I was willing to help her in anyway. She had tears in her eyes and was visibly touched by the love of God. Isn’t it amazing how God sets us up, He lines things up so that He can touch those who wouldn’t normally hear from Him. Every time I see God move it makes me not want to miss any opportunity that God has put in front of me. To think that our little minute by minute decisions can change someone’s life forever. So, GO FOR IT!!! God is on the move and He wants to use YOU to bring His love into a very dark world.

"I'm shocked right now!", declares Gulf Arab muslim man after God healed him

today I saw a man with a neck brace. I asked him what happened. He told me he woke up 3 days earlier with it and had been in pain since them. He said it was hurting at the time. I asked him if he had a minute and invited him into my office. A friend of his joined me.

I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed. I prayed for once and he said it improved. I prayed again and all the pain left on one side. He took off the neck brace to check it out. There was still pain in the back of his neck. I asked if I could pray again. He agreed. I prayed once last time and ALL the pain left! At this point, I shared a bit more about my faith and why we pray for the sick. I asked him if he was going to put the neck brace back on - he said, "I don't need it anymore". At that point, he looked at me and said, "I'm shocked right now"! He and his friend left.

I'm glad I took the risk and asked him what was wrong - I think he'll be back to find out more about the Jesus who healed his neck!