October 27, 2007

breakthrough in Bethlehem

I and my family recently were able to spend a week in Bethlehem, where Jesus was born. We wanted our time in the "Holy Land" to be a blessing both for us as well as those who we encountered. On our first evening we met the owners of a small grocery store, just a block or so from where we were staying. They spoke passable English. The next day they invited us to their home for a meal. (Their home is literally next to Nativity Church!) We noticed that the wife had a problem with her leg (we weren't able to fully understand the problem because they couldn't explain it well in English). We asked if we could pray for her. Although they belonged to a traditional Christian church, and lived in the town where one of the greatest miracles of all time had occurred - God taking on a human form - the concept of healing seemed a curiousity for them. We prayed a simple prayer over her, then I asked if she felt anything happening in her leg. She just smiled and made a flicking motion with the fingers on each hand – I guessed that she was saying that it felt like tingling, or like little fireworks in her leg! I said Jesus healed her, and her eldest daughter lifted up her hands towards heaven in surprise. We saw them several times in their store before we left, and each time the lady smiled and said that her leg was fine!

October 26, 2007

The Holy Spirit comes to ‘kingdomize’ a group of young people

Definition: to “kingdomize”: to release heaven’s resources (God’s presence, healing, prophecy) so that people are drawn to the King.

Last night, my wife, Desert Princess, and I had the chance to ‘kingdomize’ amongst a group of high school students. The Holy Spirit came upon these young people in power – some were shaking and trembling, others were in tears. Several were miraculously healed.

I had called out some words of knowledge (stomach problems, headache) which they had initially NOT responded to. Not being discouraged I waited. Eventually one Indian young woman came up to me and said that she was the one with the stomach problems. I got Desert Princess and we began to pray for her. The Spirit came upon her powerfully. Her whole body was shaking. When we asked about the stomach problem, she said it was completely gone.

Then another young woman came up to us who was responding to the headache word. The Lord had already been resting powerfully upon her while Dark Horse had just led her to the Lord. I told her the headache would be gone in a moment – we began to pray, the Spirit came and the headache was gone. Not only that, but her sinuses opened up (the cause of the headache). I don’t know where she was at spiritually, but the Lord ‘kingomized’ her last night.

While praying, I had also gotten a strong word of knowledge for someone with a left ankle injury. Someone remembered another teenage girl who had a sprained ankle and brought her too us. I declared boldly that the pain was going to go. We prayed, she tested it out, and to her amazement the pain was gone and mobility had returned.

‘legal target’ gets hit in hotel lobby

While walking through a hotel lobby, I spotted a man with a neck brace. Thinking this is a “legal target”(as Bill Johnson calls them), I approached him and inquired about his condition. He was obviously in some pain and he explained what his doctor had said was causing the problem.

As we talked a bit more, I discovered that this man in a full-time minister of the Gospel from Lebanon. I asked if I could lay my hands upon him and pray, and he readily agreed.

The presence of God began to come and both of us could feel something happening in his neck and shoulders. I took my hands away and asked what he was feeling and to his surprise the healing presence of the Holy Spirit was still moving. He could feel something like ‘surges’ going through the affected areas.

I didn’t get the impression that he was accustomed to God moving in healing. He was from a more conservative background. As I sat there watching him laughing in thankfulness and amazement to what God had just done, I was glad I took the risk to approach him and offer prayer.

October 24, 2007

a pastor in excruciating pain, kingdom comes, pain-free zone established

Tonight I discovered that a pastor friend of mine had become afflicted with an eye infection which left the whole area around his eye and nose swollen. He was in excruciating pain. He looked like Rocky at the end of one of his famous fights!

Right now there has been alot of attacks coming against Christians - as we are moving in greater unity, contending for God's glory and planning events to faciliate breakthroughs in the area of miracles the enemy isn't happy. I had just come from a joint meeting with other Christian leaders where we had talked about this very thing.

From there I went to pray with this pastor friend. I lay hands on his eye and face and just began to come against all spirits of affliction and released the Kingdom of God. As I just released God's peace, the pain began to leave. He said to me during prayer that whenever I moved my hand, he could feel things moving. He felt the healing presence of God coming out of my hand.

Needless to say - the enemy DID NOT keep his territory. When we finished praying ALL THE PAIN had gone from his head and the eye. He was so relieved that he was going to finally be able to sleep for the first time in a couple of nights.

This Kingdom stuff never gets old!!!

"what the hell did you just do to me", exclaims muslim woman

Sometimes you hear the most interesting expressions from unbelievers being healed. Today was one of those days. I saw a muslim woman I knew limping in great pain. When I asked what happened, she said she had a severe sprain. I had to be a bit cautious how I proceeded to ask if I could prayer as we were in a very public place. Isaac of Ninevah and I were able to get her to sit down with us in an empty room as I had some medical references she was interested in.

I then asked if I could look at the ankle and she took of the bandage. I took her foot in my hand (which is quite unacceptable) and then told her I was going to pray and ask God to heal it. She really didn't have any time to say yes/no (which is the way I planned it). I just began to pray. Isaac sat close by and joined me in silent prayer.

As I prayed, I began to feel the presence of God moving in and around the ankle and proceeded to take my hands off the foot and asked her what she felt. This is when she exclaimed, "What the hell did you just do to me"? "All the pain is gone"! She then continued by saying that she was 'freaking out' and finally that she didn't even believe in this type of miraculous thing. I responded by saying, "well, now you do"!

Sometimes we don't see the breakthrough - but today we did and to be honest it was SO MUCH FUN!!! More Lord.

October 23, 2007

One Over the Plate

I'm sure there are some people out there reading this blog wondering how in the world we are doing all this stuff we keep posting. To be honest, our last outing was a little disappointing because I personally didn't get to another level in healing and the prophetic. it's funny on one level, though, because if the same things that happened the other night had happened a year ago, I would have been on cloud nine, but at this point in the game, I really want to see more-- more specific words, more deliverance, more healing. I'm not saying that I"m disappointed in God or ungrateful; I just want more Kingdom.

Anyway, back to what I was saying before. Getting prophetic words aren't always difficult things that only seers can do. In fact, I believe the Lord prompts us a lot and we miss it because we chalk it up to something else. For example, while we were at the restaurant, one of the guys there looked just like a well known prophetic/seer guy. So, DJ started asking questions along those lines: Do you dream a lot? Do other people come to you and ask you about their dreams? Yes and yes. Another guy in the restaurant looked a lot like a movie character I knew. So, we started asking him questions along those lines and with a big smile he answered yes, yes. On some level, we were telling them the secrets of their hearts without knowing them at all and all the words came because they reminded us of someone else.

I suggest the next time you see someone who reminds you of someone else to start thinking of the characteristics of that person and then start asking away. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I once was able to prophesy to a lady for a long time all because she reminded me of my sister. No, it's not cheating. It's one over the plate.

October 22, 2007

kingdom adventures around town

Last night a few of us headed out to see what God would do. Most ministry seems to happen as we live our normal lives, but there is something special when we head out purely to be used of God. These ‘kingdom nights’ have ranged from great to forgettable, but normally if we keep going, eventually we’ll see God break into the lives of others. Sometimes that doesn’t happen until after 11PM at night though.

Before we got going last night, we worshipped for an extended period and wrote down the impressions and prophetic revelation the Lord gave us – this ranged from words of knowledge for people the Lord wanted to heal, locations in the city we should visit, and types/descriptions of people we will meet. As we headed to our first location, nothing much seemed to happen – words we gave to people were wrong, etc. We even chickened out on approaching a guy whose leg was so deformed that we didn’t have faith (being honest here). I was pretty discouraged and yet we pressed on and walked to another location we felt we should visit. About ½ way between the 2 locations, we see a couple of Sudanese Muslim men. This was significant because one of us had written down that we would meet a Sudanese man. We introduced ourselves, asked if they needed any healing. One guy was having stomach problems, we prayed for his stomach and the pain began to leave. During prayer, it became clear that the source of his problem was demonic because something began to move up my arm during prayer (fun huh?). When we finished, he said the pain was totally gone. Next we prayed for a guy who had chronic cough that would come during the night. He couldn’t tell us how it was because it only came during the night, but he felt God’s presence tingling all around his chest during prayer. Isaac of Ninevah also gave some accurate prophetic words to another one of these men. In the end, they asked if we could pray for the healing of one of their friends who would be arriving in the country in the next few days.

Next we head to a location that two of us had received independently during worship – confirmation is always awesome! It was a restaurant where we have seen God heal several times before. Isaac of Ninevah got prophetic words for one of the men which were accurate. The Syrian Muslim manager had some knee problems that had gotten worse while he had been in Syria. We prayed and the pain began to decrease. It became clear during prayer that he was also under some demonic spiritual attack which we prayed against. After praying a few times, we saw most of the pain leave. As we were leaving, his knees were still tingling. The Kingdom had come. I encouraged him to pray asking “Our Heavenly Father” to deliver him from evil when he was under spiritual attack in the night.

Nobody came to Jesus last night, but we ministered in the power of the Kingdom and pointed people to Christ. It was a night to sow – not just words, but prophetic revelation, deliverance and healing. May our Gospel always be more than mere words!

are you a ‘psychic’, muslim woman asks?

Words of knowledge can be funny. At times when you are really trying to ‘tune in’ and ‘get words’ for people, they don’t come. At other times, when you least expect them, they can come clearer and stronger than ever. That is what happened yesterday. While walking into a restaurant with my daughter, a strong word of knowledge came for a person with pain in the left shoulder going into the neck. There was no one else near us except a Muslim woman with her three children. I usually would have my wife approach her but she wasn’t with us. The whole time I was there I wrestled with the decision to approach them the whole time I was there. The issue of the fear of man is always there. Ultimately, I decided to the take the risk. My daughter and I approached them and I asked “who has the pain/problem in the left shoulder/neck”? The mother said, “I do” and then asked me, “Are you a psychic”? I said no but was able to explain that it was gift from the Lord, that I was a Christian and gave her my wife’s phone number to call if she wanted to be healed. She was very thankful. The woman hasn’t called yet but God got their attention.

What if I hadn’t decided to take the risk? Whenever God speaks to us about others, there is always a risk factor involved. There is always the fear of man to overcome. There is always the chance we get it wrong or we’re off. It sure is fun when it all comes together!