December 19, 2008

back problem revealed and other prophetic stuff

my wife and I ministered to another couple this morning. While I was praying for them, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about an upper back condition that the man was having. I prayed for him. I wasn't able to follow up on how it was, but the way things seem to work with words of knowledge, I would be surprised if the condition was still there.

I also got a prophetic picture for this man about a spiritual deposit that women had made in his life. Later I asked if that was meaningful and it turns out he was raised by 5 women - and several of them had made a significant spiritual impact on his life. I had also seen the word "anchor" - and he told me that the deposits that these women had put in his life were like "anchors" that had kept him through the years.

Desert Princess also had some prophetic pictures for this couple.

man surprised the his neck is healed

this morning I was asked to come and pray for a man and his wife. The Lord began to give me some prophetic stuff for them, especially the husband. After a while, I asked the man if he had pain in the left back of his neck, as I had gotten a word of knowledge while talking to him. He did. He let me pray and was surprised that the Lord healed his neck.