September 27, 2008

2 muslim men healed in a carpet shop

While buying some carpets today, I got a word of knowledge for someone with a headache in the front part of the their head - I asked the 3 muslim men working in the shop who had the problem, one of them said he did. I asked him to come and sit next to me. He did. One of the others asked, 'How did you know that he had a headache'? I was able to explain a bit of the Kingdom and also the gifts of healing and the word of knowledge. I prayed for him and asked him how it was. He said it was like 80% better. We prayed again. The headache left completely. Note: he had had it for 3 days.

I came back after looking in a couple of other shops and got another word of knowledge - this time for a right knee problem. I asked the same guys. This time another one came forward. He let me pray. We checked it out - all the pain was gone.

When I went to get in the car, my wife had been watching and said that she could feel God's presence while I was praying for the guy's knee.

2 muslim men were left scratching their heads during the last few days of Ramadan - how was it that a non-fasting Christian (I fast, wasn't today though) could walk into their lives and mess up their worldview so badly.

This is the way the Kingdom comes - may the Egyptian muslim men find some of their Christian friends (10% of the Egyptian population is Christian) to learn more of this Kingdom healing they experienced.

September 26, 2008

Kingdom teamwork – Indian woman healed when Desert Princess and I join forces

While in a restaurant tonight, I noticed an Indian family sitting across the room. The Lord showed me by a word of knowledge that one of them had a headache. I thought it might have been for the husband but it was the wife who had the headache. I told her that the Lord had revealed to me her condition. I said I would bring my wife to pray for her. Desert Princess came in and prayed for her – God’s power came and the headache left. She asked, “Did you feel anything?” The woman said, “yes, I did, really I did”. Then she said, “I need to see you again”! Numbers were exchanged.

It is amazing how quickly a Kingdom connection is made when a healing miracle occurs!

September 25, 2008

Lord reveals a muslim man’s conditions and so we set up a “Healing Appointment”

While waiting for my kids to come out of school, the Lord began to speak to me about the muslim man sitting next to me who was waiting for his kids. I struck up a conversation and then I took the risk, “By the way, do you or someone in your family have some kind of a nerve problem that causes numbing on the left side of your face”. He begins to tell me about a nerve problem on the left side of his neck that affects that area. Next I ask him if he has an upper back problem. He confirms that he has problems with his upper back with his lumbar disks.

The next question always comes – “How did you know I have these problems”? I explained to him that I knew them by “revelation” from God. He had some familiarity with Christian saints who worked miracles (he was from Lebanon) and so I had natural bridge to speak about Divine Healing.

It wasn’t the right place to minister to him, but we exchanged numbers and are going to meet for his “Healing Appointment”. To be continued…

September 22, 2008

still going after any and all cancer - which is still one of God's favorite things to destroy!

The other night I had the opportunity to minister yet again to someone battling with cancer - after seeing cancer healed 3 times in the past year, we are eager to keep 'swinging the bat' to see what God will do. This time it was a woman battling breast cancer which had spread to other places. I shared the testimonies of what God had done, especially over the summer in terms of destroying cancer (one of God's favorite pastimes!). We prayed and now we are asking the Lord to make it possible for the doctors to order another scan before they start chemotherapy. I'll let you know what happens.

Also, I am waiting for the results of friend's tests after praying for his prostrate cancer. I'll also keep you posted.

The bottom line is that cancer IS BEING HEALED and we should be praying for God to destroy it whenever and wherever we find it. For years I prayed for people with cancer, but with little to no expectation that God would really do anything. Times have changed!

woman with broken foot complications sees all pain leave

This past weekend, Desert Princess and I had the opportunity to minister in a couple of church services. As has become our custom, we believe that our preaching/teaching should not come merely with 'wise and persuasive words but a demonstration of the Spirit's power" - that was Paul's way, and since he exhorts each of us to "imitate me (Paul), as I imitate Christ", we are expected to do the same.

I got a couple of words of knowledge that I gave during the meeting. One of the words was about a right foot problem. As I gave the word, wanting a bit more than something so general, I sensed the Lord saying it was related to a broken bone injury. A woman raised her hand. It turned out that it was her right foot and due to a broken bone that hadn’t healed correctly, she walked with great pain and a limp. As I began to pray, the pain began to decrease. I had her get up and walk on it – the pain had lessened considerably. I asked her, “Is it like 40% better?”. She said, “No, much more than that, it’s like 75% better”. (I was encouraged!). We prayed again and all the pain left her foot and she could walk normally.

You know that the Lord has done something miraculous when in fact the person is crying – which she was. The Spirit began to come upon her strongly and she could no longer stand under the weight of His presence.

I’ll let Desert Princess share what she saw in that meeting in her post, "knees healed & God's weighty presence"

knees healed & God's weighty presence

DJ had given a word of knowledge about a knee condition, and I went back to a woman who was responding to the word. Another woman came over to translate as she didn’t speak English. I prayed a short prayer and began to feel God’s presence like fire upon me. So then I asked if she was feeling anything. She said, “yes, the pain is all gone”. I asked her to then stand up and test it out. She stood up and said she felt really “light”. I had to hold her up to keep her from falling. The presence of God was so strong that I also had to help keep the translator on her feet has well.

I also prayed for a while for another woman who had pain all throughout her right leg. By the time I was done praying for her, most of the pain had left her leg but she wasn’t completely healed.