May 01, 2010

veiled muslim women, healed and give their lives to Christ

Here is the report I received from some of the women on our team who were out ministering the other night.

Last night, we were treasure hunting in City Center. L. saw a Muslim lady in a full black abaya and felt God motivate her to talk to her. We almost didn?t even go because it was right in the middle of a busy area and she looked very conservative.

The lady was with another older lady and two small boys. We walked by once and after we passed, I got a Word of Knowledge for headaches but I wasn?t sure if it was for her or for this other lady that we'd been eyeing.

L. approached them (speaking in Arabic) and sure enough, the younger lady suffered from headaches. She did not have one right then but was very open and let L. pray. Immediately after she finished, the other lady (who turned out to be the first woman?s mother) eagerly

asked if we could pray for her shoulder. L. did so and God instantly healed it. At this point she opened up her wallet to show us that it was full of Jesus pictures and a Jesus keychain.

I suddenly felt a prophetic word coming and began to prophesy over the first lady's boys. I got several words about their future destiny and the mother was on the verge of tears. Then, I saw some problems that the older boy had been having at school and the reason why this was happening. I was able to speak comfort to his mother and even though he looked only about six or seven, his face lit up as he heard that God saw him as someone who was very intelligent and creative. The mother confirmed some of the words, telling us that he was having trouble behaving at school and that the day before, the teacher and spoken to her about his creativity. It was like He was confirming His promises about their future by giving accurate words about their present so that they would know that it was real.

God also gave me words of encouragement and promise for the mother. At the end, the mother told us her own testimony about the pictures of Jesus. Apparently, years ago, some Filipino ladies had prayed for her. Afterwards, she had a visitation in which Jesus and Mary came to her and immediately all the pain that she had all over her entire body had left. When we heard this, we asked if they would like to have a relationship with Jesus and after explaining, both women eagerly prayed the sinner?s prayer and asked Jesus into their lives.

Aside from God's awesomeness, another thing about the appointment that really encouraged me was that I have always been a bit worried about not following up with people. God showed me that *He* follows up. A seed that had been planted years before was now ready to be harvested and once He starts something, His Word does not return back empty. Amen!!!

April 29, 2010

Gods healing encounters at place of work

This is what my wife praise has to say about the encounters the Holy Sprit has been having in her place of work

Yesterday morning i saw my colleague akbar limping in pain at work…i told my self i needed to pray for him and as human as i am i forgot about it in the busy schedule of the day. But as faithful as God is He sends akbar to me who now with a medical leave form was on his way to the doctor i asked him if he could let me pray to Jesus for him before he visited the doctor...i pray… the pain gets less than i ask him if we could walk and pray and by the time i finish praying the pain is gone completely and he now tells me that he was about to take leave to go home but now, he was completely pain free & starts running…….he now has a smile on his face & begin to offer me his gratitude……I say" its not me its JESUS who healed u coz He loves u very much"……..i call him after two hours to check on him, he says little pain has returned but he is free to walk so I prayer one more & all the pain leaves.

A little later, sohier the office boy at the business center whom i prayed earlier for heaviness in his chest (channeling Gods healing power in my place of work – post dated 27 March 2010) asked me to pray again & so i pray. i than receive a word of knowledge for pain in left hand & in the back. i asked the office boys who were there who had pain in the said areas, ismail came forth with pain in his hand, back & eman also told me that he had pain in his hand & I prayed for all of them, & saw God's power released in all of their life's. I then met another cleaner with a knee pain i pray n ask him if he felt any pain he replied all gone…

Eman than comes me with his money (he believes it the custom) in his hand I look at him and smile, i tell him that i got this gift freely & so do i give it freely……a gift of love that Jesus paid for a price no one can put a price tag on

April 28, 2010

Palestinian muslim women pray to receive Christ

don't have the full report yet, but last night a group of the women on our team went treasure hunting and found a mother and her daughter who had been prepared by the Lord. The mother had had a visitation from Jesus some years earlier. They were ready to follow Him and one of our revivalists led them to Christ. They are hungry to come and join us in worship to encounter more of the Lord!

I'll post the full report when I get it!

April 25, 2010

serving God's treasures

we (a church minister, my wife praise and me) were invited to lunch at a hotel that had been opened recently….at the time of ordering …I sense a word of knowledge for a pain in my right knee…we asked the manager if he had pain he said no…I next see the steward a Christian set our table for us I ask him if he had pain he says yes and tells us that he fell sometime ago and his right knee area is still paining as a result…

He lets me pray…I pray twice…with no result…he offers thanks and says that the very fact that I prayed touched him deeply and asked to be excused so that he could continue to serve us…I told him that we would like to serve him first before he could serve us….he lets me pray again…I stop and asked him how he feels…he starts murmuring words saying that he can feel a very cold feeling running thru his entire body…and then tells me that he had no pain ….and then he starts to feel hot all over…and starts to sweat…he looks at me and says I never felt this way before…and asks me what is going on…..I tell him that its simply Gods love moving thru his entire body….