April 29, 2010

Gods healing encounters at place of work

This is what my wife praise has to say about the encounters the Holy Sprit has been having in her place of work

Yesterday morning i saw my colleague akbar limping in pain at work…i told my self i needed to pray for him and as human as i am i forgot about it in the busy schedule of the day. But as faithful as God is He sends akbar to me who now with a medical leave form was on his way to the doctor i asked him if he could let me pray to Jesus for him before he visited the doctor...i pray… the pain gets less than i ask him if we could walk and pray and by the time i finish praying the pain is gone completely and he now tells me that he was about to take leave to go home but now, he was completely pain free & starts running…….he now has a smile on his face & begin to offer me his gratitude……I say" its not me its JESUS who healed u coz He loves u very much"……..i call him after two hours to check on him, he says little pain has returned but he is free to walk so I prayer one more & all the pain leaves.

A little later, sohier the office boy at the business center whom i prayed earlier for heaviness in his chest (channeling Gods healing power in my place of work – post dated 27 March 2010) asked me to pray again & so i pray. i than receive a word of knowledge for pain in left hand & in the back. i asked the office boys who were there who had pain in the said areas, ismail came forth with pain in his hand, back & eman also told me that he had pain in his hand & I prayed for all of them, & saw God's power released in all of their life's. I then met another cleaner with a knee pain i pray n ask him if he felt any pain he replied all gone…

Eman than comes me with his money (he believes it the custom) in his hand I look at him and smile, i tell him that i got this gift freely & so do i give it freely……a gift of love that Jesus paid for a price no one can put a price tag on

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