July 10, 2008

God breaks into the Apple store

While at the mall shopping, I went into the Apple store to buy something for my Macbook and then the Lord spoke to me about the woman who was assisting me. I got a strong word of knowledge in my left shoulder. I asked her. She said, "yes I do, how did you know?" I explained and said I would get my wife to lay hands on it for healing. She agreed. (Note: it was a very crowded store and I felt it inappropriate for me to lay hands on her and pray).

I found Desert Princess and she came and prayed. The shoulder felt better after prayer. She tested it out again. There was still some pain. I asked if we could pray again (especially with such a strong word of knowledge). Desert Princess prayed again and it got better.

We actually weren't sure how much better it was in the end, because our new friend no longer seemed comfortable. We honored that and said goodbye.

We try to be an inoffensive and non-intrusive as we can when approaching people. Sometimes people's fear of man issues are simply to great and they are just too self-conscious to be able to receive ministry well in a public place. Such is the life of those who do "power spilling".

July 08, 2008

go shop, eat lunch and heal the sick

this morning, I went shopping with my Dad and my Son. I wasn't even all that "kingdom-minded" looking around this gun shop (yes a gun shop) and then a word of knowledge slams into my right foot for the woman checking us out at the counter (no we didn't buy a gun - just a gun holster). She said I have right sprained ankle and it my whole foot hurts. Due at least partially to the surprise of how I knew (I told her God showed me), she let us pray for her. We laid hands upon her foot and she said it felt different after prayer. She couldn't remove the brace she was wearing at that time to fully check it out - but I'm calling the shop tomorrow to see how it is.

So then we head to lunch in a restaurant where I had gotten some prophetic words for the owner a year ago which led to more ministry and healings than we could have imagined (she gathered all of her staff and let up pray and prophesy over all of them). Anyway, the owner wasn't there but one of the women we had ministered to last year was there. I got a word of knowledge about a wrist problem. Our server knew the drill. I asked if she would go and ask the staff who had the wrist problem. Two of the women who worked in the kitchen came out with chronic wrist pain. First one was healed after prayer. The second was also healed. Before leaving we got to pray for another employee.

Go shop, eat lunch, release the Kingdom. Could it be simpler???

Not Everyone is Sick

It's great to get words for pain, sickness, etc., but not everyone is sick. So what do you do then? Well, I started asking the Lord for prophetic revelation for our waitress. I got that she played the piano. I asked her about it and she said yes with a shocked look on her face. A few mintues later, I had the chance to ask her if she had vivid dreams (a sign of a prophetic gifting that I sensed she had). She heartily agreed. I also felt like she carried a strong healing gifting as well. After I told her this, she said that she was about to finish nursing school! I went on to explain that she would see healing if she started praying for the sick by laying hands on them and asking Jesus to heal them. I also explained that the Lord had given me the other accurate words to build her faith to believe for the healing gift.

There are many latent healing revivalists out there that the Lord wants to activate through the prophetic word and calling out of destiny.

Drive Thru Healing!

As my family and I were going through the McDonald's drive thru, I got a word of knowledge for an ankle. I asked the lady at the first window if she had a problem in her ankle. She said she did in both of them. I told her that Jesus was going to heal her right then and there. I prayed for her and had her check it out. With a big, incredulous smile, she told us the pain was gone. The whole thing took less than two minutes. Fast food, fast healing.

Praise Jesus!

July 07, 2008

just a whole bunch of Kingdom stuff on the streets

Tonight, a group of 4 of us headed out to "see what God would do". Actually I was with some very mature believers who move in prophecy and healing. I knew we'd have fun. We'd just break into groups of people with things like, "Hey does anybody here need a miracle"? We would get words of knowledge for people. It was just a lot of fun.

First guy we prayed for had a back problem - the Spirit came on him and he felt a blast of cold go into his back. Sort of freaked him out - get saying how strange it was. It was God. We got to minister to him and prophecy his destiny over him. His friend also allowed us to pray. The Lord had given a word of knowledge to me about a problem below the knee. Sure enough he had a horrible rash caused by lack of blood circulation. We prayed and he felt something happen in his leg.

We got to minister to another guy with a knee problem. The Lord gave another word of knowledge about it. He said it felt different after prayer. We also got to prophesy over the man's friend.

Next we met a group of Filipino women and got to minister to them for a while. They shared a number of problems that needed prayer - some physical, as well as other problems. We got to really go deep with one of them. One of our team had gotten a word of knowledge for her which was accurate. We prayed for that and then we began to prophesy over her. It really touched this women - you've got to love the prophetic ministry!

We prayed for one of the other women too who had an ankle problem and then finally the 3rd woman was nearly deaf. We began to pray for her and guess what happened? The Lord began to open her ears!! When we left she still had some hearing loss, but we saw a noticable change in her ability to hear us and also the clarity of her speech. We think by tomorrow she will be completely healed. We told her to call us and tell us.

Finally, we stopped another woman and I asked if she had a knee problem. Just quickly as we approached her, I had the impression, "knee problem". I didn't feel it like I normally do with words of knowledge. It was an impression. Anyway, she let us pray and then the Lord began to give us some other stuff prophetically to us about her relationship with her son and his life. That was the main reason we were suppossed to talk with her. God just ministered to her deeply. It was so beautiful. At the end of our time, you could sense her incredible gratitude.

4 people head out for a little over an hour and all this happens - just think of the possibilities!!!

Go and do likewise!!!

when the garbage man gets healed (part 2)

about a week ago, I prayed for a guy who removes trash from public beaches. He was healed. This morning, while down at the same beach, I see him again. He yells, "Hey there's the healer guy" and begins to tell the other guys he works with what happened last time we met.

Anyway, the day before he had injured his knee and was wearing a brace. He asked me to pray again. Guess what happened? He was healed AGAIN! Next he sends his friend over who has a hip problem. I pray for him, something "clicks" (his description) and he tells me something changed. I'll have to follow-up to see what it's like in a day or two.

The reason I knew that the knee was completely healed is that the guys 'high-fived' me twice. Thanking me profusely.

Can't wait to see these guys again!!!