October 16, 2009

at least 9 healings this morning, and 4 more tonight

this morning during a service we were doing, the Lord began to speak - He gave me a number of words of knowledge and we saw two necks/shoulders healed, a right knee healed, a right leg healed, knuckles, pain leaving someone's right eye and several other things. A man who had had polio as a child had one leg that was significantly shorter than another - we prayed and the short leg grew out before all of our eyes! It ended up growing past the other one. What to do? We prayed for the other one and they became the same length. It was amazing! God just showed up and did what He loves to do - heal people!

if that wasn't enough, tonight after sharing these testimonies and worshipping, the Lord began to give more words of knowledge (right foot, left knee and sinus pain headache) and proceeded to heal each one. Also, a shoulder was healed too!

A day where we counted 13 healings - may more days be THIS NORMAL!!

October 13, 2009

Gulf Arab muslim man's shoulder touched

as I was walking by a group of muslim men, I got a word of knowledge about a shoulder problem. I came up to the men and asked who had this particular problem. As I was asking, I felt like the Lord also showed me it was from lifting something. This one guy says he has the problem. I didn't get the opportunity to pray at that point as they were busy. About 5 minutes later I returned and this man was leaving, so it was a perfect opportunity to minister to him.

I told him that I believed God wanted to heal him. I quickly put my hand on the shoulder and began to pray. (I've learned that often it's better not to explain what you are about to do with muslims - I just quickly begin praying before they can somehow object or say no:)

After a quick prayer, I asked him what he was feeling in the shoulder. He said it was tingling. He checked it out and said there was no pain. (there had been pain before when he lifted it).

Then he asks for my telephone number - that's a good sign, he wants to talk more. I told him to let me know tomorrow if it was still pain free. I can't wait to tell him about the HEALER who touched his shoulder!

October 12, 2009

first his elbow, now its grandma's turn!

About a month ago, the Lord healed a muslim man's elbow after a word of knowledge (see "Gulf arab muslim's elbow healed after word of knowledge" (9/9)

I have been trying to follow up with this man ever since - he took my number but hasn't called. I have dropped by his work place several times but so far nothing has happened.

Tonight I went to see him again and this time, I got another word of knowledge. this time it was about hearing loss in both ears and I knew it was for someone in his close immediate family.

I asked him who it was who had this problem - he said it was his grandmother. I told him that my wife would LOVE to meet with her and would pray for her healing. the ball is again in his court. As I left, I told him to not forget about his grandma!

We'll see what happens - God is obviously working on this man's life.

working out AND healing the sick

this morning during my workout, I had asked the Lord to open a door. I wanted to minister to someone. There were lots of people out where I do my workouts.

towards the end of my workout, I saw a woman walking with a cane. I had my 'target':) I approached her and asked her what had happened. She had had an operation 5 years earlier but was still in pain.

I told her that I pray for the sick and asked if we could go and sit down on a nearby bench. When we sat down, I noticed that she was wearing a cross. I asked her a bit about her faith. She was a Lebanese Catholic woman.

She pulled up her pant leg so I could put my hand directly on her knee. (which was cute). The Holy Spirit began to come upon her and she was clearly encountering God. I felt power being released! I took my hand away after praying and asked if she had felt anything. These days it seems that when I ask this question they will almost always say yes. She said she felt heat!

I asked if she would test it out but she seemed a bit nervous to do that. That was the end of our time as she seemed like she wanted to go. Not sure if the encounter with God freaked her out a little. Hopefully I'll see her again in the same spot soon!

"so you're a healer," says Syrian muslim woman

I was invited to go pray for a Syrian muslim woman who had dizziness and stomach problems. I knew that she would be receptive because attended Catholic schools growing up. Interestingly, she loves to go to Church!

I started by sharing lots of testimonies of people being healed. She responded, "so this is your good energy" and I said, "No! It's Jesus' power flowing through me!".

She wanted to know if there was anything she needed to during prayer. I just told her to relax and receive. As I prayed, the sharp stomach pain left. It kept coming back though.

While I was praying, she asked if I would pray loudly because she loves to hear Christians pray!

At the end of our time, she said she felt better but not 100%. We'll see how she is tomorrow. Even though she wasn't completely healed, she said, "so, you're a healer!" Of course I said, "Yes, I am!" She recognized the authority and honored it! May more muslims see our authority!