March 27, 2010

channeling Gods healing power in my place of work

It fills me (Praise) with extreme joy when the Holy Sprit uses me to touch people at my workplace I look for any opportunity that He may lead me into…in fact me (and my husband) insure that it is a part of our daily pray points…that I be granted favor in my work place…for it is only thru His favor that I receive the opportunity to pray for my managers and collogue introducing them to the love of Jesus.

A few days ago as I was meeting with one of the finance manager's (a hindu) I sensed a word of knowledge for pain in the left arm. I asked him if he had any pain in the said place… his reply was no. he did describe however that he had pain in his knees as a result of a accident he had recently and there was according to him possibility of a hairline facture …I prayed…Holy Sprit touched him…he felt better…we were interrupted by an call he had to make….he said that he an appointment with a doctor for an x ray….i will be following up with him …..

 A little later as I was at the copy machine I sensed the arm problem again I asked one of the office boys ramesh (a hindu) if he had an arm problem he said yes… I prayed in Jesus name…his pain left… he started giving glory to God with me….

As I turned to leave I received a word of knowledge for a back pain I asked the copy machine service man (a hindu)  …he said yes he had met with an accident 8yrs ago and I asked him does he have pain in the back…at that time… he said yes… I prayed…the Holy Sprit healed and the pain left…he than showed me his hand which had steel inside…. I asked the Lord heal him and prayed that all the steel will melt inside his hand and that every defect in his hand will leave in Jesus name….he was so happy and grateful he promised that he would stand in fate that as his back was healed so will his hand ….

A little later I sensed a word for chest pain…I found one of the other office boys (a muslim) had it…i prayed for him he felt the pain leave….

Now seeing these things happen the another office boy (muslim) asked me if i could prayer for him as he had back pain for many months so I prayed…and God touched healing him …..and we gave glory to Jesus together

Some time latter as I was working at my desk one of the managers in my division (a arabic musilim)passed by I asked him whether he had problem in his ear…he dint reply but quizzed me why I was asking….i  told him that God shows us the pain of people… we pray and God heals…he said that he dint and left…after some time he comes back and said that he had problem and that he lied…but to catch me off guard he asked me to specify the ear…. I smiled and said the right one…. he now looked at me in fear …I calmed him down and told him that it not about me but it's all about God and His healing power…it was when he was 10 years old or so that he had an accident which left him with partial hearing… I prayed and blessed him…..he said that he would get back to me in a day or two and let me know the difference…I know he surely will.

 I praise God for all that he does and for the things that He is yet to do….for the joy of me being present as a witness and being used as an instrument of  His healing glory and love which he continues to release into people lives thru every available channel.

March 24, 2010

a night out all Filled up with God's love and Spilling it all over


The evening started with me Praise, my husband, with my beloved lyd, ele, jhon and lina going  renowned mall in the middle-eastern country we live in to spill God's love….

 word's of knowledge were just flowing for back ache, knee ache, hand ache stomach ache, chest ache well I couldn't keep up….on entering I encounter a lady I ask her if she had any pain…she said no…. moving on we meet a Muslim Indian couple with her daughter in law and grand daughter and at the leading of the Holy Spirit I go up to her and ask her if she had a problem with her back …I ask her whether I can prayer for her and she said ….yes… the back pain left and the knee got healed… after prayer…now after a few minutes she feels slight pain recurring in the back but now she actually  feels it  move to the other side …we prayed again  and she got completely healed than she asked me if I could pray for her husband who had an open heart surgery and who was in pain and couldn't sleep at night now its 4  yrs past the operation so I ask my husband and ele to  prayer…. now  shaikh (that's the muslims name) feels the heat of God and gets healed of all pain…we explain that God's love for them is the reason for the healing it is a joy that we can call on to the Lord in the name of Jesus and see Him manifest His love

we then we went to shop that sold beauty products where we found a sales lady with the back problem who refused to be prayed over for so we just blessed her with the love of God and moved on.

 Later we found another guys with leg problem he even showed us the place where it hurt him but again refused to be prayed for so the Night actually started slow with people refusing to be prayed for when they came to know we were Christians.

 We then were led to a fast food counter by the Holy Sprit to a muslim named fatma who 4 months ago met with a accident and the right knee was still not healed and was in tremendous pain. We (lyd and lina) together prayed & she started feeling light in the right leg we prayed again she claimed total healing, Fatma goined us in giving glory to JESUS. Than the night actually took off as we started encountering more people than meet Rovelyn who had pain in leg prayed and the pain left than again we had Jenny who had back pain prayed 3 to 4 times with team and pain left her finally not totally but she felt better so glory to God & than again we meet rey who was with them looking at us so I asked if he needed pray & he was so willing & asked John to prayer and starting prophesying over him it was amazing.

March 23, 2010

iranian muslim woman healed during a 'Divine Appointment'

while looking around a hotel, we were offered a tour of the facilities by an Iranian muslim woman. after a few minutes, I got a word of knowledge for a right knee problem. Desert Princess asked her and she was a bit taken back. She asked, "Did you notice something"? We explained that we didn't but that God had revealed it. She had only lived out of Iran for about a year and a half. She was only a nominal muslim - many Iranians end up hating Islam because of what has happened in their country since the Revolution in 1979.

As we prayed, her knee was healed, BUT God was doing a whole lot more. She began to have a powerful encounter with God and could feel His Presence all over her body. She also asked for prayer for her back - God began to touch her back too but there were some inner healing issues blocking the full restoration of her back. That appointment is being set up soon.

This woman was basically an agnostic (nearly atheist) in terms of her believe in God. She said she believed in "energy". All of that changed in just a moment when Jesus healed her knee and began to release His Power around her. She couldn't explain either the revelation (the word of knowledge) or the healing.

It gets even better - she actually wants to move to the county we are from in the U.S. She has NEVER met anybody from our state, much less our county. She declared that to be a miracle.

It was clear that God led us to this hotel for this dramatic Divine Appointment with our new Iranian friend. We will be writing more about this very soon, I'm sure!

March 22, 2010

Gulf Arab muslim man asks, "remember me, you healed me a couple of months ago"

while riding in an elevator this morning at work, a man seemed a bit friendlier than a total stranger would normally be.

Then this Gulf Arab man says, "hello sir, do you remember me"? "You healed my hand a couple of months ago"! I asked how it was. He said it was perfect. He thanked me again.

I said he was welcome to come to my office any time. I reminded him where it was. And that was that.

I love it when we get follow up confirmation of a healing miracle!