March 23, 2010

iranian muslim woman healed during a 'Divine Appointment'

while looking around a hotel, we were offered a tour of the facilities by an Iranian muslim woman. after a few minutes, I got a word of knowledge for a right knee problem. Desert Princess asked her and she was a bit taken back. She asked, "Did you notice something"? We explained that we didn't but that God had revealed it. She had only lived out of Iran for about a year and a half. She was only a nominal muslim - many Iranians end up hating Islam because of what has happened in their country since the Revolution in 1979.

As we prayed, her knee was healed, BUT God was doing a whole lot more. She began to have a powerful encounter with God and could feel His Presence all over her body. She also asked for prayer for her back - God began to touch her back too but there were some inner healing issues blocking the full restoration of her back. That appointment is being set up soon.

This woman was basically an agnostic (nearly atheist) in terms of her believe in God. She said she believed in "energy". All of that changed in just a moment when Jesus healed her knee and began to release His Power around her. She couldn't explain either the revelation (the word of knowledge) or the healing.

It gets even better - she actually wants to move to the county we are from in the U.S. She has NEVER met anybody from our state, much less our county. She declared that to be a miracle.

It was clear that God led us to this hotel for this dramatic Divine Appointment with our new Iranian friend. We will be writing more about this very soon, I'm sure!

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