August 29, 2011

the "new "normal"

how long could someone have walked around with Jesus and NOT seen a miracle? a day? less? more? I guess in times/seasons when He would commune alone with the Father away from people the healings wouldn't be happening.

the question today is: how long can someone hang around US (YOU and ME) and not see a miracle? tragically, many if not most Christians don't really seem to expect that we can look like and live like Jesus today. we might say we "believe" we are supposed to, but in reality, what does our life look like? are signs and wonders FOLLOWING us as the Scripture declares should ("those who believe"). maybe we don't REALLY believe the Book we consider to be the inerrant Word of God. I know that I struggle daily to really believe what I say I believe, what Christians say they believe.

The EVIDENCE of real belief are the miracles characterizing our lives. As one man asked us this summer, "Is the evidence of faith speaking to the mountain or is it the mountain moving"? of course it is the latter.

let the life of Jesus manifesting through you today be the "new normal"