February 15, 2013

Saudi Arabian muslim woman encounters the Holy Spirit

DJ got a word of knowledge for a right knee problem for a Saudi Arabian woman. I approached her and asked her if she had the problem in her knee.  She did have a knee problem but said that her neck hurt even more.  She wondered if I did "reike" and I told her "No, this is the power of God". I prayed for her neck first and it seemed to have gotten better because next she is asking me to pray for her sinuses because she couldn't breathe properly.  Something happened – she said she felt like cool air flowing through her – in one ear and out the other!  I told her that that was the Holy Spirit. Then I prayed for her knee.  She looked completely peaceful – I knew she was encountering God. Then she asked if we could get together and asked for my phone number.

I can't wait to follow up with her.

February 10, 2013

muslim's foot healed over the phone (Part 1)

An Arab muslim man was given my number who needed prayer.  He had a foot condition that had been painful for many years.  I asked if it was possible to meet with him but he worked so much (18 hour days, 7 days a week) that he wanted me to simply pray over the phone.  I had him put his hand on the foot and prayed for him in Arabic over the phone – I released healing and broke of the shock and trauma from the original accident that caused the injury.  After prayer, he told me it was tingling and felt better.  I told him to call me back after the tingling stopped and it would be healed.  Sure enough he calls me back and the pain has left the foot, BUT another pain appeared suddenly elsewhere (I believe it was his leg).  I told him that if in fact a pain has "transferred" to another place inexplicably that we needed to meet in person for it demonic and needed another kind of prayer than simply healing prayer.  We are now working out a way for me to go to his place of employment to lead him through some deliverance prayer to set him free from whatever spirit is afflicting him.

I'll post what happens in Part 2 after we meet.

healings in a coffee shop

As a couple of us were leaving a coffee shop, I asked the two Filipinos who worked there if they had any pain or problems.  The manager had a long-standing throat condition that he told me hurt when we drank cold water.  I asked him to put his hand on his throat and I prayed.  He then tested it by drinking water afterwards telling me it no longer hurt.  Then I prayed for the back of his co-worker.  She had back pain, so I asked her to put her hand where the pain was and prayed for her upper back. She checked it out and told me there was no more pain in the upper back, but there was still pain in another part of her lower back.  I prayed again and all the pain left.  They were both very thankful and expressive of their gratitude.