February 20, 2007

Pastor's testimony regarding the miracles this past week

..."We are so thankful unto God for sending you [the Joel 2 Generation Team] to minister to us. Indeed many brethren who came received...physical healings (eye problems, ears, feet, hand, back...) and also emotional and spiritual [healing]. It was a day of visitation from the Lord! A day of miracles!"

He added..."Thank God for visiting us, for encouraging us, for reviving/refreshing us. Once again God has proven Himself through your ministry team. We are serving a God who works miracles..."

February 18, 2007

A strange word of knowledge for a former Muslim

In one meeting, an Arab woman came from a Muslim background, came to hear our stories. My wife, Desert Princess and another team member (Hadassa) had gotten a word of knowledge for someone with a problem in their left leg – she responded and they prayed for her and she was healed.

Around the same time, I received a strange word of knowledge where all of my face on the left side and the back of my head went numb. I asked the Lord what it meant – was it a physical condition or was it for a spiritual condition? I sensed it was the latter and gave the word publically. As I spoke, the Lord gave me a bit more information prophetically. He told me it was for a woman and that this particular person didn’t actually believe the stories we had been sharing about the power of God. I said they felt “numb” spiritually, and that if they would respond, God would actually re-sensitize them.

When Desert Princess and Hadassa started talking to this Arab woman, in addition to the leg problem she broke down and said, “it’s me, it’s me – I’m the one who is numb and didn’t believe or doubted all the stories that you have been sharing”. As they ministered healing to her, the Lord restored her sensitivity.

A while later I came and sat down and explained how I got the word of knowledge – in my face and the back of my head. Her mouth hung wide open as she listened, because that is exactly where she too had been feeling numb in her body.

This woman was so touched the next day she asked if Desert Princess could come and pray for her Muslim mother who had heard what God had done. We are looking forward to that appointment.

...and Jesus healed them ALL!

In one service of more than 100 people, I preached a message entitled “Secrets I’ve learned for Healing Ministry”, in which my first and most emphatic point was that we have to believe that God is GOOD and that He ALWAYS wants to heal. I am mentioning this because I don’t think I have ever trumpeted this point this strongly before. What happened after that I believe had more to do with God backing up this truth, than any special anointing on me that morning. Somehow I just had the sense that God loves it when we declare His goodness and make no apologies about His unbelievable willingness to heal the sick.

As I began to pray for person after person during the ministry time, every person that I prayed for testified that they were healed – there were chronic back problems, pains in the hands and fingers, headaches, a young girl with blurry vision who was healed after praying twice, and other conditions that I am not recalling.

This has NEVER happened to me before. There were a number of others I prayed for during these three days that weren’t healed, but in that particular meeting everyone was healed (or at least they all told me they were).

Prophetic ministry in a secret meeting place

One of the meetings we had was in a totally secret meeting room in a city that doesn’t allow Christians to meet in groups. As we were escorted into a sound-proof room, we had a sense of the challenges facing Christians in this nation. As we met with a few Christian leaders, the Lord released a number of prophetic words for them and about their ministry. As we debriefed with them at the end of the meeting, they testified that the prophetic words served to confirm a number of things the Lord was speaking to them about. These leaders invited us back to do more training and equipping for their underground churches.

More healings as the Spirit comes in power

In the same meeting where the Syrian man was healed, an Eritrean sister was also healed of at least two different problems that were also called out as words of knowledge. The Holy Spirit came powerfully on another sister who could no longer stand.

Jesus doesn't get F's or C's

In one meeting, a Syrian Christian man responded to a clear word of knowledge that I had received and given in the meeting. After the 1st prayer, he was 50% healed. I said that on any test, that would be an “F” and that Jesus doesn’t get F’s. We prayed a 2nd time and he said it was now 70%. I said that 70% is a “C” and that Jesus does better than that. I prayed again and there was no improvement. I then asked the people in the meeting to come gather around and join me in praying for his complete healing. We had already prayed for them to receive an impartation of the Gifts of the Spirit and so now they would come forward and “do the stuff” themselves. After they prayed, he was 100% healed with no more pain in his shoulder. Praise God for “Body” ministry!!!

Supernatural Roadtrip

On a trip this past week to two Arab Muslim countries, we saw a number of miraculous things happen that we will be writing about.

A team of us traveled together and we got to share with others about the miracles that God is doing, especially the way He has been touching Arab Muslims. When God’s people hear what God is doing, faith is released for them to see the very same miracles happening as they minister to their Muslim friends.

On our three day trip, we had the privilege of ministering to people from many different nationalities, and also former Arab Muslims who now follow Jesus. Our heart was to be a blessing and to encourage each and every Christian we met to contend for more of God’s power on their lives and in their ministries.

Some of the testimonies you will read about in the following posts are some of the things God did on this trip.